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How do I even start? What can I even say? What a terrible horrible no good very bad week we experienced in the world of professional wrestling
It’s bad enough that we’ve been coping with a worldwide pandemic. Plus a psychopathic regime’s attempts at mass genocide by reopening states far before it is safe. Not to mention withholding funding and supplies to those in need – but I try not to get political. Now we have arguably the most tragic week in professional wrestling history. I won’t recount the events here, you know what happened. It just hurts too much to go through it all again. I had never met any of the parties involved. So I am clearly not as affected in comparison, but I am definitely feeling (an aspect of) the impact.
The one good thing about this past week was it was Poutine’s 1 year “Gotcha Day.”

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

In the last edition, I discussed my personal journey with social media. How my online habits have changed during the pandemic. I do believe that social media (like most things in the modern world) is not inherently evil nor toxic. It can be a very useful tool to connect with one another. I’ve made many connections with some very cool people. I’ve had really thoughtful and productive discussions thanks to social media. But, as with most modern tools, it’s used in very inappropriate ways. It can cause harm, it can cause irreparable hurt. It can destroy (public perception, egos, working arrangements, feelings, and lives). Personal responsibility and empathy have become major components in the discussions related to the COVID-19 world.

The specific example I have in mind is the seemingly-senseless debate about wearing masks in public. To me it seems like it could be resolved if one were to use empathy and personal responsibility. Wearing a mask is a simple act. It shows that you care not only about our own health but about the health of others. Wearing a mask is a small, simple way to take responsibility. For the space your body occupies and shares with other human beings. It shows that you have empathy for the struggles of your fellow people. Those that have their own thoughts, feelings, concerns, considerations, fears.

The same concept of taking responsibility for the space you occupy and the consideration of those who share that same space with you applies to social media. One person’s actions can have a big impact on other people. Those who have their own thoughts, feelings, concerns, fears, and struggles. People who want to share the space we all occupy.

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

As I learned in my personal journey, social media can drastically affect one’s mental health. Not forgetting the mental health of others. Regardless of their level of interaction (i.e., responding/engaging vs. lurking/reading). Remember that there is another human being on the other side of that @ symbol. That words indeed have power. Sometimes I wish that I could completely disconnect from social media. As I mentioned in my last blog I almost deleted my Facebook. But I felt a certain pressure as an independent professional wrestler/blogger/podcaster/poet, to maintain a social media presence. To help get the word out about my current and upcoming endeavors. In the same breath, I have become very happy with the connections I have made thanks to social media. It has allowed me to connect on a personal level with fans of mine and those that I am a fan of myself. 
A Terrible Horrible No Good
It’s been 1 year since I brought this little girl home.

I feel like I’m starting to talk in circles now. I’m definitely having a lot of feelings, as I’m sure everyone is at this point. I’ll wrap up with a sentiment I tried to articulate on Twitter a few days ago –

Take care of yourself and take care of each other. These are very scary times and people are feeling a lot of pressure and terror right now. So please be extra kind and forgiving to yourself and to those you interact with.


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