SmackDown Synopsis for 8/7/20 (Retribution, Monsters and Run-Ins)

Under ordinary circumstances, I so look forward to Friday nights. The workweek has come to an end, and it’s time to kick back and relax. You’ll have to excuse me if I feel differently tonight. Fear has crept into my mindset. Last week, The Fiend told us that no one would be safe until he got his Universal Championship belt back. This is the SmackDown Synopsis for 8/7/20.

His words were threatening, and his actions swift and dastardly. Alexa Bliss was the victim of a mandible claw as Smackdown left the air. One can only guess what’s in store for tonight. That peaceful, secure feeling, so not there. Perhaps Braun Strowman will appear and help me get some safe and restful sleep later on. As if that wasn’t enough, King Corbin has put a bounty on Matt Riddle’s head. Not much to be reassured about on that score. Sonya Deville will be a guest on the Dirt Sheet. What chicanery does she have in store after last week’s surprise makeover of Mandy Rose?

The Performance Center will host five matches and a whole lot of mayhem tonight. Before heading to the ring, we prance over to The Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt warns us that HE is here and will be appearing later on. Then, a stern warning, give HIM what he wants, or you shall see what HE’S capable of. No ambiguity here, Wyatt, of course, referring to The Fiend.

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/7/20

Matt Riddle vs Sheamus

The Original Bro has been turning heads on the Blue Brand while making a few enemies along the way. King Corbin heads that list and put a King’s Ransom on Riddle’s head. Not much of a feeling out process here at all. The action was intense from the moment the bell rang. The pair exchanged takedowns, and then The Fella countered with a knee to Riddle’s ribs. Sheamus followed that with a powerbomb like move before pounding on Riddle’s chest.

That would lead to three sequential Irish Curse backbreakers, but Riddle had considerable fight left in him. He strung together some stiff kicks, a forearm, and a Suplex for a count of two. The Celtic Warrior would then apply one of his most devastating moves; White Noise put was unable to seal the deal as it were.

The action then headed outside the ring, but Shorty G looking for a handsome ransom payoff attacked Matt Riddle putting an end to the festivities. Matt Riddle won via the DQ, and an irate Sheamus took G out with a pair of Brogue Kicks.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Sheamus and King Corbin would then exchange words, much more to follow on that score.

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/7/20

The Dirt Sheet with The Miz and John Morrison

Miz and John Morrison were pulling some strings to have a pair of guests. First off was Mandy’s shorn hair from last week. Appearing via satellite, the blonde locks were told that they were tied back all the time, literally.

Next up, Sonya Deville, who once again displayed exemplary mic work. Her best line being “I broke her physically, and now, I broke her emotionally.” Heavy Machinery would not be idle bystanders. They rushed the ring causing Deville and the self-proclaimed greatest tag team of the 21st century to flee to calmer, safer grounds.

Lince Dorado vs Cesaro

Last week, the Lucha House Party was expelled from the championship party held by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Lince Dorado is looking for a measure of revenge and a chance to put his team into the championship landscape. Dorado enjoyed a promising start jumping off the barricade on to his opponent but mustered little after that. Cesaro would then plant his knee in Dorado’s spine for a two count.

An elbow drop yielded a two count on Dorado, and then the latter was a step and a flip ahead of the Swiss Cyborg. It was an impressive, albeit brief, change of pace. Cesaro would procure a clean and decisive victory with the Neutralizer.

Winner: Cesaro

So much for building a rivalry or adding a touch of Fuego to a thin tag team division. Kayla Braxton met up with Heavy Machinery backstage. A determined and enraged Otis was forewarning us that when he gets angry, no one will be laughing at the end of the night.

The Fiend Appears In The Ring

The Fiend takes to the ring and has Alexa Bliss with him. Bliss managed to push away the “hurt” glove, and Braun Strowman appeared on the Titantron, calling out his inner Jake Roberts. A diabolical looking Universal Champion uttered these threatening words” You’re looking at the evilest son of a b**** this world has ever laid eyes on…I am the Monster.” When the Fiend and the Monster hook up at Summerslam, don’t expect many wristlocks or sabat kicks. This will be as hard-hitting as speeding and out of control eighteen-wheeler.

Jeff Hardy vs King Corbin

Matt Hardy is feeling great and is riding the positive momentum of his victorious Bar Fight. Out of the gates with Donovan Bailey like speed he connects with an atomic drop, an inverted atomic drop, a basement dropkick, and a splash for two counts. When the Charismatic Enigma missed on a twist of fate, he was clotheslined by Corbin, who would, in turn, earn a two count. A Deep Six almost put an end to the proceedings. Sheamus though had revenge on his mind from earlier in the evening. He attacked Jeff Hardy leading to Corbin being disqualified.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via disqualification

Further words were exchanged, leading to an impromptu match.

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/7/20

King Corbin vs Sheamus

Kudos to the combatants for pulling double duty. Corbin clotheslined Sheamus outside the ring and bounced his foe off the announce table. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Corbin would soon suffer the same fate. The good King would rebound with a side slam, and once again, we had another count of two. Matt Riddle would then distract Corbin. Sheamus took prime advantage of this situation by taking his opponent out with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus could very well be turning face.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage, Big E vows to Kayla Braxton that after being an entertainer, tag team partner, and a friend, he will give his all in this unexpected singles push. I see him being made a part of the IC title picture.

Video Conference Between The Golden Role Models and Stephanie McMahon

The billion-dollar princess, as Paul Heyman used to her as has the challenge to issue to Bayley and Sasha Banks. While focusing on what’s best for business, Stephanie reminds Sasha that she may be facing Osuka at Summerslam under a challenge initiated by Bayley. As per the latter, she will defend her title at Summerslam versus the winner of a three brand Battle Royal slated for next week.

Not much joy in the champions’ camp tonight!

The Miz and Morrison are expecting an easy time in their upcoming bout against Heavy Machinery. “It’s like playing chess versus a pot-bellied pig.”

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/7/20

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz and John Morrison

The former champions are introduced first, accompanied by Sonya Deville. Otis begins the match like a man on a mission; Miz is sandwiched, no pun intended by Heavy Machinery. The lights flicker for a second time in the show, and reference is made to the burgeoning faction Retribution, who hurled a Molotov cocktail at a generator on Raw.

Tucker then took out MC M.I.Z.and the Mayor of Slamtown with a somersault off the ring apron. The pair would double team allowing the Miz to plant a DDT on Tucker. The latter would succeed in tagging in Otis, who administered a Caterpillar on Morrison, prompting the Miz to break the count up at two.

Mayhem part one would ensue. Mandy Rose stormed the ring area assaulting Mandy Rose. The hostilities were evident. The match was tossed, and tempers flared backstage between the two camps.


The faction of five dressed in black and their faces covered by hoods and masks stormed the Performance Center armed with lead pipes, bats, crowbars, and spray paint. They attacked the crowd of trainees, sending them scurrying out of sight like JR’s proverbial scalded dog. They declared that this is OUR house now and spray painted an X on a WWE like logo that was also the fruits of their artistic prowess. After that, the ring ropes were cut with a chain saw. Smackdown left the air in a barrage of looting and pillaging the likes of which bring back memories of the Visigoths. This riveting storyline will shake the foundations of the WWE to the core.