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On August 26th, 1991, the WWF presented SummerSlam 1991. It featured the Match Made in Heaven as Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth would get married, a handicap match involving the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan against Sgt Slaughter, General Adnan, and Colonel Mustafa, and an Intercontinental Championship match between Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart.

Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, and Roddy Piper introduce the show set to take place on this evening. We hear about the upcoming Match Made in Heaven and the Match Made in Hell with Sid Justice as the referee.

SummerSlam 1991
Ricky’ The Dragon’ Steamboat, ‘The Texas Tornado’ Kerry Von Erich and The British Bulldog vs. Warlord, Paul Roma and Hercules with Slick.

Steamboat comes in, breathing fire introduced as simply as The Dragon with Kerry Von Erich and The British Bulldog coming down afterwards. Each received their won introduction with Slick’s trio already in the ring, awaiting their interest. Roma gets the early advantage on Ricky Steamboat, but it’s short-liv d. The Dragon begins to work over the arm of Roma with an armbar. But after being backed into the corner, Paul Roma begins to work over The Dragon.

A dropkick takes down Roma, and a hip toss takes down Hercules, who comes into the ring net. The Texas Tornado is then tagged in next, and he fights off the attack of Hercul s. Von Erich is in control, working over Hercules in the corn r. But Hercules tags in the Warlord, and Von Erich tags in The Britsih Bulld0g. After a couple of blows, he takes down The Warlord. He hits a nice vertical suplex on the big man. Steamboat is tagged in and hits a chop off the top rope on The Warlord.

But a failed monkey flip lands The Dragon on his ba k. Warlord tags in Roma, who begins to work over Steamboat. Roma attempts a suplex, but it ends up being a reversal off the ropes. The referee is distracted, giving Slick’s trio the advantage. The Dragon attempts to fight back, but Roma hits a snap suplex taking him do n. With The Dragon in the arms of Paul Roma, he hits a series of backbreakers without releasing him.

Hercules is then tagged in, and the Gorilla Press slams’s The Dragon. Warlord is tagged in, and he continues to rag doll The Drag n. Paul Roma is then tagged in, and he continues to work over the lower back of The Drag n. The Dragon attempts to fight back, but Hercules is tagged in. The Dragon avoids Hercules’ attack temporarily. He then tags in the Warlord, who continues to beat down The Dragon.

The Dragon tries to get to his corner, but the Warlord is methodically beating him do n. Warlord spends too much time on the middle rope and telegraphs it, leading to The Dragon making a tag to the Texas Torna o. Von Erich makes a tag to The Britsh Bulldog. But Von Erich helps his partner from being power slammed. The Dragon hits a high cross body on Paul Roma after being tagged in and makes a pinfall for the three count and the win.

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Winners: The Dragon, The Texas Tornado, and The British Bulldog.

After the bell, we see a replay of the finish of the match and how they walked out victors. In the backstage area, Sean Mooney interviews Mr. Perfect with the Coach by his side, discussing the upcoming Intercontinental Championship matchup.

SummerSlam 1991WWF Intercontinental Championship
Bret’ Hitman’ Hart vs. Mr. Perfect © with Coach

Hart makes his way down to the ring first as the challenger. We then get a glimpse of Stu and Helen Hart in the stands cheering on their son in the crowd. Mr. Perfect comes to the ring next, accompanied by Coach. Bobby Heenan is correct that it is the Hitman that has to defeat Perfect and not the champion that has to beat the challenger. Fans are in for a treat between these two technically sound talents. Hart has the early advantage in this match.

Hart has a crucifix pin on Perfect but only for a count of two. Bret then locks in a side headlock on Perfect early on in this match. The two lock up on the ropes, but it leads to a knee by Mr. Perfe t. Hitman attempts a sunset flip inside the ring that leads to another side headlock. Hart is relentless working over Perfe t. Perfect then hits a reverse edge chop and then gets caught with a stomp to the midsection. Hitman reverses every attempt by Perfect, leading to a clothesline over the top rope to the floor.

