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SMASH Wrestling will be at the London (Ontario) Comic-Con on October 27th 2018 for the CANUSA Classic. They will be hosting their annual event, the CANUSA Classic. In a series of seven matches, teams representing both Canada and the United States will clash. At the end of the night, only one country’s team will have bragging rights. Representing Team Canada will be LuFisto, KC Spinelli, Jody Threat, Nicole Matthews, Allie, Cat Power, and Xandra Bale. Representing Team USA will be Jordynne Grace, Veda Scott, Su Yung, Tessa Blanchard, Jessica Havok, Neveah, and Allysin Kay. We present the Smash Wrestling CANUSA Classic.

Smash Wrestling CANUSA Classic

Violet Lee Open Challenge

Prior to the main show getting underway, newcomer Violet Lee has offered up an open challenge match. She is a student of another Canadian, Tyson Dux. Violet will definitely be looking to make a big impact and get people talking.

Neveah vs. Jody Threat

First, we have the Gem City Queen, Neveah taking on The Wild Child, Jody Threat. Neveah may have the advantage when it comes to experience, having been around for more than a decade. Jody Threat is a newer face on the scene, but she doesn’t let that bother her. Jody is the kind of woman to go balls to the wall, just like Neveah. This one may not be a technical masterpiece, but it will definitely be one you want to see.

Allysin Kay vs. Cat Power

Our next match pits the AK47, Allysin Kay against Cat Power. Both ladies are well-traveled, having worked in a couple of the same companies over the years. These are SHIMMER and of course Smash Wrestling. Allysin, of course, works more of the power type of matches, whereas Cat is more technical. These styles tend to mesh very well, which means this match will be stellar. Allysin has been on a hot streak, having just won the Shine Championship. Will her momentum carry her past Cat Power? We’ll have to tune in and see.

Xandra Bale vs. Veda Scott

Canada’s next entrant in the CANUSA Classic is the tough and rugged Xandra Bale. She’s no stranger to her opponent, Veda Scott. Like many other women on the show, they have both worked for SHIMMER and Shine in the past. Veda, a mainstay of Ring of Honor, will look to bring honor to the United States. This will be an interesting style matchup, as both can work different styles whenever needed.

Smash Wrestling CANUSA Classic

Nicole Matthews vs. Jessicka Havok

Despite her recent border issues with the US, Nicole Matthews is beloved on both sides of the border. She is, however, representing her home country of Canada against the deadly Jessicka Havok. Matthews is generally used to having the size advantage over her opponent. In this pairing, that advantage goes to the Havok Death Machine. An Ohio native along with Neveah is a bruiser and will go to any lengths to get the win. In this, she and Nicole are the same. Nicole is still riding the high from her performances in the Mae Young Classic. Havok has very much been grinding and doing her own thing since leaving Impact Wrestling. Who will be tough enough to get the win, remains to be seen.

Smash Wrestling CANUSA Classic

Tessa Blanchard vs. KC Spinelli

This is a clash of women’s wrestling titans. Tessa is one of the hottest wrestlers on the planet right now, holding multiple titles and getting a lot of attention. Another wrestler worthy of tons of attention is KC Spinelli. KC is a veteran of almost a decade, having trained under greats like Lance Storm. Tessa also has a stellar list of trainers, like her father Tully Blanchard and George South. This is a very distinct regional style difference. Spinelli trained under the technical perfection that Canadian wrestling is known for. Tessa comes from the very old school, Southern but still technically sound style. This has to be the match of the night written all over it and is a possible match of the year candidate on paper.

Jordynne Grace vs. LuFisto

Team PAWG is set to collide with national pride on the line. Mama PAWG, LuFisto, is a veteran of more than 20 years. She is the original female powerhouse phenom on the independent scene. She will be taking on her tag team partner, the baby PAWG. Thicc Mama Pump, Jordynne Grace is a young and hungry competitor. She is possibly perhaps one of the few women in the world stronger than LuFisto. Where Grace has her in brute force, LuFisto has the experience advantage. Whether or not their partnership will survive the CANUSA Classic will have to be seen.

Smash Wrestling CANUSA Classic

Allie vs. Su Yung

The Undead Bride and the Bunny are set to clash once again. This time, the fate of the Multiverse is not at stake. Only something more important, the pride for their country is on the line. While this is not the first time these two have clashed, this one will be special for the cause. They are two of Impact’s hottest characters and the stories they can tell in the ring are amazing. It will just be another chapter in the amazing tale they have been weaving and is can’t miss.

If you can’t make it out to the London Comic-Con, it will be available on Smash’s video on-demand service, Smash on Demand!

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