The Final Round | Coming Up NXT UK 10/22/20 | Preview

Last week’s edition of NXT UK was highlighted by a big win and a feather in the cap of former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne and the #1 contender to the NXT UK Championship, Ilja Dragunov. In this week’s episode, a national past time in WWE takes place: a contract signing between the #1 contender and the champion. Along with other combustible elements in the women’s division and the last opening contents in the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament, this week’s edition of NXT UK will be the biggest one yet. Let’s preview it as this is Coming Up NXT UK for the 10/22/20 – The Final Round!

The Final Round | Coming Up NXT UK 10/22/20
Pen To Paper

Announced via WWE Network’s official Twitter account, the Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala will oversee the contract signing between the NXT UK Champion, WALTER, and the #1 contender to the title, Ilja Dragunov!

While WWE’s contract signings have historically ended in a brawl, we can only hope… never mind. With the energy Ilja delivers in the ring and WALTER’s stout mood towards this challenge, we are sure to have an explosion during this contract signing which makes this must-see TV.

Coming Up NXT UK 10/22/20
A Pretty Deadly Challenge

Also on last week’s show, we saw the bubbling tag team of Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith discussing their rise in the tag ranks as Carter and Eddie Dennis are set to clash on this week’s episode of NXT UK.

Even though Oliver and Smith joke about Eddie Dennis, NXT’s resident psychological technician is very dangerous in the ring so this will be an interesting clash. But what is Dennis up to with the rising team of Pretty Deadly? And will they have involvement in Eddie’s match on this week’s show? Hopefully, we have more answers than questions on NXT UK!

The Final Round

The Final Round | Coming Up NXT UK 10/22/20
The Luckian and the Dodger

Finally, with Dave Mastiff giving us the first knockout of the tournament, he joins A-Kid and Noam Dar in the semi-finals of the herald NXT UK Heritage Cup! On this week’s show, we get our final opening-round match up.

For Kenny Williams, it’s been a hard road to this opportunity. Beating Ashton Smith and his own tag team partner, Amir Jordan two weeks ago to get into the tournament. And as we saw last week, he’s trained hard to prepare for this. In what may be his biggest challenge to date in his young singles career.

But he’s not facing just any NXT UK superstar, he’s facing one of the pillars of NXT UK…Trent Seven. A man whose already held NXT Tag Team gold. Seven is in a renaissance leg of his career. And looking to be considered, if not already, one of the favorites to win the entire tournament.

Trent Seven and Kenny Williams face off in a surefire main event. This is the last match in the first round of the NXT UK Heritage Cup tournament. Will Williams score the biggest upset in his NXT UK career? Or will Seven use this victory to get one step closer to the cup?

That was Coming Up NXT UK for 10/22/20. Make sure to tune in this Thursday at 8 PM BST (3 PM EST) only on the WWE Network!

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