Coach is consoling Perfect on the floor. Hitman then goes back after Perfect, tearing at his gear in the process. Perfect looks upset at his gear torn and drills Bret Hart between the eyes with the referee distracted. Mr. Perfect then kicks Hitman in the ribs to the floor. He follows Hitman to the floor and hits a reverse knife edge chop. Hitman is on the floor, slowly making his way into the ring. But Perfect stops him and hits him again, knocking him to the floor. Hart goes down and into the barricade.

Bret makes his way in another way and is whipped into the corner. Perfect kicks out at two after a pinning attempt by Ha t. Mr. Perfect then drives Hart’s head into the corner turnbuckle. Perfect then whips Bret back first into the corner turnbuckle HA D. Mr. Perfect then works on Bret’s neck. For the first time in this match, Mr. Perfect appears to be working on Bret methodically. Bret is then dropkicked and hits the floor. Hart is slowly making his way up, but Perfect works on him on the floor.

Perfect then hits a punch to Hart’s ribs on the floor. But as Mr. Perfect climbs the top rope, the two battle on the middle rope. It leads to both men falling in the ring. Perfect makes the pinfall, but Bret kicks out. With Bret in the corner, Perfect whips him out and to the floor. Mr. Perfect then whips Bret into the ropes and locks him in a sleeper deep. The referee checks on Bret to make sure he isn’t out and raises his arm at two. Bret attempts another crucifix pin again, but Perfect drops him.

After making the pin, Bret kicks out at two. The Hitman is then whipped into the corner once again but kicks out. Perfect tries a perfect plex, but Hitman kicks out at two! Bret is fighting back now, working on the midsection of Mr. Perfect. He then hits an atomic drop on Mr. Perfe t. Bret then whips Perfect from one end of the ring into the other, landing him into the ring post groin first. The Hitman then makes a pinfall attempt after a suplex but only for a count of two.

Bret then hits a reverse neckbreaker, and Perfect kicks out at two. He then this a side backbreaker. Bret climbs the middle rope and hits an elbow from there as well. Hart is frustrated, and as Perfect attempted to get the advantage with a pinfall, Bret kicked out at two. Both men are on the floor and then back in the ring. Hart works over the legs of Perfe t. He then teases the sharpshooter and hits the Coach from coming into the ring.

With the referee distracted, Perfect regains the advantage. Fans are chanting let’s go, Bret, but while on his back, he turns it into a sharpshooter forcing Perfect to quit.

Winner: AND NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion, Bret’ Hitman’ Hart

After the match, Bret tears off the ring gear of Mr. Perfect. We then see Helen and Stu Hart celebrating in the crowd as Bret holds the Intercontinental Championship overwhelmed. We then see Lord Alfred Hayes with the parents of Bret Hart congratulating him on his accomplishment.

We then see an advertisement for Hot Ticket coming in October 1991 in a retelling of the story of Hulk Hogan as a pay-per-view. Mean Gene Okerlund then speaks with The Bushwhackers with Andre The Gia t. But what we see is a sneak attack that took place by Earthquake on Andre The Giant, who is walking with braces to aid him. Luke and Butch share that when they finish with the Natural Disasters, it’ll be Andre’s chance to get even.

Natural Disasters with Jimmy Hart vs. The Bushwhackers with Andre, The Giant

Jimmy Hart leads his team to the ring first, followed by The Bushwhackers with Andre The Gia t. Butch and Luke get the early advantage and poke the eyes of Earthquake and Typho n. Typhoon momentarily gets the advantage, but Butch recovers, and the Bushwhackers whip both Earthquake and Typhoon into each other. The heels retreat as Butch and Luke celebrate in the ring.

Earthquake then sneaks in from behind and attacks But h. It was just what they needed to get the advantage. We then get a failed elbow drop by Earthquake, which was what Butch tried to use to get the advantage. Typhoon was then tagged in, and he begins to work over the back of But h. We then see a backbreaker by Typhoon, which then tags in Earthqua e. Earthquake transitions it into a bear hug.

Butch tries to fight his way out, but it’s only momentarily. This leads to a back breaker and then a tag to Typho n. But Earthquake telegraphs a forearm and hits his own partner. This leads to Butch to tag into Lu e. Luke and Butch work together with a series of battering ra s. Andre attempts to help his partners, but the referee is distracted by Andre, allowing Earthquake and Typhoon to get the advantage in their match. Earthquake hits his avalanche going for a pinfall and the win.

