Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20

Our patience will be rewarded tonight. After two weeks of waiting and a healthy dose of turmoil, the Inter-Continental championship will be awarded tonight. A.J. Styles is slated to meet Daniel Bryan, both very worthy of the gold. Bryan has vowed to be a fighting champion, defending the title weekly and offering opportunities to all. Very Cody-esque in his attitude. Styles, on the other hand, would be more selective. Momentum is not on his side. Last week, he lost to Drew Gulak after taking the mat technician from Philadelphia way too lightly. Expect A.J. to kick things up a notch or two tonight. This is Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20.

Jeff Hardy will have a face-to-face encounter with the master of the Brogue Kick, who will confront Sheamus at Backlash. Anybody expecting a mutual admiration session will be very disappointed—tensions running higher than the peak of Mount Washington.

The light should be shed on the incidents of two weeks ago, which saw Elias rushed to a medical facility and the Charismatic Enigma wrongly suspected of driving under the influence. Last week, Hardy mentioned witnesses at the precinct saying that the car driver had a red beard and red hair.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20

Contract signing between Jeffy Hardy and Sheamus

No need to wait for the film at eleven; Renée Young is in the ring and about to preside over an official contract signing between Hardy and Sheamus. Contract signings never go off without several hitches.

Signs of trouble right at the start. The Celtic Warrior shows up with a four-person security outfit, a partitioned square, and Dr. Kirshenbaum. Sheamus insists Jeff Hardy undergoes a urine test before he will sign the contract.

Hardy responds in a determined and positive manner. He states that he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired and that he will be a beacon of light to all those who have been down the same path.

Hardy acquiesced and provided the requested sample. Seconds later, though, he threw the contents of the specimen bottle in Sheamus’ face. All of a sudden, Kayla Broxton’s being slimed last week pales in comparison.

Compounding matters, Sheamus is scrubbing and cleaning in the bathroom when Dr. Kirshenbaum informs him that the tests were negative. Not the best start to Sheamus’ weekend!

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20

New Day vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

The first match of the night was a non-title tag team match between the New Day and the Artists’ Collective, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. A poignant moment before the contest began, Kingston and Big E. took a knee and raised their right fists in the air.

The champions were a bit slow out of the blocks while their opponents took advantage of quick tags. Once Big E. was able to tag Kofi Kingston in, the tide turned very quickly. An S.O.S. on Nakamura led to a pin attempt that Cesaro broke up at the last millisecond. Kingston would then attempt a Splash from the top rope, but Nakamura saw the move coming and avoided its effects by extending his knee. This led to a pinning predicament and a shocking win for Cesaro and Nakamura.

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro

The New Day seems to be somewhat vulnerable. Several weeks ago, they lost another non-title match cleanly to the Forgotten Sons. The SD tag team champions are not part of the Backlash card.

Behind the scenes, Otis, Tucker, and Mandy are in a caucus preparing for their six-man final along with Braun Strowman versus Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and Morrison. Tucker strategically reminds Otis not to forget his MITB briefcase.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus resume their hostilities backstage, but their clash is broken up by Brother Devon and Jaime Gibson.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20

WWE Intercontinental Championship Finals Match

AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

Nothing though in comparison to the next attraction, the Inter-Continental championship. Corey Graves provides a historical retrospective on the forty-one-year-old title, referring to it as the “pillar of greatness.”

This match was a strategic gem and clean fought war of attrition. It went on over five commercial breaks without a wasted second. While A.J.Styles focused on Daniel Bryan’s left leg, Bryan, in turn, concentrated on Styles’s left arm and wrist. This made for pristine storytelling to accompany first-rate execution.

As we went into the first break, Daniel Bryan had hit Styles with a Topé. Rarely will you hear about the Suicide Dive without being told that we have to step away for a few moments?

When we return, Styles is all tied up and his left arm being systematically worked on. A.J. would turn things around with a perfect Dropkick nailing Bryan on the jaw. Styles went to work looking to hyperextend Bryan’s elbow.

This hold was broken up by a knee to the midsection. Bryan would apply a modified version of the Surfboard, which was broken up when Styles made it to the ropes.

This exchange was followed by five consecutive Rollups, each for the count of two. For those keeping score at home, Styles had three of the five near pins.

