Smackdown Synopsis for 7/24/20 (Bar Fight of the Century) | Review

Friday nights are conducive to bar fights. I’ve never been in one, but I have witnessed a few over the years. They are nasty and quite disturbing. We present Smackdown Synopsis for 7/24/20.

Are You Ready for a Good Time?

Tonight on Smackdown, we will witness one opposing Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. This brawl will be the next segment in a shaken and stirred storyline involving the two feisty competitors. The last good bar fight I saw on a wrestling show goes back to WCW and The Desperados. That was way back in 1990, excellent ragtime piano as well. Jeff Hardy is moving forward at a steady pace, notwithstanding being bated by the Celtic Warrior. His heroic and courageous journey not about to be interrupted by a venomous bully.

Speaking of moving forward, things are in preparation mode for Summerslam, one of the year’s premiere PPV spectaculars. The Horror Show saw the sudden reappearance of the Fiend and the crowning of Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro as SD tag team champions. One can fully expect next month’s event to follow up on both the developments mentioned above.

Miz TV will have a stunning glow to it tonight. Naomi is tonight’s guest. That adds up to the surefire interruption by Lacey Evans, Naomi’s newfound foe.

There are many more storylines to move forward. While the Mystery Hacker has vanished into cyberspace, we should see Otis back looking very tanned and relaxed after spending so much time at the pool with Mandy. That will take place next week.

The Original Bro could be confronting the benevolent ruler King Corbin at Summerslam as well. Tonight’s telecast will see us begin our cruise towards Summerslam, yet afar from the Wyatt Swamp’s murky, stagnant waters.

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/24/20

Hardy and Sheamus Prepare for The Bar Fight

The show opens with Jeff Hardy and Sheamus trading barbs concerning the Bar Fight. Hardy is vowing to slay all his demons at Irish Shannon’s while the Celtic Warrior tells his opponent,” That by the end of the night, you will find yourself in a very familiar place.”
Bayley and Sasha Banks take the ring to proclaim a new definition of greatness, that being the Golden Role Models. Bayley taunts the WWE Universe by saying that even if you aspire to greatness, “No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as good as us.”

Within seconds, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss arrive on the scene and protest the Role Models’ tainted victories last Sunday. Nikki Cross demands a championship rematch to be told that she’s going to have to earn it. A challenge is laid down by Bayley Dos Straps, that Cross and Bliss must face each other. The winner to be granted a SD championship bid in a week.

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/24/20

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Scientific moves to kick things off, arm drags, headlock, and hip tosses. The stakes grew higher with subsequent yet thwarted attempts at the DDT. Nikki Cross found success with the Bulldog but could not muster up the necessary three count.

The momentum then shifted decisively to Bliss’s favor. Alexa went to work on Cross’s injured ribs and hit her opponent with a pair of Knee Drops. Cross regained a measure of control with a Jawbreaker. That move was followed up by a couple of Neckbreaker like maneuvers and once again a near heart-stopping count of two.

Nikki Cross threw caution to the wind one more time. She attempted yet missed a Cross Body from the third rope. While being attended to by Charles Robinson, Nikki successfully applied an Inside Cradle, which brought her a shiny win. No need to buy a vowel.

Winner: Nikki Cross

After the match, there were no harsh words or tension of any kind. Alexa Bliss encouraged the victor to focus on next week.

Any time is a great time to frolic to the Firefly Funhouse. There, we witnessed highlights of last weekend’s Wyatt Swamp match and saw Wyatt saying to his masked image: “You had your chance, and now it is his. He has been unleashed.”He in question, of course, being the Fiend.

Matt Riddle and King Baron Confrontation

The Original Bro, Matt Riddle, acquitted himself so nicely last week, albeit in a losing effort, has the chance to get back on the saddle tonight as he faces Tony Nese, everyone’s favorite 205 Live mainstays. Riddle was making short work of The Premiere Athlete, putting him away with the Bro-Derrick finisher.

King Corbin made his animosity towards Riddle by stating: “You don’t belong here, you don’t belong in my Kingdom, you’re just not ready.”

He then offered a King’s Ransom to anybody who can put Riddle in his place. This storyline takes us back to the days of Superstar Paul Jones and Gary Hart, who would put bounties on the heads of various faces.

JBL joined us to give us his spin on tonight’s Bar Fight. We were told: “Winning a Bar Fight is all about will.”