Winners: The Natural Disasters

Both Typhoon and Earthquake attempt to attack Andre, but the Legion of Doom comes to Andre’s aid, forcing them into the ring. Butch and Luke corner them in the process. Despite the loss, the Bushwhackers are still in a celebratory mood.

Backstage we see Bobby Heenan speaks with Hulk Hogan, who held Ric Flair’s world championship. Heenan attempted to make a challenge on Ric’s behalf, but that ended up with Hogan slamming the door in his face. We then see Randy Savage speaking on the phone about what he has planned for the honeymoon.

Ted DiBiase speaks with Sean Mooney and Sherri by his side. DiBiase speaks about how everyone has a price for the Millon Dollar Man. He said that he is facing Virgil in DiBiase’s city for his title, the Millon Dollar Title.

SummerSlam 1991
Million Dollar Championship Match
‘Millon Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase with Sensational Sherri (c) vs. Virgil

DiBiase makes his way to the ring first, followed by Virgil. Virgil makes his way into the ring and is immediately a house of fire going after DiBia e. DiBiase ends up on the floor with Sherri attempting to have him recover. Virgil is on the floor going right after DiBiase in the process. Once again, Virgil hits DiBiase with an atomic drop forcing him over the top rope to the floor.

Bobby Heenan makes his way back to the announce tab e. Virgil attempted a plancha over the top rope, but DiBiase moved, forcing Virgil on his face. DiBiase recovers momentarily and then goes after Virgil on the floor. Virgil is whipped into the ring post and steel steps. He then drives Virgil’s head into the steps and then chops him. Virgil is then whipped into the ring.

DiBiase then signals the title around his waist, signaling that the title isn’t going anywhere e. The Million Dollar Man continues to work over Virgil on the m t. He then connects with a double ax handle but doesn’t follow up. He gives Virgil a moment to recover, and he kicks out at two. DiBiase continues to work over Virgil, along with a back body drop. But Virgil recovers, locking in the Million Dollar Dream on DiBiase.

Sherri is screaming at ringside and comes in and uses her purse to hit Virgil from behind. The bell decided not to disqualify the Million Dollar Man and forced Sherri back to the dressing room. He has then forced the match to continue. Producers are then forcing Sherri back to the dressing room area. She is screaming at the decision! DiBiase and Virgil make their way to their feet.

Virgil blocks a couple of attempts at having his head driving into the turnbuckle. This forces him to use DiBiase’s head and drives that into the turnbuckle. Virgil continues to beat on DiBiase, but it leads to a ref bump! DiBiase makes his way to his feet as Virgil and the referee are done. DiBiase screams at Roddy Piper at ringside and continues to work over Virg l. He hits a pair of vertical suplexes.

Piper screams encouragement from the announce table to Virgil. DiBiase slaps the face of Virgil and hits a pile driver, but the referee is still trying to recover. The Millon Dollar Man is then attempting to undo a turnbuckle pad, and DiBiase attempts to drive his head into the corner. But Virgil recovers, knocking DiBiase out and driving his head into the corner turnbuckle. The referee is now back up as both men are on the backs.

Virgil is trying to get to DiBiase and covers him with the referee making the count for the three count and the win!

Winner: AND NEW Million Dollar Champion, Virgil.

Virgil celebrates in the ring holding the Million Dollar tit e. Roddy Piper is ecstatic at ringside. The new Million Dollar Champion is ecstatic at his w n. Fans congratulate Virgil on his way back to the dressing room.

We then see Mean Gene Okerlund speaking with The Mountie backstage, who is with the corrections officer of New York. We then see him using a cattle prod on The Big Boss Man weeks prior. He then said he was going to take the Boss Man to prison through the ‘paddy wagon’. Sean Mooney is then speaking with the Big Boss Man about the upcoming Jailhouse Match with The Mountie and what he has planned for the Mountie.