This match was as even as the number ten! When Daniel Bryan was catapulted out of the ring, he evened the score by thrusting his opponent right into the ring post. Styles’ shoulder is hitting the post with a sickening thud. A.J. was subsequently tortured with a great deal of arm and joint manipulation. Somehow the thought of an Aleve popped into all of our minds.

An immense crescendo of moves from both men

A.J. Styles called upon his sang froid and stepped out of the ring to shake off a bit of the pain. Shrewd move indeed. The native of Gainesville got back on top of things when Bryan misfired on a Missle Dropkick into the ropes. Styles then went to work on Bryan’s left knee as a possible prelude to a Calf Crusher submission hold.

An Enziguri by Bryan followed by a Frankensteiner, and a series of Yes kicks made Bryan look ready to capture the title. The Performance Center students-cheerleaders were firmly and loudly in Bryan’s corner. It was refreshing to reconnect with the crowd, influencing the performers, and adding excitement.

The two combatants were put through the wringer. Bryan was turned inside out with a Clothesline but showed no signs of letting up nor slowing down. Styles was thrown over the top rope after a barrage of blows in the middle of the ring. A stiff and well-timed kick neutralized an attempted Topé. Bryant would then apply an Armbar, which was turned into a Calf Crusher by Styles.

After a series of Yes kicks by Bryan, Styles was pinned but only for a two count.

Daniel Bryan would then attempt a high-risk move from the top rope but tweak his knee. We are talking; of course, about the same knee Styles has been targeting since the match began. A.J. then hit a Pele kick and a Snap Suplex, which Bryan would astonishingly kick out of.

No letting up, a lot of bending but no breakage. Both wrestlers hit German Suplexes for counts of two. Daniel Bryan then snapped on his dreaded Yes lock. Styles making it to the ropes and not submitting.

A.J’s resilience would pay huge dividends seconds later. He hit the Phenomenal Forearm from the top rope and pinned his opponent for a clean and convincing count of three. A.J. Styles has captured his first I-C title.

Winner: And NEW Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles

Interviewed by Renée Young, he declares himself the best champion the WWE has ever seen. No time for false modesty!

This contest more than lived up to its build-up. It could have stolen the show at any significant PPV event. This was a dangerous match of the year candidate. The only downside to such an epic confrontation is that it makes the rest of the show rather anti-climatic.

We followed with a celebration of Bayley and Banks’ tag team championship victory seven nights ago knowing full well that parties of this nature are meant to be crashed. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss were on hand in no time. They appear as well but on screen, the Iconics. Knowing that the latter tandem will be getting mic time gives one the same feeling as being in your Dentist’s chair just as he or she, or if you’re fortunate, Dr. Britt Baker is about to drill a tooth.

The Iconics would distract the champions enabling Cross and Bliss to attack them and have them scurry out of the ring.

Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20

Braun Strowman, Otis and Tucker vs The Miz, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler

The main event followed. Braun Strowman, along with Otis and a returning Tucker Knight to square off against The Miz, John Morrison, and Dolph Ziggler. The Miz and Morrison were debuting a new single when The Monster Among Men made his way towards the ring to be followed by Heavy Machinery. Yes, Otis did have his briefcase in tow. Hard-hitting affair from the opening bell. Smashmouth more than scientific wrestling. Tucker looks to have shed some weight and hasn’t lost a beat. Dolph Ziggler is on the receiving end of a Strowman Express and a Bear Claw. The universal champion true to style with short bursts of intense strikes.

We are taken backstage suddenly where King Corbin is confronting Mandy Rose. Last week, of course, Otis stole Corbin’s crown. The good King failed to find any humor in that prank. Corbin had the gall to hint that Mandy fantasized about being with him. Otis did what any respectful boyfriend would do. He stormed out of the ring in search of the man who was acting inappropriately with his”peach.”

All the while, Tucker was being pummeled by his three opponents, while The Miz and Morrison waylayed Strowman. Otis would then return, and to everyone’s delight did not cash in on the champion. He called upon the complicity of a refreshed Monster to help him apply the Caterpillar and Elbow Drop and procure a momentum boosting victory leading into Backlash. A celebratory mood in the Performance Center as Smackdown leaves the air. This concludes the Smackdown Synopsis for 6/12/20.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Otis and Tucker