SmackDown Synopsis for 9/11/20 (Tribal King & Clean Up Man)

We’re taking this show on the road this week. While still at the Thunderdome, I am coming at you live from my Dr’s office. I have his permission to include all of you in this visit. This is the 9/11/20 edition of the SmackDown Synopsis.

“Dr, I had a great week, but I am so wrapped up in suspense. I can barely sleep at night.”
‘Tell me more, young man.”

Just a moment, sir, I want to let everybody know that this is the Smackdown Review for the 11TH OF September. Now, back to the sources of my angst. You didn’t miss anything, by the way, the good doc read a text message from his dulcinea.

“Well, I can’t wait to see who the surprise guest will be on the Firefly Funhouse. I am also very concerned about the conditions of Sasha Banks and Big E .As you know, both were rushed to medical facilities last week after some despicable and brutal assaults.”

I explained to my kindly yet uncredulous physician that Bayley totally snapped and beat Sasha Banks to a pulp after the former friends lost their tag team title rematch to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. She was rushed to a medical facility by ambulance as we wait on bated breath for news.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/11/20

Big E

Big E was also the victim of a beatdown at the hands of Sheamus. E was body-slammed through the windshield of a Hyundai, suffering multiple lacerations and possible internal injuries. The eight-time tag team champion was transported in the same ambulance later used by the Boss, Orlando City Ambulance #905.

We can conclude that the pair of Superstars most likely crossed paths in triage or a waiting area. Given that Labor Day has passed, we can assume none of the medical personnel was still decked out in white.

With Clash of Champions but two weeks away, expect many seeds to be planted in the next two hours.

Keep in mind that Jey Uso will be facing his cousin Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions for the Universal title. Who wouldn’t love to a fly on the wall for a Fatu-Anoi’a family BBQ? One can imagine no shortage of baby back ribs and not even hot dogs for the kids. Tribal chiefs and Universal champions never settle for second best.

The Tribal King &His Special Counsel Share The Opening Dance with Jey Uso.

The evening commences with Paul Heyman and Reigns in the ring. Heyman sings the praises of Jey Uso, stating that he “Broke a Brogue, dethroned a King and solved a Riddle.”
When the winner of last week’s Fatal Four Way is introduced, he immediately thanks Roman Reigns, who tells his cousin, “No thanks necessary, we’re blood.” He then added but”Like when we were kids, I”m going to whoop your ass.” Enter the King, followed by Sheamus, who alleges nepotism. Jey Uso defends his family’s honor and issues a challenge for a tag team encounter. He refers to the match as “The Blood vs. The Butt Mud.” Reigns leaves the ring looking perplexed and frustrated.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/11/20

Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles

Right off the bat, we knew that this was a run-in looking for a place to happen. After Hardy’s entry, the inevitable took place. Sami Zayn stormed the ring area only to be removed by Adam Pearce and a pair of security agents. He did reiterate that he never lost the belt he won on the eighth of March and defended successfully at WM36.
Hardy, by the way, was not limping at all as we got underway. A.J. Styles was surprised early on with a Twist of Fate and a missed Swanton.

Styles would dominate throughout much of the confrontation until Jeff Hardy hit a Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Simultaneously, the challenger would come within an eyelash of a victory himself by targeting the back of Hardy’s neck.

The Great Liberator would then return, attacking Styles and prompting the match to be thrown out. Zayn once again referred to the Charismatic Enigma as a fraud. Jeff Hardy would limp towards backstage before crumbling in a heap. Jeff Hardy was diagnosed as dehydrated, and then he clashed with Sami Zayn in the trainer’s room. AJ Styles was interviewed and claimed to be the only legitimate IC champion. Expect a three-way bout at Clash of Champions in just two short weeks.

Lucha House Party vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

Prior to the bell, the Street Profits paid a friendly visit to the Champions Suite and stirred things up before Monday night’s champion vs champion showdown.

The House Party had Dorado as the odd man out. Earlier in the day, Kalisto gave his confreres a pep talk and declared himself the pack leader. There was no word about whether the trio met at a candy store, although it would seem logical with so many pinatas to fill.

The luchadors worked cohesively at the outset of the match as Cesaro was flung around convincingly. The momentum, of course, turned. Cesaro got a two count after a European forearm and another following a gut wrench suplex.

The camera focuses on the Titantron, where the Champions Suite has turned into party central. Calisto made the utmost out of Cesaro being distracted and rolled Cesaro up for the victory. This is the one step forward that will precede their forthcoming two steps back.

Winners: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Bayley Shows Her True Colors

The Smackdown Women’s champion, now in day 328 of her reign, feels it is necessary to clear the air and explain her vicious attack on Sasha Banks. The hugger of many moons ago had this to say about her long-time best friend: “You needed me close … you pretended to be my best friend, but all along you were using me. How do I know, because I was using you.” Adding”As of last week, you are completely useless to me.”

Nikki Cross vs Tamina vs Lacey Evans vs Alexa Bliss

This four-way battle will determine who will oppose Bayley at the PPV in two weeks.
Prior to the bell, Nikki Cross was administered a chair shot by Bayley but chose to fight.
Furious action at the start, Evans getting a quick two count on Bliss and took out Tamina seconds later.

After spending much time out of the ring, Nikki Cross made an impact upon entering the fray. She hit an impressive Cross Body on both Evans and Tamina. Then, outside the ring, Alexa Bliss hit her friend and ally with a Sister Abigail, forehead kiss, and all before leaving the match in a trance-like state. Not a good omen at all! She was stabbed in the back, yet title match bound. Cross had a lot of fight left in her and triumphed via a Sunset Flip on Tamina. Will Cross though ever defeat her nemesis, Bayley.

Otis vs John Morrison

Otis saw his push continue with a quick victory over the Mayor of Slamtown. While Morrison did get to exhibit a few of his acrobatic moves, Mandy Rose’s love interest benefitted from his usual adrenaline rush before using the Caterpillar, an elbow drop, and even a Yokozuna drop on his way to victory road. The Miz though, stole what he thought was the MITB lunchbox, but Otis foresaw the coup by keeping the contract in a babooshka like lunch box in the original MITB briefcase.

Sadly, performers like The Miz and certainly John Morrison are used primarily as comic relief foils when they have so much more to offer.

Firefly Funhouse Oh Pasquale, what could have been?

He greets us and waxes philosophical about having lost his belt. .”How you handle loss defines the person you become.”

He is about to introduce us to our newest friend Pasquale the Persevering Parrot, but as his box is opened, the bird is unresponsive. Bray laments,” I should have punched some holes in this box.” Somewhere in the Volunteer State, Koko B. Ware and Frankie are cringing. Monty Python fans are somewhat less upset.

We then see the Vince McMahon puppet enter and tell Wyatt that he is irresponsible and needs an advisor for the Funhouse. Let us greet Wobbly Walrus, a caricature of Paul Heyman. Wyatt is visibly upset, and this segment is to be continued.

SmackDown Synopsis for 9/11/20

King Corbin & Sheamus vs Roman Reigns & Jey Uso

The Tribal Chief is MIA as we get underway. Jey Uso is nailed with a Deep Six and White Noise yet manages to stay alive.

When the champion appeared, his cousin was more than holding his own. He was on the cusp of hitting a Splash from the third rope when Reigns blind tagged himself into the match and took out the Celtic Warrior with his dreaded Spear. Roman showed up and won yet again.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Jey Uso

Paul Heyman handed his client the belt, and Jey Uso, with the special counsel in the middle, raised his hand in victory while also touching the belt. Reigns gave Uso a death stare as Smackdown left the air. This was the SmackDown Synopsis for  9/11/20.