SmackDown Synopsis for 10/9/20 (Something Greater Than Evil)

When the month of October rolls around, it gets pretty drafty. Just ask Alexis Lafreniere, who would love nothing more than to follow the title of the Billie Holiday classic and spend Autumn in New York. Classic jazz will be saved for later. This is your Smackdown Synopsis for 10/9/20. Good to see so many familiar faces along with a multitude of new readers. The WWE Universe is on the cusp of its draft. The talent from Smackdown will be sent to Raw and vice versa. The draft which used to follow Wrestlemania provides those in need of a storyline reboot to become primetime players once again. The draft commences tonight and will wrap up on Monday’s Raw.

There will be no shortage of action tonight. Fans of Perry Mason and To Kill a Mockingbird will delight in seeing working-class Otis defend himself versus the Miz and his two-thousand dollar an hour legal team in litigation over the MITB contract. After several weeks of being on the IR, Big E will return to action and face Sheamus in a falls count anywhere street fight. Those Hyundai windshields are so unforgiving.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/9/20

Speaking of which, Bayley will be challenged for her title by Sasha Banks on this night as well. Look for the role model to procure a tainted victory leading up to a return match at Hell in a Cell. This rivalry that has a build-up of several months is unlikely to play itself out any time soon. A definite Hell in a Cell match with Bayley procuring a tainted victory is what my crystal ball tells me in reference to tonight.

After seeing many a Bray Wyatt match on Fridays tonight, we will see the Fiend in action for the very first time. In an inter-brand hook -up, his opponent will be Marieville’s proudest son, Kevin Owens. The evening kicks off with Stephanie McMahon presiding over round one of four of tonight’s draft. Staying with Raw are Drew McIntyre, The Hurt Business, and Asuka. While the Tribal Chief remains with Smackdown, the Blue Brand drafts Seth Rollins. Interviewed after the announcement, the one time Monday Night Messiah expresses delight in being away from the Mysterios and adds, “The message mattered the most.”

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/9/20
Sheamus vs Big E

This, of course, is a falls count anywhere confrontation. Early on, Sheamus hit E with a shoulder block and got a count of two. Big E responded by launching himself into the Fella for a two count outside the ring. The dreaded Kendo stick would then come in to play. With E tied up in the ropes, Sheamus swung and certainly did not miss. He hit his foe with five consecutive Giancarlo Stanton like strikes. E not only survived the attack, but he managed to tape Sheamus’ ankles together before landing four Kendo strikes and sending Sheamus over the barricade.

We then headed to Gordon Ramsey country. Big E was pelted in catering with flour and eggs. Sheamus’ gloating, “No more unicorns or pancakes.” Big E, while a mess, got a hold of a broom and a trash can and got in a flurry of strikes of his own. Out now to the parking area where Sheamus struck with White Noise on a windshield, then stuffing E into a trunk and attempting to shut it on E’s arm. That diabolical move was effectively blocked. Sheamus countered with a Brogue Kick that missed its mark while ripping off the rear trunk.

Big E would walk away with the victory by slamming Sheamus into a Hyundai, followed up by the Big Ending off the car and through a table. Big E’s singles record remains unblemished.

Winner: Big E

It is the return Of The New Day. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are back and clamor for another tag team championship run.

Jey Uso seeks a word with his cousin. Jey Uso is in the ring seeking to know what the Hell in a Cell stipulation will be. He is admonished by Paul Heyman, who tells the affable challenger that the announcement will be made when Roman Reigns deems it fitting to do. Roman then has a chat with his cousin. He quotes his father, “In this business believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see.” After showing footage of Jey being beaten down, Reigns adds, “You can believe that.” We are then informed that Hell in a Cell will be an “I quit” match.

Round Two of The Draft

The Billion Dollar Princess informs us that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are staying with Raw while Naomi and A.J. Styles are headed to Mondays. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks stays put while Bianca Belair is headed to SD. A.J. Styles expresses glee to be leaving Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn behind.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/9/20
John Morrison & The Miz vs Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle

This match had us re-familiarize ourselves with Matt and Jeff emerging victorious. Hardy and Riddle worked fluidly. After a double tag that saw Riddle and Morrison in the ring, the former hit Morrison with a German suplex. Jeff Hardy would then add a Twist of Fate to be followed immediately by a Bro -Derek to end the hostilities. Or, so we thought. Lars Sullivan returned from oblivion and ruthlessly pounded Hardy, Riddle, and The Miz. If Sullivan stays on SD, he would be a sensational candidate to vie for the King’s Ransom.

Winner: No Contest

Round Three of The Draft

Things are starting to shake. Raw keeps Ricochet and Mandy Rose while picking up The Miz and Johnny Drip- Drip. Smackdown holds on to Jey Uso while acquiring Rey Mysterio and Dominik.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/9/20
Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Bayley arrives in the company of her new best friend, her trusty steel chair. The Boss, though, begins in stellar fashion. A Banks Statement certainly did Bayley no good, and then Sasha was able to apply two roll-ups for a pair of two counts. There was yet another Banks Statement, but Bayley managed to drape her foot over the rope.

Bayley then targeted Banks’ midsection with her chair leading to an immediate DQ. Banks got a measure of revenge by using the chair herself before the champion fled. As predicted, this feud will carry on at Hell in a Cell.

Winner: Sasha Banks via disqualification

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro (c) vs Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

New Day members are back after a lengthy stay on the sidelines. Kofi Kingston is recovering from a rib injury three months ago at the hands of Cesaro while Woods returns after close to a year following a torn Achilles tendon. Woods showed no ring rust and executed his moves, crisply, convincingly, and without holding back at all. Woods, for example, kicked Nakamura through the second rope and followed up with a DDT. The teams exchanged a few two counts as the action was fast-moving and a treat to watch.

After Nakamura accomplished a two count on Kingston, Xavier Woods benefitted from a blind tag while Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise. Woods followed that with a flying elbow off the ropes and The Day rocked to its seventh tag team championship reign.

Winners: AND NEW Tag Team Champions – The New Day

A whole whack of fun until the fourth and final round of the draft.

Round Four of The Draft

Raw hangs on to Angel Garza while picking up Dana Brooke and Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods. Smackdown, for its part, holds on to Otis and Big E. This signifies the end of the road for The New Day as a trio. Big E will continue to fly solo and exponentially rise.
Keep in mind as well that Otis was chosen while Tucker was not. This could mean Heavy Machinery might be put into storage.

‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt vs Kevin Owens

The Fiend enjoys a five-minute pay per view like entrance complete with a commercial break. KO had a rapid and seemingly impactful start but did no damage to The Fiend. The latter took full control in no time. He clotheslined Owens into the barricade, drove him onto the announce table before striking with Sister Abigail.

The Fiend stood tall and unphased after a superkick. Owens then inflicted a pair of cannonballs. As if that wouldn’t suffice, the Fiend was powerbombed through the announce table but countered inside the ring with the Mandible Claw, which even survived a Stunner by Owens. Kevin Owens was thrust on to the mat where Wyatt picked up the match-ending three count.

Winner: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

Alexa Bliss joined him. While the pair gazed into each other’s eyes, we left the air after a very entertaining two hours.