SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20 (Comfortably At the Head of the Table)

After a one week hiatus, I am delighted to be back in the saddle. This your Smackdown Review for September 25th, and I cordially thank you for choosing Air Abugov. Thanks to Marc Madison, who wrote a highly entertaining review seven days ago. He raised the bar as he always does. This is the SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20. I’m not only excited to be back but doubly so this being the prelude to Clash of Champions. The blue brand will be very well represented at the PPV, and tonight’s action should definitely add to the intrigue.

The now friendless and ruthless Bayley will defend her SmackDown Women’s title at the gala against Nikki Cross. Nikki’s been knocking at the door several times but has yet to emerge victorious against the champion. The Lucha House Party has been in disarray since the return of Calisto. Inner tensions have been teased. Either the Luchadors shock Nakamura and Cesaro on Sunday, or the faction will split like the atom in Ernest Rutherford’s laboratory. Who didn’t love Physical Science in High School?

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20

The Intercontinental title quagmire will also be straightened out as Sami Zayn, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles clash in a three-way ladder match. The talented trio will definitely be on hand to Autumn spice up the proceedings. The Great Liberator apparently really enjoys clove. With litigation looming between Otis and The Miz, could we so lucky as to see the return of Joseph Park, one can only hope. While Roman Reigns and his cousin Jey Uso have two consecutive tag victories over Sheamus and King Corbin, those results have been met with mitigated joy by The Tribal Chief. We are a million miles away from boyhood tussles in the backyard or trampoline.

Look for the Universal champion to decimate his cousin on Sunday and bring his invincible heel status to an even higher dimension. Another possibility is for Uso to lay down, which would be a swerve of epic proportions and see the birth of a 21st century Dangerous Alliance or SST type outfit. With Paul Heyman in the picture, the page of your dictionary with the definition of “impossible” has left the building.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20
The Ascension of The Intercontinental Championship Rung By Rung

Fear not, Koinnor and Victor are nowhere to be found. Present though are the three participants in Sunday’s ladder match for the Intercontinental title. AJ Styles tells Jeff Hardy to savor the moment and tells Sami Zayn that he took the summer off to have a little fun and grow a neckbeard.

Zayn retorts that Hardy holding the title makes it into a “championship.” After Hardy has his say, Zayn attacks the two opponents with the ladder. Adam Pearce, much more than a Postman but a no-nonsense authority figure, has seen enough. He makes a three-way match immediately, and the action begins.

AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn

At the outset, Zayn is dominated by Hardy, who leaves the ring. The champion sees his left knee targeted by A.J. Styles, and in no time, the three clash outside the ring. Jeff Hardy was then pushed off the top rope by Zayn while Styles projected himself over the top rope on to Sami Zayn. A not so quiet Whisper in the Wind incapacitated both Zayn and Styles before the three exchanged punches in the middle of the ring. Action fast like Arena Football meets Bally pinball.

Styles took Hardy out of the equation with a Phenomenal Forearm, but Sami Zayn, ever the opportunist, flung AJ out of the ring to pick up the victory. Momentum momentary. AJ took both his rivals out with a ladder and climbed to the top to take possession of the two belts. How this will play out is anybody’s bet?

Winner: AJ Styles

Otis Responds to His Being Put On Legal Notice

The MITB recipient was given seven days to either hand over his MITB contract or face litigation. Otis is not going to back down; we’ll most likely be going to the Supreme Court and hoping for a unanimous decision.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Metalik

The feud between the House Party and the champions has been stretched out more than Gumby at a yoga retreat. There is the ongoing plotline as well as tensions running through the House Party. Familiar match flow as well. Metalik impressing us with his speed and agility yet is driven twice into the barricade. Shortly afterward, Shinsuke would strike with a running knee to the back of the neck, an Exploder, and ultimately the dreaded Kinshasa kick.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

One-sided match, Dorado rushed to his partner’s aid only to be targeted by the Swiss Cyborg. Calisto remained far from the fray, which of course, brought looks of disdain from the other two members of the team. You don’t need Environment Canada to tell you a meltdown is imminent.

Family Ties Parts One. Jey Uso, concerned with his cousin’s post-match staredown from seven nights ago, is in the ring seeking answers from the reigning and defending one. Backstage though, Paul Heyman tells us, pledges to us that we will get answers later on tonight but on the Tribal Chief’s time.

King Corbin vs. Matt Riddle

King Corbin has nothing but disdain for Matt Riddle. Having lost to the Original Bro at Payback has done nothing to appease his rage. Interviewed earlier today, Riddle promised that we will see the difference between a stallion and a jackass. Corbin’s determination was palpable from the outset, although he started off poorly. Shaken but not taken out of his game plan, the King quickly turned the momentum to his favor with a powerful slam and some well-targeted body blows. A brisk elbow would garner a two count. However, Riddle rebounded by catching the King with a kick and tossing him into the announce table.

After being put in a submission hold, Corbin would power his way out of the predicament and seize control. After a pair of two counts, one following a running knee and the other a Deep Six, we witnessed the End of Days. The King is standing tall in victory. Riddle frustrated yet philosophical, told Kayla Broxton that he will continue to drive until Smackdown becomes the Bro Show.

Winner: King Corbin

Trance me Till The End of Love

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20
Lacey Evans vs  Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss seems to be quite unhinged. She is not the same person at all since being tossed by the Fiend and estranged from Braun Strowman, who has gone Raw Underground, we are all quite concerned. Tonight she faces Lacey Evans, who is in one prolonged losing streak. Alexa almost ended this match in a heartbeat with a roll-up. Within moments though, Evans is administering a two count of her own. We hear the laughter of the Fiend though Evans remains squarely in control. Alexa is the victim of three counts of two and even a count of one.

Down but not out, Bliss catches lightning in a bottle with a basement dropkick, and we hear the Fiend’s music and see his lighting. At that very moment, Alexa enters another dimension and goes all out on Lacey Evans. ADQ ensues, outside the ring, Bliss continues the carnage with another Sister Abigail outside the ring.

Winner: No Contest

Roman Reigns enters the arena with Paul Heyman. Bliss stares through the champion; Roman looks straight ahead while Paul Heyman stares at Reigns through the corner of his eye. That was a classic moment worthy of the end of Act 2 of a Shakespeare tragedy at Stratford.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20
Family Matters Needing To Be Ventilated

As Jey Uso steps toward the ring, Roman Reigns tells his cousin..”I would give you the title if I could, but you don’t understand the accountability and the responsibility of being the face of the WWE.”

He added that by being a twin, he always had Jimmy to back him up. He added the family relies on me. Jey stands tall and seeks the pressures of the role. “Why can’t I provide for the family. They ask me which one are you. After Sunday, they’re going to say; you’re the one who beat Roman Reigns at the Clash of Champions.”

As a determined Jey headed backstage, he was blind-sided by a Superman punch. He sternly told,” I’ll feed the whole family with the belt. You will never take my place at the head of the table.” SmackDown leaves the air, and once again, the vibe is very Shakesperean. The Universal champion, to be or not to be. This was the SmackDown Synopsis for 9/25/20.