SummerSlam 1991
Jailhouse Match
Big Boss Man vs. The Mountie with Jimmy Hart

The Mountie is led to the ring by Jimmy Hart. Boss Man then charges to the ring and is ready to get his hands on The Mount e. As the Mountie begins to run his mouth, The Big Boss Man drops him. Mountie attempts to make a comeback, and The Big Boss Man regains control. Once back on his feet, The Big Boss Man drops The Mountie once again on his backside.

The Big Boss Man then slides under the ring rope and decks The Mountie. As The Boss Man appears to have control, The Mountie gives him a thumb to the eyes. He then hits a spinebuster on The Mountie. With The Mountie, The Big Boss Man wrenches on the head of The Mountie. Jimmy Hart is often distracting The Big Boss Man. Even when he’s on the outside area, The Mountie decks The Big Boss Man from behind.

This gave The Mountie the advantage he needed. Now both back in the ring, The Mountie continues to work over The Boss Man. Boss Man is then whipped into the corner turnbuckle as The Mountie maintains control. He goes for a pinfall attempt, but the Boss Man kicks out at two. As The Boss Man attempts to regain control, The Mountie works him over. The Mountie drops a series of elbows on The Big Boss Man. After a pinfall attempt, he only gets a count of two.

The Mountie then hits a dropkick on The Big Boss Man. After another pinfall attempt, he kicks out, leading to the Mountie ending up on the floor. The Big Boss Man tries to get to his feet and then manages to get back in the ring. The Big Boss Man tries to gain control once again. The Mountie then hits a piledriver on The Big Boss Man. With the referee distracted, The Mountie attempts to use the cattle prod on The Big Boss Man but misses.

The Big Boss Man catches The Mountie with an uppercut and then hits his sidewalk slam. As he goes for a pinfall attempt, he only gets a count of two. The Mountie then trips The Big Boss Man causing him to fall on his backside. But The Big Boss Man hits an Alabama Slam on The Mountie and goes for the pinfall getting the three count and the win.

Winner: The Big Boss Man.

After the match, the police come down and handcuff The Mountie dragging him to the back, leading him to the backstage area and into the paddy wag n. We see him being led right to the backstage area. The corrections officer van hits its sirens and leads The Mountie out of the arena.

Mean Gene Okerlund is then backstage, and both Ted DiBiase and Sensational Sherri are complaining about what happened earlier in the night and how he lost his Million Dollar Championship. Sean Mooney then speaks with Bret Hart and how it feels to be the new WWF Intercontinental Champion. Back with Mean Gene Okerlund, he speaks with The Natural Disasters and how they plan on getting even with the Legion of Doom.

Once again, back with Sean Mooney, he speaks with The Big Boss Man about what The Mountie has in store when he ends up in the New York City Police Department. Back with Mean Gene Okerlund, we then hear him walking in on the ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, who is on the phone. As Okerlund attempts to go to see Miss Elizabeth, Savage stops him to talk.

We then see the paddy wagon pull up with The Mountie, and he pulls him as he tries to fight them off. But we then see Jimmy Hart speaking with Sean Mooney and The Nasty Boys, who are set to defenW.W.F.he W.W.F. Tag Team Championship. Mooney then stops Jimmy Hart, showing him how they are taking pictures of The Mountie.

Back with the Legion of Doom, we hear from the challengers for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Both Hawk and Animal share how they plan on going after the Natural Disasters after they finish with The Nasty Boys. Once again, we see The Mountie, who is getting fingerprinted. Then Sean Mooney speaks with Sgt Slaughter, General Adnan, and Colonel Mustafa, speaking about their upcoming match against Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior.

Sid Justice is then interviewed and asked about how he is going to cover this match. He said that he stands alone in how he will cover this match. We then see Sgt Slaughter, Adnan, and Mustafa spoke with him backstage earlier in the evening. Sid said that tonight Justice will be served.

SummW.W.F.lam 1991
W.W.F. Tag Team Championship
The Nasty Boys (c) with Jimmy Hart vs. Legion of Doom

After Jimmy Hart leads the champions to the ring, Hawk and Animal make their way to the ring. As soon as they come into the ring, they attack immediately. The battle among all four men quickly emerges. Hawk and Saggs are battling on one side, and Animal and Knobbs are on the other side. It appears as though Hawk and Saggs will begin the match.