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/24/20

Miz TV with Naomi

Miz Tv followed with Naomi as the guest. The Miz and John Morrison berated the queen of glow: “Going viral for losing just doesn’t make sense.” Neither does staging a segment of this nature without some kind of hijinx. Lacey Evans was brought out as a “surprise guest.”Truth be told, as surprising as seeing Pumpkin Latte at your fave coffee house in mid-October. While Evans taunted Naomi while putting on lipstick, she was slugged by Naomi, and the mandatory skirmish ensued. The pair mentioned above set to face off next Friday.

Backstage we catch up with Kofi Kingston and Big E. After a review of last weekend’s unsuccessful championship defense where Kofi was driven through not one but two tables, Kofi informs his teammate that as a consequence, he will miss approximately six weeks. Big E. was told that it is hence his time to fly solo. At long last, this agile powerhouse will get the singles run, so many of us have been hoping.

Whether he likes it or not, AJ Styles will be a fighting champion. He joins Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary as we witness a four-way match for the chance to face Styles in a week for the I-C title. Our participants are Drew Gulak, Shorty G., Gran Metalik, and lastly, Lince Dorado.

Drew Gulak vs Shorty G vs Gran Metalik vs Lince Dorado

Interestingly enough, the two members of Lucha House Party would mix it up briefly nearly on. Throughout the bout, there was precious little collaboration between the two. Dorado hit Gulak with a Topé Suicida. Shortly after that, no pun intended, G took out all three of his adversaries with a top rope Moonsault. Definitely shades of Adam Page, who just might shock us all and show up at the Bar Fight. When the libations are cold and reasonably priced, it’s good driving from Jacksonville to Orlando.

Shorty G administered a stiff Suplex to Gulak, but once again, only a count of two. Gulak and G double-teamed Metalik, but Dorado managed to come close to putting this match away. After a Stunner and a pinning predicament, Metalik broke up the count.

While the House Party pair had a momentary disagreement, Shorty G. capitalized on the situation by hitting a Suplex for two counts. Drew Gulak would then attempt a Dragon Screw Sleeper, which was countered in turn by an Ankle Lock by G. Lince Dorado broke that hold with a Splash From the top rope.

This pinball machine paced match would ultimately end when Gran Metalik climbed to the top rope, walked across it, and dropped an elbow to the heart of G. They don’t call Metalik the King of the Ropes for nothing.

Winner: Gran Metalik

AJ Styles took to the ring to offer to shake Metalik’s hand but slapped him in the face instead. The Luchador extraordinaire slapped Styles right back and drove him into the mat. We look forward to a hard-hitting high flying tilt in a week’s time.

Kayla Braxton has Nakamura and Cesaro as her interviewees. The championship duo vows to make all teams on Smackdown go splat.

Smackdown Synopsis for 7/24/20

Bar Fight

Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy

Belly up to the bar, it’s Bar Fight time. Sheamus is the first of the participants to show. The bartender and the referee are already present. Jeff Hardy arrives and delivers the line of the night” My brother had to delete his WWE career, tonight, I have to redeem mine. ”

The Charismatic Enigma began the hostilities by throwing beer in Sheamus’s face. In less time than it takes to down a shot of Tequilla, Sheamus had seized the advantage. He dragged Hardy across the counter and pounded him repeatedly on the back. He then pelted Hardy with basketballs from an arcade type game. Whoosh, nothing but net.

Hardy was then thrown into the wall. The brawl took to the corridor, and Hardy was hit by and choked with a metal beer keg. The pair then made their hostilities to the restroom before heading back to the bar. No, they did not wash for twenty seconds, either. Hardy, though, did bring a ladder back to the bar room. Upon his arrival, though, he was hurled into a drum set—new meaning perhaps to the term “beat” down.

Hardy tried then to ascend the ladder, but the bartender interfered but was power bombed through a table for his efforts. Sheamus then laid Hardy out with a wooden chair. Things looked very bleak.

While Sheamus called for the ref thinking his opponent was unconscious, Hardy metamorphosized himself, face makeup, Star Wars eyes, and all. He climbed to the top of the ladder, hitting the Fella with a Swanton Bomb and winning cleanly.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

While it might not have been closing time at Irish Shannon’s, it was for Smackdown. Let’s hope our hero from Cameron North Carolina had a chance to re-hydrate himself with a nice Perrier, hopefully on the house.