The Saga Continues | Coming Up NXT UK 10/15/20 | Preview

Another impressive NXT UK Heritage Cup and a clash of every woman for themselves, the chase continues on this week’s edition of NXT UK as we begin the countdown to an epic and violent clash of the NXT UK Championship! With no clear-cut path for the NXT UK Women’s Champion, no early favorites in the Heritage Cup, and no challengers for the NXT UK Tag Team titles (yet) the brand is wide open for the taking. Let’s see who will put themselves ahead of this pack as we bring you this edition of Coming Up NXT UK for 10/15/2020, The Saga Continues!

The Saga Continues
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The Saga Continues | Coming Up NXT 10/15/20
The Cup Continues

Last week, we ended up with our first tournament shocker as A-Kid scored a major 2-1 upset over Flash Morgan Webster. But now we begin the other side of the bracket as the man known as the Bomber faces the Worthy superstar.

For Dave Mastiff, it’s continuing to deliver as one of NXT UK’s top stars while Joseph Conners continues his campaign to prove to everyone that he is Takeover worthy. But who will get the edge in this British Rounds format? Will Mastiff crush Conners on his way to the semi-finals of the heralded tournament? Or will Joseph Conners get one step closer to finally becoming apart of NXT UK’s Takeover card?

The Saga Continues | Coming Up NXT 10/15/20
All Eyes On She

Kay Lee Ray, and her historic NXT UK Women’s Championship reign continued after her clash with Piper Niven. But last week, the champ decided to stake her claim as the women who runs the division by calling out all challengers. And while we had appearances from every woman in NXT UK, it’s the presence of Niven that started an all-out war between the superstars.

And of course, throughout the brawl, Kay Lee Rae almost escaped unharmed until running into the Fashionista, Jinny. While the champion may not have a clear cut challenger to the title yet, will Johnny Saint or Sid Scala grant an opportunity to one of the rising stars of the brand? Does Piper Niven deserve another shot at the title? Or will Jinny show why she deserves a championship match?

The Saga Continues
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 Coming Up NXT 10/15/20
Clash of the Titans

In three weeks, Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER for the NXT UK Championship will headline the show. But before we get to the epic showdown, Sid Scala presents us an even bigger clash of the titans after these 4 men tore down the house two weeks ago on NXT UK.

In this week’s main event, two of the pillars of Imperium in Alexander Wolfe and WALTER face #1 Contender Ilja Dragunov and former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne! A match which will see Wolfe face his former mentee, Walter faces the man he beat for the UK title, and more, this clash will set the barometer for what’s to come for our Takeover-sized edition of NXT UK in 3 weeks. Will Imperium’s General and Hatchetman take their chances to beat down Ilja before his title match? Or will Dragunov gain significant momentum going into the biggest match of his career? And what shape will his partner Pete Dunne be in after his first ring action in almost 5 months?

All this and more including hoping we can find out who assaulted Flash Morgan Webster backstage, if Pretty Deadly will spill the details more on their ‘arrangement’ with the mastermind Eddie Denis, and who will be the #1 Contender’s to Gallus’ NXT UK Tag Team Titles? It will be another edition of NXT UK to watch as this week’s show will once again set the tone for what’s to come as this has been Coming Up NXT UK. Tune in on the WWE Network Thursday at 8 PM BST (3 PM EST)!

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