Several Promotions Cancel Shows Amidst Coronavirus (Stardom, DDT, Pure-J, NJPW)

Throughout the week a number of Japanese promotions have suspended events due to the coronavirus. These include Stardom, DDT, Pure-J and NJPW. On Sunday, March 5th all women’s promotion Stardom along with Pure-J and DDT have canceled shows due to the suspected outbreak. Stardom has canceled shows taking place in Gunma on March 20th and in Shinkiba taking place over the weekend of March 21st and 22nd. What should be interesting to note is that it will hold shows with no people in attendance in what is called a ‘no people gate’ that will stream on YouTube over the weekend.

Also, DDT has stated that they too have canceled their March 14th show in Yamanashi. Their shows taking place in Harajuku and Miyagi have been postponed.

Today, New Japan Pro Wrestling announced that it too has canceled a series of events taking place this month.

In a statement, the promotion said the following:

After NJPW events between March 1 and 15 were cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, and acting under the recommendations laid out by a specialist government task force meeting on Tuesday, March 10, New Japan Pro-Wrestling has arrived at the decision to cancel the five events remaining in the New Japan Cup tour between March 16 and 21.

We apologise to fans who were looking forward to the remainder of the New Japan Cup. Ultimately, the health and safety of our fans, wrestlers and staff, as well as society at large is our utmost concern, and we will make announcements about events scheduled after March 22 upon careful monitoring of this developing situation.

We will soon announce refund procedures for the affected events. Programs like the NJPW Together Project will see wrestlers and staff come together to bring the best possible content to fans while we eagerly await the opportunity to entertain live crowds once more.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

CANCELLED EVENTS (as of March 10, 2020)

Tuesday March 10, Okayama

Thursday March 12, Korakuen Hall

Friday March 13, Korakuen Hall

Saturday March 14, Chiba

Monday March 16, Toyama

Tuesday March 17, Saitama

Wednesday March 18, Shizuoka

Friday March 20, Niigata

Saturday March 21, Niigata

It should also be noted that All Japan Pro Wrestling has also announced several canceled shows as well.

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, With the health and safety of visitors coming first, The following tournaments will be suspended and postponed.

3/14 Shinkiba

3/15 Chiba

3/18 Nagoya

3/19 Osaka

3/21 Nagano

3/22 Suwa

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We hope that each of these promotions can re-schedule these events at a later date. NJPW, Pure-J, DDT and Stardom continue to put on stellar events.