NXT Weekly for 2/26/20 (Flair v Belair)

Welcome to NXT Weekly with a main event of Flair vs Belair, you can be sure that Chris’s debut piece is going to be a doozy! Enough of the intro, lets get onto Chris Small’s review of last night’s NXT…

Live from Full Sail University, NXT welcomes back one of its most important trailblazers, as “The Queen” Charlotte is seen arriving at the arena and being greeted by General Manager William Regal.

Turning the focus back inside, the opening contest is about to get underway. Two top contenders for the North American Championship going head to head.

The NXT Post 2/26/20 (Flair v Belair)

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Cameron Grimes

A clearly contrasting clash of styles is on display for the fans in attendance; as the larger Dijakovic uses his natural size advantage to dominate the early minutes of this match. Showing a great deal of athleticism and maneuverability, Dominik’s offense is likened to The Undertaker by Beth Pheonix on commentary. Big boots to fill indeed.

However, not to be underestimated, Cameron Grimes utilizes his entire body as a battering ram. Attacking with dropkicks, hurricaranas, and an attempted crossbody. Eventually, the action falls out of the ring, with Grimes attempting to slide into Dijakovic. But Dominik evades and Cameron slides to the outside. DD hits Grimes with an impressive moonsault and rolls him back into the ring.

Before Dijakovic can take full advantage, Damien Priest appears from the crowd with a nightstick that he uses to attack the surgically repaired knee of the big man. Distracted with checking on Grimes, all the ref sees when he turns focus to the outside is a fallen Dominik and therefore begins the count of 10. Shockingly, at the count of 9, Dominik reaches deep and makes it into the ring, but immediately eats a Cave In from Grimes for the pinfall.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

We go backstage to William Regal who announces that there will be a series of matches beginning next week in the Women’s Division. The winners of those matches will go onto NXT Takeover Tampa Bay to compete in a match to determine the No. 1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Title. The stipulation? A Ladder Match!

Finn Balor Address The NXT Universe

It seems Balor is working with a slightly re-worked moniker as graphics for “Prince Balor” shoot across the LED walls of Full Sail. Balor makes his way to the ring wearing a black leather jacket adorned with a red X that matches the one crossing out the C in Prince.

Balor gets on the mic and delivers a healthy dose of shade to a certain “Big Dog” by letting those in attendance know that, when Finn is in the ring, he is THE Guy. The Irishman proceeds to lay out his history as a franchise builder. Touching on his time in Japan, Mexico, and the main roster. A very simple question emerges from his lips: “It’s Wrestlemania season. What’s next for the Prince?”

His question hangs in the air until it is cut off by the music of Imperium! Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel appear on the ramp and correct Prince Balor: “There is something you haven’t done. The NXT UK Champion WALTER sends his regards.”

Balor has heard enough as he dives over the top rope into Fabian and Marcel. The Prince tries for a dropkick on Aichner but is intercepted by a vicious flying uppercut from Barthel. Imperium follows up the ambush with a knee strike that drives the head of Balor into the outer steel steps! As the crowd voices their displeasure, Imperium poses over the downed Prince of NXT.

A video package airs promoting the match between Tommaso Ciampa and Austin Theory later on in the night.

Bianca Blair is shown arriving backstage and proclaims that she is going to “take it to Charlotte Flair tonight!”

Our second match of the night is set to begin with a battle in the Women’s Division

Mia Yim vs. Xia Li

A show of sportsmanship between these two in the form of a handshake before the action gets underway. Yim and Li are very evenly matched, but eventually, Yim is able to hit Eat Defeat on Li.

Before she can capitalize, Dakota Kai’s music hits and Kai enters the arena with Raquel Gonzalez. The Kiwi taunts Yim by bringing up their War Games history when Kai took Mia’s spot in that match. Dakota tells Yim it’s a perfect time to address that.

Before they can get into it, Li surprises Yim with a rollup to steal the pinfall!

Winner: Xia Li

A stunned Mia Yim has no time to recover from the loss as Gonzalez rushes down the ramp and into the ring to deliver a beatdown. Eventually, Li comes to the aid of Yim but the 2 on 1 attack does little to gain any traction. Gonzalez dispatches both women and stands tall; re-joining Dakota Kai on the ramp and taunting the downed warriors as they make their exit.

The Dream Backstage

Velveteen Dream is shown talking to himself in a mirror. He relishes in his victory against Roderick Strong last week. However, seeing as Strong broke the Dream’s back, that victory isn’t enough to even the scorecard. The Dream tells William Regal to keep the structure down next week after Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox square off because he wants to turn Roderick’s lights out inside the confines of a Steel Cage!

The action continues inside Full Sail, as Austin Theory and Tommaso Ciampa make their way to the ring.

The NXT Post 2/26/20 (Flair v Belair)

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Austin Theory

The young upstart Theory is able to hold his own against Ciampa in the beginning. He is able to evade some of Ciampa’s more devastating strikes and even hits a dropkick on Tommaso for a two count. Ciampa dishes some punishment outside the ring and utilizes the ring post as a weapon, but Austin won’t go down and is able to hit a standing moonsault on the former NXT Champ!