With the referee distracted, The Nasty Boys get the advantage on Hawk. Saggs hits a load of soft drinks over the back of Hawk. Knobbs begins to work over Hawk, who is on the mat and the on the floor. While on the outside, Saggs works over Hawk, leaving Knobbs to continue to work over Hawk on the floor. Hawk eventually makes his way into the ring and begins to fight off Saggs. But he doesn’t seem to have enough behind his punches.

Knobbs is in, and he beats on Hawk and antagonizes Animal on the apron. Saggs is tagged in and d ops and elbow. As he goes for a pinfall, Animal breaks it up. Hawk fights off both members of The Nasty Boys and tags in Animal. Animal comes in and beats on Brian Knobbs on one side and then hits a pow r slam on him. But Hawk regains some semblance of strength.

But both Nasty Boys beat on Animal using a motorcycle helmet with the referee unaware. Hawk then gets a hold of the helmet and uses it on Saggs. Together Hawk and Animal hit the doomsday device. Animal makes the pin on Saggs and gets the pinfall and the win.

Winners: AND NEW WWF Tag Team Champions, The Legion of Doom.

After the bell, fans cheer triumphantly for the LOD as they head back to the backstage area. Once again, we see The Mountie being taken to the jailhouse and then locked up. We then see a reminder for the upcoming Survivor Series 1991 on November 27th, 1991.

SummerSlam 1991
I.R.S. R Schyster (I.R.S.) vs. Greg’  TheI.R.S.mmer’ Valentine

I.R.S. is in the ring first, followed by Valentine. It’s so rare to see Valentine as a face even back 30 years when he was just so be suiter suited as a heel. Valentine gets the early advantage in this match. A headlock followed by a shoulder tackle keeps Valentine ahead in this match. Another side headlock by Valentine leads to a hip toss a d then a clothesline. This leads to Schyster endinI.R.S.p on the ringside.

I.R.S. makes his way into the ring, and Valentine continues to maintain the advantage. Schyster once again ends up on the floor, but Valentine follows him to the IRS. But just then, when I.R.S. comes in first and Valentine tries to get on, Schyster works him over. He then lo ks in an abdominal stretch. Each time the referee is distracted, he grabs the rope. Schyster then hits a clothesline.

Schyster then has a rear chinlock on Valentine. He follows up with a backbreaker and then climbs the ropes. But Schyster is more preoccupied with the crowd and gets caught with a  back body drop by Valentine. Valentine then regains the advantage. This leads to Schyster hurting his knee. Valentine continues to work on the knee of Schyster and locks in the figure four leglock. But Schyster gets to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Valentine once again pulls him off the rope. He then attempts to drop an elbow on IRS. He gets ahold of I.R.S.’s leg and continues to work on the midsection. But when Valentine goes for it again, I.R.S. turns it into a small package for a pinfall and the win.

Winner: Irwin R. Schyster.

Once again, we get a preview of Hot Ticket promoting the Hulk Hogan Real American Story. We then get Mean Gene Okerlund speaking with Hu k Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. Hogan speaks about his concern about the feeling he is having with Adnan, Slaughter, and Mustafa. But he is comforted by the aid of The Ultimate Warrior.

Sid Justice then makes his way to the ring next as he is the special guest referee for the upcoming match.

Sgt Slaughter, General Adnan, and Colonel Mustafa vs. Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior

Slaughter, Adnan, and Mustafa make their way to the ring first, followed by The Ult mate Warrior and then Hulk Hogan. Piper warns how Slaughter is the brains of his team and is the one to be most feared. We then see both Warrior and Hogan standing in the ring as Justice keeps this team back. The Ultimate Warrior then goes on the apron, leaving Hogan and Slaughter to start off the match.

Sid then confiscates the whip in his hands. Hogan then spits at Slaughter from a distance. This leads to Hogan being trapped in the corner, but Hogan gains the advantage. The Ultimate Warrior then sets a couple of shots in himself. Warrior is then tagged in and begins to work on Sgt Slaughter. Hogan is then tagged in, and he too hits Slaughter with a big boot and then drives his head into the turnbuckle.

