Raw Rebound 3/9/20 (Eight Man Tag)

Our resident RAW guide Hab is back with another RAW Rebound! An unexpected eight-man tag main event, the return of Edge and the fallout from Elimination Chamber makes this a huge step on the Road To WrestleMania!

Camera crews are stationed backstage waiting for Edge to return to Monday Night Raw since the attack he suffered at the hands of Randy Orton two months ago.

“The Man,” Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch opened the show with an in-ring promo. She said the time for games was over as they played a recap of her domination in last night’s Women’s Elimination Chamber match. Becky said she might be a b*tch, but she’s the b*tch that runs the division. She stood confidently as she prepares to face the Queen of Spades at WrestleMania.

In his first matchup against Angel Garza since Garza dropped him on the concrete floor with a hammerlock DDT, Rey Mysterio Jr took the fight to the Mexican heartthrob. Garza got the upper hand after a commercial break. He then tried to hit his own 619 on Rey but ate a dropkick to the face for his efforts.

Later, Mysterio tossed Garza outside the ring and hit him with a baseball slide. Garza countered Rey’s top rope Destroyer powerbomb but ended up positioned perfectly for Mysterio to hit a 619 and pick up the pinfall victory.

They showed some backstage footage from earlier as Kevin Owens arrived at the arena. Seth Rollins, Murphy, and the AOP were waiting for him and Seth offered Owens some popcorn. He declined and instead threw his suitcase at the AOP and the brawl was on. The officials eventually broke it up as they left Kevin lying under a few backstage props.

There was a video package of NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley at Raymond James Stadium. She talked about being the first NXT champion to ever defend a title at WrestleMania. She spoke about how she needs to defeat Charlotte Flair for validation.

Charlotte came to the ring next and said that there’s a difference between cutting a promo in an empty stadium and standing in the middle of the ring with 90,000 fans screaming. Ripley’s music hit and she came down to the ring to confront Charlotte. The Queen dismissed her and said that this is Monday Night Raw, not NXT. Rhea responded by slapping Charlotte down and leaving the ring.

Bobby Lashley, without Lana, took on Zack Ryder, who was accompanied by Curt Hawkins. In a matchup that lasted about two and a half minutes, The All-Mighty dominated from start to finish and pinned Ryder to pick up the win.

Aleister Black was backstage in his room and there was a knock on his door. It was Seth Rollins and Murphy. Rollins said he couldn’t help but notice Black’s problems with the numbers game lately. He offered him a chance to join their collective and Murphy threw him a Monday Night Messiah shirt. Aleister declined and threw the shirt back. Rollins issued an ultimatum, telling Aleister, “You’re either with us or against us.” Aleister said those were fighting words and since Rollins knocked on the right door, he accepts the challenge.

Erik Rowan and his spider took on 2020 Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre in a one-on-one matchup. Drew was dominant from start to finish. He also put Rowan’s cage on the floor and smashed it with the steel ring steps. A FutureShock DDT and Claymore kick sealed the deal for The Redwood.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors took on the team of Liv Morgan and Natalya. Three of the four women involved in this tag team match were victimized by Shayne Bazsler in the Women’s Elimination Chamber last night. Ruby Riott came down to ringside, presumably to get a closer look at Liv. Sarah Logan came out shortly afterward.

While Kairi and Asuka worked over Nattie, Ruby and Sarah began to brawl. Abandoning her tag team partner, Liv leaped off the top rope and hit both Ruby and Sarah with a cross-body block. Inside the ring, Asuka made Nattie tap out to pick up the win for the Kabuki Warriors.

AJ Styles along with The OC came to the ring. Styles launched into an explosive tirade on The Undertaker, who cost him his match against Aleister Black at the Elimination Chamber. He called The Undertaker’s shoot name, Mark Callaway. He took shots at Michelle McCool as well. Then he formally challenged Taker to a match at WrestleMania. He vowed to put the final nail in The Undertaker’s coffin.

WWE 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss took on Cedric Alexander in defense of his title. It was a one-sided affair and ended after Moss dropped Alexander with his finisher.

MVP was in the ring upon return from commercial and talked about being able to manage Edge. During his promo, Edge’s car pulled into the arena and he made a beeline to the ring. He snatched the mic from MVP and called out Randy Orton. MVP tried to get his attention by asking about Beth Phoenix. The Rated R Superstar turned around and nailed him with a spear and mounted punches before The Viper slid into the ring and tried to attack.

Edge regained the upper hand and was able to hit Randy Orton with an RKO to the surprise of the WWE Universe. Edge grabbed a couple of chairs but Orton escaped before he could suffer the ill effects. MVP hadn’t had enough and tried to attack Edge only to suffer an RKO as well. A stunned Randy Orton stood on the ramp and watched as Edge hit MVP with two Con-Chair-Tos to the delight of the crowd.

Seth Rollins took on Aleister Black in the main event. Murphy accompanied Rollins to ringside. The match went about five minutes before Murphy broke up a pin attempt, causing the disqualification. The beatdown ensued before the Viking Raiders hit the ring for the save. The AOP also stormed the ring to give Rollins and his gang the numbers advantage until the Street Profits made their way to ringside.

The match turned into an eight-man tag team match with Rollins, Murphy and the AOP against the Viking Raiders and the Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits. Montez Ford took the brunt of Seth’s punishment throughout the match. He would make a hot tag to Ivar to help regain some momentum. It wouldn’t be enough however, as Seth Rollins would hit a Curb Stomp on Ford to pick up the pinfall victory. After the match, Kevin Owens appeared and pulled Seth out of the ring to pay him back for the beatdown he suffered earlier in the night. He hit Stunners on the AOP and Murphy but left himself open to a Curb Stomp from Rollins. The Monday Night Messiah would hit two more stomps as Raw went off the air.

What's up folks, I'm Hab and I've been a wrestling fan for more than thirty years. I grew up on the NWA and Crockett Promotions in the Triad City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My favorite wrestler of all time is Bret Hart. At the moment, I'm a Cesaro hipster and The World's Biggest Luke Harper fan. I was at the Smackdown! taping when Brock Lesnar threw Zach Gowen down a flight of steps in the New Orleans Arena and laughed about it for the next two days. I have a few loves in my life, my beautiful daughter, my family, professional wrestling and hip-hop are just some of them.