A series of clotheslines to Austin followed by a release German suplex gives the advantage back to Ciampa. Theory is able to evade a Fairytale Ending but gets caught with a high knee when he tries to execute Rolling Thunder. A second attempt at Rolling Thunder proves to be more successful when it’s transitioned into a Blackbuster, followed up by a buckle bomb to Ciampa.

Theory takes time out of his beatdown to seemingly plug the new WWE Network series by yelling “Ruthless Aggression!” in Ciampa’s face. Unfortunately, a Network subscription doesn’t save the 22-year-old Austin from walking into a Widow’s Bell followed up by a Fairytale Ending from Ciampa for the pinfall.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Johnny Gargano hits the ring from the crowd and begins brawling with his former DIY partner. At first, it seems like Ciampa is holding his own. However, Austin Theory seems to have recovered and tries to pile in on Tommaso. Ciampa swats away Theory but eats a vicious superkick from Gargano due to the distraction.

Gargano takes Ciampa to the edge of the ring apron. The scientifically proven, hardest part of the ring that symbolically matches Gargano’s hardened heart. A slow clap mocking the NXT Universe is carried out by Gargano beside the battered Ciampa before he leaves his former brother writhing in pain. Exiting to a contrasting chorus of “Johnny Wrestling” and “Johnny Sucks” chants.

Undisputed Era Regroups

Back from commercial, Roderick Strong seems eager to enter the Steel Cage with Velveteen Dream next week. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish voice their support for Strong, and also speak about The Broserweights getting lucky in Portland when they claimed the NXT Tag Titles.

Adam Cole, the singular holder of gold in the group, talks about fulfilling the prophecy once again when Strong recaptures the North American Title, and the Tag Team Championships make their way home to the waists of O’Reilly and Fish soon.

Bronson Reed vs. Killian Dain

It’s a battle of the Big Boys, as The Beast of Belfast squares off against the Aussie Powerhouse. Both men’s strength is on display here as both are able to pick each other up for a series of hard-hitting slams throughout the match. Equally impressive is Reed’s agility when he hits a suicide dive through the ropes on Dain outside the ring.

Killian’s first couple of attempts at a Vader Bomb are thwarted by Bronson, and Reed is able to score a couple of near falls. Going to the top rope, however, proves to be his undoing when Killian Dain recovers and hits a ring-shaking superplex!

This is enough to wind Bronson, keeping him down long enough for Dain to successfully hit the Vader Bomb for the pinfall.

Winner: Killian Dain

It is announced via a Twitter video that The Grizzled Young Veterans and The Forgotten Sons will square off next.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Forgotten Sons

The Veterans try for some cheap heat when Zack Gibson gets on the microphone and begins to trash the USA, and by extension the Forgotten Sons, calling them rednecks and ignorant.

This tag match goes back and forth as most do, with an interesting dynamic playing out in The Sons being the crowd favorites for the first time. The Grizzled Young Vets are able to play an isolation game in the end, taking out the third Sons member Jaxson Ryker and hitting Ticket to Mayhem on Steve Cutler for the win.

Winner: The Grizzled Young Veterans

Tegan Nox Has Words for Dakota Kai

Backstage, “The Shiniest Wizard” addresses her match again Dakota Kai inside a steel cage next week. Nox points out that Raquel Gonzales won’t be able to help next week, and while Dakota started things in a cage, Tegan will end it in a cage.

Damian Priest is Questioned

While leaving the arena, Priest is asked by NXT correspondents why he attacked Dominik. Priest claims it’s nothing personal, he is just trying to forge a clear path to the North American Championship.

It’s Main Event Time as Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair make their way to the ring.


Charlotte Flair vs. Bianca Belair

Early mind games from “The Queen” as Flair draws an imaginary line in the ring. Belair is having none of it an immediately crosses said line to begin laying in the offensive game. Bianca is able to avoid an early series of holds and pinfall attempts. Belair plays the dodge game effectively, which ultimately pays off when she is able to land a shoulder into Flair in the corner.

Unfortunately, hubris gets the better of Bianca when she attempts to show off, which Charlotte takes advantage of with a series of devastating chops. Later on, Belair is able to mount an offensive flurry that includes a beautiful dropkick and a double chicken wing slam. Bianca attempts to display her athleticism via the beginnings of an acrobatic move but it’s stopped dead in its tracks with a big boot to the chest by Flair.

Flair used Bianca’s braid as torque for an abdominal stretch, but Belair is able to escape and locks in a stretch of her own. A mirroring of moves makes up the final minutes of this match, with both athletes hitting moonsaults, powerbombs, and spears. Ultimately, it is Charlotte’s spear that proves to be superior, catching Bianca for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Post-match, The Queen is not finished with the NXT upstart. Seemingly none too pleased about Belair running her mouth in recent weeks, Charlotte finds a chair and begins raining shots down to the leg of Bianca. Once enough damage is deemed done, Flair locks in the Figure Four.

Rhea Ripley rushes down for the save as Charlotte bails out of the ring, taunting both Ripley and Belair as this week’s episode fades to black.