The Ultimate Warrior is then tagged in, and he drives Slaughter’s head into Hogan’s boot. Hogan is then tagged in and then continues to work over Slaughter. Justice pulls Hogan off and begins to warn him. The distraction leads to Slaughter to gain the advantage. Slaughter finally tags in General Adnan, who works over the back of Hogan. He scratches at his back and then tags in Colonel Mustafa.

Mustafa then hits a gut wrench suplex and then locks in a Camel Clutch on Hogan. This leads to the Ultimate Warrior breaking it up. Mustafa then tags in Slaughter. Slaughter makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Sgt Slaughter has Hogan backed into the corner turnbuckle and begins to lay in forearms on the Hulkster. Sid pulls Slaughter off of Hogan from the corner.

Slaughter then whipped Hogan into Justice. Adnan is back in the ring, and he continues to scratch, bite and claw at him. Slaughter is then tagged in and climbs the rope. But The Warrior pushes him off of the top rope. Hogan tags in The Ultimate Warrior, and Warrior is all systems go on, Sgt Slaughter. The Ultimate Warrior then collides with Justice and then goes back and is distracted because of it.

Summerslam (TV Special 1991) - IMDb
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Slaughter pulls Justice’s attention away as the rest of his team work over the Warrior. Warrior then reverses a suplex attempt. But Slaughter is tagged in, and Justice is preoccupied with Hulk as Slaughter’s teammate’s work over the Ultimate Warrior. Finally, Warrior takes down Slaughter, and he struggles to make his way to Hogan. The same could be said about Slaughter, who can’t get to his teammates.

But Hogan is tagged in, and he goes right after Slaughter. Hog n drops Slaughter and then Adnan. Warrior then chases Adnan and Mustafa back to the dressing room with a steel chair. With Justice preoccupied with what is happening outside the ring, Hogan throws salt in the eyes of Slaughter in the ring. He then fo lows that up with a big leg drop. Justice makes the pinfall count as Hogan gets the pinfall and he and Warrior win the match.

Winners: Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior

After the match, Hogan celebrates his win in the ring alone as Warrior chased down his opposition. Hogan continues to make overtures to the backstage area mocking Slaughter, Adnan, and Mustafa. But then he waves Justice to come back to the ring. Justice doesn’t understand it, but he makes his way back to the ring. Sid comes out and looks into the ring, and Hogan asks him to come into the ring.

Hulk ripped off the referee’s t-shirt and encouraged him to pose in the middle of the ring. Justice soaks in the adulation of the crowd. We then get a final look at The Mountie in his jail cell in New York. Back to the ring, we see Justice and Hogan make their way back up the aisle way to the backstage area.

We then get a flashback to seeing Macho Man Randy Savage in an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund with Miss Elizabeth by his side in the ring. He says that he has something to sW.W.F.that he wants to return to the WWF. At SummerSlam and says to Elizabeth that he loves him and then pulls out a ring and asks her, ‘will you marry me?’. Her answer was, ‘Oh, yeah.’

A musical video montage of the history of Miss Elizabeth and the Mancho Man  andy Savage and their time together. We see the times in which both put themselves in harm’s way to protect the other.

Match Made in Heaven

The familiar sound of pomp and circumstances plays as ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage then makes his way to the ring first wi h his white and gold hat and attire. He then see ‘the best man’ come down. Unsure who that is, but it’s apparently some random guy. Regardless, we then hear the wedding march play. A flower girl is  ut tossing pedals down the aisleway. Then a ring bearer comes out equally disinterested.

We then see the ‘maid of honor,’ unsure who that is either. Then, Miss Elizabeth comes out in her wedding dress on the platform in the center of the ring. When asked if he promises all that he should, he responds with his customary ‘Oh, yeah.’ Miss Elizabeth is also asked the same thing, and her response is, ‘I will.’ We then get the placing of the ring on Miss Elizabeth’s fin er to which he also recited his vow. They are then pronounced husband and wife.

Savage takes off his hat and then proceeds to ‘kiss the bride’. Balloons fall from the ceiling, and streamers are released as the two share in this moment together. Fans are cheering both of them as they soak in the applause by those in attendance at Madison Square Garden. Elizabeth waves to the audience as Savage extends his hand, and the two embrace at ringside.