Shark Tales: The Start

Firstly I want to welcome everyone to my new blog thanks to This is where we begin, albeit from the start. It’s going to be fun reflecting back on the best times of my life. Hi, I’m Andrew “Shark” Carter and my career, it’s been pretty crazy. Before we can talk about the WWE tryouts, The overseas tours, the friendships, the big-name matchups and moments we have to start at the beginning.
While my Pro-Wrestling journey started when I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and trained with former WWE Superstar Lance Storm. My wrestling journey began much earlier than that.
At 15 years old I was on my way to soccer stardom, yes that’s right. After years in the younger leagues, I was being pushed higher and higher until I reach Perth Glory. Over here in Australia, the biggest soccer league is called the A-League which does pretty big business over here. I was offered a spot with Perth’s developmental side named “Future Glory” but much to the disappointment of many family members and coaches, soccer just wasn’t my passion anymore. I, a skinny 14-year-old kid wanted to become a Professional Wrestler because one night I saw The Rock cut a promo on WWE RAW, since that moment in time, wrestling was on my mind 24/7.
However, escaping soccer wasn’t going to be easy but I was able to reach a deal with Shark senior. If I could win a State Gold Medal in Freestyle (Olympic) Wrestling, I would be allowed to pursue a career in Pro-Wrestling after. Now I didn’t know anything about wrestling expects the fact that Kurt Angle did it. But it was a risk I was willing to take and the handshake deal was done.
I was excited about the newest chapter unfolding in my life.
I bought the shoes, knee pads, the singlet even elbow pads and wrist tape I was ready to go. Upon arrival at training, I was shocked to find there was no ring haha. Where am I.. is this the right place. The coach introduced himself and laughed at me with my wrist tape and elbow pads on. “You’re not going to need those but if you have to you can keep the knee pads… but you will be the only one.” Day one was the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through. Getting throwing around and slammed on the mat, using muscles I didn’t even know I had it was rough. But strangely enough, I loved every second of it.
I had one year to prep for the Western Australian State Championships. I know most readers on here are mainly after the juicy Pro-Wrestling stories so ill fast forward as best as I can for that one year. I began to master the art of mat wrestling. Learning various takedowns, pins, and basically getting wrestling fit.
The moment had finally arrived.
The day of the WA State Finals. Quarter-Final. Win. Semi-Final. Win. Fatigue is setting in, the pressure, my pro-wrestling career, it all rides on this match. After an extremely tough contest, it was a fireman’s carry, a couple of takedowns, and points that won me my first WA State Gold Medal. I was over the moon I now had a guarantee of a pro-wrestling career. I decided that the Storm Wrestling Academy or Dory Funk school was going to be my choice of training from the start. Logistics, in the end, brought me to Canada. While saving up for the flights, and other costs involving moving to another country. I kept wrestling and won another State Gold Medal a year later.
I really enjoyed my time freestyle wrestling and I honestly believed it got me ready for Pro-Wrestling. In my next blog, we will cover the move to Canada and my start at the Storm Wrestling Academy.
Hope you enjoyed the first blog!