Steve Austin Discusses Having One More Match and Says He ‘Can Physically Do It’

In a recent press release sent out from Podcast One the company that host’s The Steve Austin Show, it was revealed that Stone Cold Steve Austin has opened the door to ‘one more match’ in a recent broadcast.

LOS ANGELES (September 25, 2019) – On Tuesday’s episode of Steve Austin’s self-titled PodcastOne show, The Steve Austin Show, he reflects on his final match during his professional wrestling career, which was a match against The Rock at WrestleMania XIX in Seattle in 2003.

Austin shares his thoughts, as he details a blow-by-blow recount of the in-ring action. Plus, the nostalgia opens a discussion about the possibility of him returning to the ring for one last match…which sounds promising. Below is an excerpt from the episode, available now on Apple Podcasts and PodcastOne.

Steve Austin discusses One Last Match: 

Austin: “For the last couple of weeks, down there at the RAW reunion in Tampa, down there at the Madison Square Garden show at Monday Night RAW – people always ask me, ‘Hey man, you’re still in really good shape. You got one more match left in you?’ And I tell them, ‘Man.’ I say, ‘You know, it’s a tough thing to think about.’

Physically, would I be able to have one more match? Yes, most definitely, and I could make it to that match without being injured. Although the risks are always there, just because I think all of the surgeries, I had… where I had the spinal stenosis, and getting that bone spur taken off my spinal cord – I’m in a good place. Nerves are feeling a lot better than they use to. So, you know, in theory, could I have a match? In theory, yes.”

Austin discusses his last match at WrestleMania XIX here

Madison’s Mindset: At 54 years of age, Austin appears in as good as shape as he ever has. While it is incredible to think that it has in fact been over 16 years since his last match, he appears as motivated and inspired as ever to compete. With past suggestions of a Goldberg/Austin match or as recent as a Stone Cold/CM Punk match there is no denying the staying power he has.

His influence is clearly felt as a character that pushes the envelope of what is acceptable on-screen behavior. While he does say in theory he could compete he is still aware of the risk that is likely tied with competing in such a match. Would he be able to take a bump? How protected would the match be? Only time will tell what the end result will be and whether or not Austin does step into the ring.


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