SmackDown Synopsis for 10/2/20 (Real Consequences)

A battered and crestfallen Jey Uso passes the macaroni salad, olives, and taramosalata towards the head of the table where the Tribal Chief sits. Uso shuns another analgesic yet doesn’t regret not”laying down and picking up a paycheque.” Jimmy Uso attempts to add a little fun to the occasion by twirling his cloth napkin like a white towel. Surprise guest Arnold Skaaland offers a pointer or two.  Roman Reigns dishes out appetizers as well as tough love. This is the Smackdown Synopsis for 10/2/20.

As the family enjoys a hearty meal, Roman begins to field questions about who he thinks his next opponent will be. Timely questions as Hell in a Cell is only four weeks away. Roman tells his entourage that the best way to find this information out is to tune in to Smackdown on Friday and, of course, read the SD recap in Saturday’s Pro Wrestling Post. Who knows, the answer could be someone very close by. Bayley, in stark contrast, eats all alone. The Role Model and reigning champion seems a little jittery. She knows that Sasha Banks will be present Friday night and have a score or two to settle after the now-infamous beatdown a few weeks ago.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/2/20

Sami Zayn admires the sunset, drinking a fair trade coffee. The undisputed Intercontinental champion, having survived an epic three-way ladder match, still has bumps and bruises from Sunday. His loose, comfortable Castro like garb helps him to focus on what challengers will contemplate facing him. The Amway Center will be a hub of determinant action on this the second night of October. I welcome you all to this week’s Smackdown summary.

Roman Reigns Bares His Soul

We begin this week’s show with the same Shakespearean aura we ended with one week ago. Paul Heyman admits to being a little nervous as he announces that we are here to do the inevitable and crown Roman Reigns the Tribal Chief. The Universal champion is not buying into this because Jey Uso did not declare Reigns to be the Tribal Chief. The titleholder wastes no time and calls his cousin Jey to the ring. Uso stands his ground and states: “You beat my ass, but you ain’t break my spirit.”

Roman retorted thusly:

“Clash of Champions was the worst night of my life. All I wanted to do was to put you in the main event, put your name on the marquee…all I wanted to do was to raise you up, and all you had to do was acknowledge me .”

After adding that he loves Jey even more than his own brother does, shades of Randy Orton telling Beth Phoenix that he loves Ruby and Ruby even more than she does, Roman added:” You disrespected me, you embarrassed me, you embarrassed the whole family. You broke my heart. Hell in a Cell will have the highest stakes of any match in WWE history. This time there are going to be real consequences.” The show is off to a tremendous start, storytelling at its pinnacle.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/2/20

Jey Uso vs. AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One has made his way to the ring, and is berated last Sunday’s unsuccessful challenger. Styles deems Uso an unqualified challenger. Not the night though to get under Jey’s skin. Uso starts the proceedings with a flying head butt, and the pace was lightning quick. As Styles flew over the top rope and attempted a Topé was thwarted by a kick, and then Jey Uso was suplexed onto the announce table.

The pair traded two counts. Uso then pursued with a Samoan Drop and a neck-breaker for another count of two. After a muffed superkick followed up by a Pele kick, Styles came within an eyelash of emerging victorious.

A follow-up Styles Clash was broken up and followed by a successful Topé. Uso then went for a Splash, which was halted by Styles knees. A muffed Phenomenal Forearm led to a series of well-targeted superkicks. This barrage was followed up by an Uso Splash, and Jey took the honors tonight.

Winner: Jey Uso

Backstage, Sami Zayn expresses resentment and anger that he had to risk so much to merely reclaim what was his in the first place. The Intercontinental champion pays an indirect tribute to Alundra Blayze and tosses Jeff Hardy’s lost belt into the garbage.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/2/20

John Morrison vs. Otis

In one of two successive drive-thru squash matches, after being out finessed by Morrison very early on, Otis shifted into high gear and took Morrison out convincingly with the Caterpillar, a flying elbow as well as his version of the Yokozuna drop. This match was basically a trailer for next week’s courtroom battle, where Otis will defend himself.

Winner: Otis

Sheamus vs. Shorty G

Yet another blink and you miss it affair. A pair of Brogue Kicks was all it took. This tilt ended more quickly than it takes to open a can of Guinness. Next week though, the Fella will have a tougher quest. Big E has challenged Sheamus to a falls count anywhere match.

Winner: Sheamus

The KO Show with Alexa Bliss

The KO Show followed, and Owens’s guest was none other than the seemingly transformed Alexa Bliss. The latter, like the great Stones song, had “Far Away Eyes.” Alexa admitted to having changed and described the Fiend as being: “Terrifying and captivating at the same time.” Then, when quizzed about being brainwashed, Bliss responded: “All the lies have been washed away, and now I see the truth, let him in.” On cue, the Fiend’s music and lights are triggered. Owens is put in a Mandible Claw and sent into a night of safe and restful sleep. Maybe not so safe or restful after all. Alexa Bliss is spellbound and gazes at the Fiend with admiration as the pair clasps hands.

SmackDown Synopsis for 10/2/20

Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & King Corbin vs. Matt Riddle, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik

Riddle preps backstage with his partners and is sporting Ice Man King Parsons pigtails. At the outset of the match, Gran Metalik is being shredded. He reverses his fortunes by hitting a DDT, which permits him to tag in Matt Riddle. King Corbin was tagged in as well, but Cesaro was soon to follow. Cesaro would connect with a stiff forearm, and then Calisto, at ringside and uninvited, accidentally upended his stablemate with a kick. Matt Riddle, was tagged in and put away the Swiss Cyborg with his Bro-Derek.

There was a bit of tussling within the House Party, but your Bro and mine, Matt Riddle, was able to come between the potential combatants.

Winners: Lucha House Party & Matt Riddle


Sasha Banks is in the ring and says to Bayley: “You are nothing but a coward, a coward that needed me. ” Upon hearing that there will be a championship match next week, Banks concluded:” You don’t stand a chance, bitch.”

Just before that, we saw a vignette featuring the re-packaged Carmela, who went on the record as saying;” I’m better than each and every one of you, and I’m not your princess anymore. ” I guess Staten Island and Plainview, Long Island are closer than you think.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Sami Zayn vs. Jeff Hardy

Both contestants have their ribs taped and bandaged after Sunday’s grueling ladder match. Like the opening contest, this was a well-performed lay it on the line battle. Zayn was aggressive at the outset, but a failed leapfrog and a kick to the ribs had Jeff Hardy on track.

Outside the ring, though, as Hardy leaped towards Zayn, he crashed and burned into the barricade. Tender ribs don’t take kindly to moves like that. Zayn clotheslined Hardy and reeled off no fewer than four two counts. Jeff Hardy was still very much in this contest. Our attention was turned to an exposed turnbuckle courtesy of the Great Liberator. Jeff Hardy pulled off a series of two counts of his own. They were brought about by a Twist of Fate as well as a Thunder Bomb.

An attempted Swanton Bomb was foiled by Zayn’s knees. A Moonsault was halted by Zayn pulling Hardy’s leg out from under him, which caused the challenger to fall face-first into the exposed turnbuckle. A staggered Hardy was ripe for the picking.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Smackdown left the air with an elated Intercontinental champion clutching his belt. A highly entertaining and therapeutic dose of an alternate reality as we close the books on a trying week. This was the Smackdown Synopsis for 10/2/20.