Standing Stone and The Great Law of Nyla Rose

The Oneida people, also known as Onyota’a:ka, are one of the six nations that comprise the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy. Onyota’a:ka translates roughly to “people of the standing stone.” There were many reasons given for this title in the exploration of Standing Stone and the Great Law of Nyla Rose.

It was thought that the Onedia could shapeshift and change into stones when pursued by warriors. It was also thought that when the Oneida would travel that they would set up their homes and build their camps around groups of standing stones. This is the story of the standing stone and | the great law of Nyla Rose.


Standing Stone and The Great Law of Nyla Rose –
Origin Story

Nyla Rose was born on August 3rd, 1982. While growing up in the Washington, DC area, Rose inadvertently followed in the path of another famous Onedia, actor Graham Greene, when she pursued acting. Rose, a lifelong wrestling fan, also pursued some wrestling training with James Zaveski of Kyda Pro Wrestling.

Speaking much later after training with Zaveski, Christian York, and John Kermon, “I loved my coaches! They were all very helpful and knowledgeable, I could approach them with anything. Having martial arts training as well as a theatre background really helped me progress through the program quicker than some of the others as I was able to pick up on things a lot quicker”.

While taking taekwondo and judo classes and acting, Rose developed a vision for herself as a wrestler, eventually incorporating aesthetic elements from her father’s Oneida heritage. Eventually, the year 2012 would come around, and though the world would not come to an end, the way it was understood before would be changed forever.

Approaching A Full-Time Career

Rose had several small, exhibition matches before making what could arguably be her full-time debut; for Covey Promotions out of West Virginia. Nyla Rose not only had a singles match but also participated in the charity event’s main event.

Covey Promotions would be Nyla’s haunting ground until it closed its doors in 2016, holding their Women’s Championship 3 times. Rose first captured the belt from Mary Elizabeth, who would later go by Kelly Klein in Ring of Honor. Klein would serve as Rose’s primary antagonist for the beginning period of her career.

Nyla Rose would collect the Covey Pro, United Pro Wrestling Association, Warriors of Wrestling women’s championships, and the World Domination Wrestling Alliance West Virginia Championship before confirming in February 2019 that she would appear at All Elite Wrestling’s inaugural pay-per-view “Double or Nothing.”


But before AEW, Rose would learn and hone her craft and prove her ability all over the world. Starting in 2015, Rose would debut a persona called Nyla the Destroyer for Valkyrie Women’s Pro. The persona was darker, more mysterious, and ultimately, far more violent.


Nyla Rose would end up dominating in Valkyrie Women’s Pro, eventually being the final challenger to the Queen of Valkyrie title before the promotion shuttered at the end of 2015. Nyla Rose would wrestle across the United States in Canada and eventually complete several tours of Japan for the MARVELOUS and Sendai Girls. Rose would also make appearances for the AKB48 Side Project Tofu Pro Wrestling and the Kirakira Taiyo Project.

It was also around the time of her first tour for MARVELOUS and Sendai Girls that Nyla Rose also made her presence known on television. In 2015, Rose was revealed to be the lead in a trans-focused television sitcom called “The Switch.”

“The Switch” takes place in Vancouver, BC, and follows a woman who is fired from her IT job after coming out as trans. The show was a 6 episode series which aired on Canadian television and was a feather in the cap of Nyla Rose at a time when professionally, she was showing no signs of slowing down.

Standing Stone | The Great Law of Nyla Rose
A New Milestone

Eventually, Rose would gain enough of a footing in Japan to facilitate another career milestone. Shortly before embarking on her spring 2018 tour of Japan, Nyla won the Women of Wrestling championship from Nikki Adams, a belt which she would take to Japan.

After falling to the team of Takumi Iroha and Mio Momono for Marvelous, Nyla put up her WOW Championship on the line before coming up short and losing the belt to Iroha. They would meet again 36 days later, with Rose desperate to win the belt back to bring home to the states.

Nyla Rose would go on to hold that belt for a total of 242 days. She would defend it from Nikki Adams multiple times over the course of 2018. It was only to lose the belt in May 2019, as she was preparing to make her commitments to AEW.

Standing Stone | The Great Law of Nyla Rose
The Path Into The Future

Rose’s career in AEW has been academic. She made a big impression at “Double or Nothing,” despite the surprise appearance of Awesome Kong. Rose wrestled for the AEW Women’s championship on the first episode of Dynamite.

From there, she would eventually capture the belt from Riho to become the second-ever AEW Women’s Champion. She would eventually lose the title to Hikaru Shida, who she met during a special appearance in WAVE in a tag team match.

Rose has made a career of defying the expectations of conservatives, cynics, and critics. Through her humor, in-ring ability, and charisma, she has captivated on a world’s stage with world-class talent.

Rose, who takes pride in her Haudenosaunee heritage, encapsulates Indigenous persistence through hardship. Rose represents a continuation of the legacy of the Oneida people; that of resilience, strength, and resolve.

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