SmackDown Synopsis for 8/29/20 (Different Kinds of Moves)

It was a week ago that we said hello to the Thunderdome. We return there tonight but with a totally different landscape. Welcome aboard to this week’s Smackdown review. We are Site Stats ‹ — WordPress coming at you as live as an unpinned grenade from Orlando. This is the SmackDown Synopsis for 8/29/20.

We have a new Universal champion in the person of the Fiend. A SummerSlam boxcutter faux-pas by Braun Strowman set him up for a Sister Abigail and the loss of his belt.
Then, it was move over Rover and let the Big Dog take over. Roman Reigns emerged after a 5-month hiatus and set his sights on the SD title. Reigns came back looking marvelous, by the way. Well-rested ripped, and even with a new set of caps. It seems like Roman has hooked up with Matt Hardy’s dentist. Sunday night, we will witness another PPV, Payback, which will see a three-way tilt between The Fiend, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns.

The aforementioned PPV will also see The Golden Role Models defend their tag team championship against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Bayley and Sasha are staples on SD. Expect to see them tonight. Adam Pearce preps and motivates the Security staff as he meets up with Mr.McMahon. The chairman of the board has anointed Pearce with a monstrous task tonight, getting The Fiend, The Monster, and Roman Reigns to all sign the contract to take part in Sunday’s no DQ triple threat championship match.

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/29/20

Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Hardy is in the ring when A.J.Styles chooses to lecture him. Styles is in street clothes as he has not been medically cleared to compete. Styles quick to point out that he lost his title because of Hardy’s knee brace. The champion is referred to as a liar and a cheat. That though, is a pleasant change from being labeled a pathetic junkie. The Charismatic Enigma issues an open challenge. Shinsuke Nakamura steps right up to the dish.

We open with a stalemate and an excellent display of scientific moves. Hardy then applies a snap mare for a two count. Shinsuke predictably targets Hardy’s still damaged right knee. After two strong style kicks, the third is thwarted. Hardy throws Nakamura out of the ring and to the not so accommodating lap of Styles who is providing color commentary. Jeff Hardy would ultimately win by stringing together a Twist of Fate and the Swanton.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

While A.J. Styles vows to recapture the title, Sami Zayn returns after a 5-month absence and states that Jeff Hardy is a fraud. Tension in the air between Styles, Hardy, and the Great Liberator.

The Firefly Funhouse

Bray Wyatt wearing a new sweater, welcomes us all to where’s there. It is fun for you and me. Postman Pearce knocks on the door to solicit the Fiend’s signature. Bray signs on his behalf and declares, “I just signed two death warrants.”

Shorty G vs Matt Riddle

The Original Bro is in the squared circle as he accuses King Corbin of being scared of him. Shorty G. then blindsides Riddle The ransom seeker was hit with a trio of suplexes before being hit with a stiff knee and the Bro-Derek. This match was over faster than it takes to recover from head freeze. The King attempted to strike by surprise but altered his plans and ran for cover. With no King’s Ransom to pay, Corbin can look to live large this weekend.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Backstage, Adam Pearce knocks on Reigns’ dressing room door but to no avail.
The Golden Role Models are in the ring, and Sasha seems a tad down after losing her Raw championship to Osuka. They patch any tension up by adopting the united we stand, divided we fall mantra.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax appear on the Titantron and express mutual disdain for one another. They do though, manifest their championship aspirations for Sunday night’s tag team match. Nia Jax indefinitely suspended no more.

Drew Gulak and Adam Pearce are on the hunt for Braun Strowman. Drew Gulak hits the Monster on the back with a chair. Strowman shrugs off the blow. He informs Pearce that he will only sign the contract if he gets to mix it up with Gulak right now.

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/29/20

Drew Gulak vs Braun Stowman

Friends tell me that pumpkin lattes are back at your favorite coffee emporium. I cannot confirm nor deny that, but I can definitely tell you that squash is in the air. This one-sided affair started off with a beal and two splashes. Along came a clothesline, a chokeslam, and lastly, a running power slam. Hopefully, none of you blinked or sneezed.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Kalisto vs Cesaro

Calista begs his Lucha House Party compatriots to sit this one out. However, earlier in the show, while Nakamura and Cesaro were engaged in a chat, Sami Zayn interrupted and was given the cold shoulder. A frosty greeting for the Great Liberator and leader of the Artist Collective.

Nakamura did accompany the Swiss Superman to the ring After being thrown outside the ring, Cesaro was back in business in no time with a backbreaker and a back body drop. Calisto struck with a DDT and a faceplant for two counts of two.

Shinsuke Nakamura attempted to interfere, which prompted the two other House Party members to emerge from the back. This though, only distracted Kalisto allowing Cesaro to earn the victory via the roll-up. The defeated Kalisto not in the best of moods, to say the least.

Winner: Cesaro

Adam Pearce is reunited with Mr. McMahon and reminded how important it is to get Roman Reigns to sign the contract for Sunday night.

Alexa Bliss mind, you appeared to be in great spirits backstage. Tamina joins Nikki Cross, and the former shows the latter the first gift Bliss offered Cross that being a coffee mug. So as we pointed out moments ago, Bliss, like Shawn Michaels, has got her smile back.
As the three discuss Bliss’s pink highlights, Cross points out that they are similar to those of the Fiend. Bliss snaps and grabs the coffee mug then smashes it to the floor. That’s certainly not the best of signs.

Adam Pearce finally tracks down Reigns and hands him the contract. The Big Dog peruses it before signing.

SmackDown Synopsis for 8/29/20

Heavy Machinery & Big E vs. John Morrison, The Miz & Sheamus

Prior to the match, the heel trio strategized backstage, although Sheamus appeared to not really buy into the game plan. The Miz and Morrison tagged each other multiple times while turning a blind eye to the Fella. The latter did his part to break up a pinning predicament when Johnny Drip Drip was triple-teamed.

Tucker Knight was in a world of trouble when Sheamus left the mat to ring the bell inexplicably. While Tucker was still in a bad way, Sheamus was finally tagged in but then turned away because Charles Robinson did not see the tag. The Celtic Warrior took his shillelagh and ran home. He left his partners on their own.

Shortly after that, Big E, following up on a Caterpillar by Otis, nailed the Big Ending for the win. The eight-time tag team champion is more blazing than your Uncle’s propane Hibachi.

Winners: Heavy Machinery and Big E

Roman Reigns is back with Postman Pearce. He vows to wreak havoc on Sunday and leave with the Universal title.”That is not a prediction, that’s a spoiler. ” Roman looks to the side where we see Paul Heyman accompanies him. We leave the air, all that’s missing are references to Spear City. This is getting to be a ton of fun.