Saint Patricks Day in Slamtown Presented by Impact Pro Wrestling

Wrestling fans, this Wednesday night just got a little more crowded. The stars of Impact Pro Wrestling return to the ring and will be live on Facebook. Saint Patricks Day live from Slamtown, USA, brings you a night full of exciting IPW action. The more things change, the more they stay the same, which properly sums up IPW’s previous show, live from the Vault. That day, IPW crowned new Women’s and Vault Champions. But, also that night, long-standing champions The Big Picture and The Princes of the Universe continued their reigns. Six matches are scheduled for Saint Patrick’s Day, two of which will be for championships. 


Here’s the card:

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Impact Pro Wrestling Saint Patricks Day in Slamtown
IPW Heavyweight Championship
The Big Picture © vs. The Death Dealer

What can only be considered a hoss fight, this match for IPW’s top prize, features two of the company’s biggest and baddest? The Big Picture has been IPW Champion for well over a year. Facing challengers of all sizes, he just continues to win. Two weeks ago, he was given all he could handle when he defended the championship against a very game, Jimmy Wylde. The Death Dealer also picked up a win the last time IPW was live from the vault, defeating the debuting Viktor Payne. 

These two are no strangers to one another, having faced a handful of times. The last time coming at the Forte Center, saw The Big Picture victorious after outside interference cost the Death Dealer. Wednesday, they meet once again, and it is for sure to be a clash of titans. 

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Impact Pro Wrestling Saint Patricks Day in Slamtown
IPW Vault Championship
“Golden Boy” Bryce Jordyn © vs. Sparrow

The last time IPW fans saw Sparrow, he threw a fireball in former tag team partner James Jeffries face. His heinous actions immediately got him suspended, and he was stripped of the IPW Vault Championship. Bryce Jordyn, continuing his rise through the IPW ranks, won the vacant championship during IPW’s “Slamdown in Slamtown” two weeks ago. Jordyn defeated Damien Saint and The Shank in a triple threat match to become champion. Now, Sparrow makes his return to the Vault in search of the championship he never lost. 

IPW fans have to wonder if Sparrow is willing to throw a fireball in James Jeffries face, how far will he go to win back the gold. Bryce Jordyn’s reign is definitely off to a challenging start. 

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Impact Pro Wrestling Saint Patricks Day in Slamtown
#1 Contender’s Match for the IPW Women’s Championship
Briar Hale vs. Miss Frankie Jay

Sibling rivalry was given new meaning the last time IPW was live at the Vault. Sage Hale became IPW Women’s Champion defeating her sister Briar and Miss Frankie Jay in a triple threat match. The match was not without controversy. In the final minutes, with the referee incapacitated, Sage Hale struck Frankie Jay with the championship. A simple three count later, and Miss Frankie Jay’s near-year-long reign was over. 

After the match, Briar Hale, upset with her sister’s actions, confronted her. The two left the Vault at odds as Briar Hale consoled Miss Frankie Jay after her loss. An obvious bond was formed between Frankie Jay and Briar Hale after the triple threat match, and that bond will be tested on Wednesday. These two will face off to see who the number one contender for Sage Hale’s championship will be. 

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AJ Smooth vs. Jimmy Wylde

Both Wylde and Smooth have competed in high-profile matches recently in IPW. During “Slamdown in Slamtown,” Wylde, IPW’s closest thing to Daniel Bryan, took The Big Picture to his limit. Despite his best efforts, Wylde fell to the long-standing champion, but in a losing effort, he proved he is a true contender. AJ Smooth had the opportunity to take on current Ring of Honor wrestler Mike Bennett. Smooth went toe-to-toe with the former WWE superstar, proving just how good he is in a losing effort. 

Not one to stay down long, Smooth, who is currently a tag champion with Gable Galileo and Daniel Mott, bounced back two weeks ago, defeating up and comer Cody Lee. These two have a bit of history entering this match. It was Smooth and his fellow “Princes of the Universe” that took the tag titles away from Wylde and his partner Ryan Slade a little over a year ago. 

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Six-Man Tag Match
Max Chill Mafia (Max Chill, Adam Love, The Shank) vs. Justin Decent, Ethan Everheart, James Jeffries

For months, Justin Decent and Ethan Everheart have been at odds with some of IPW’s most nefarious groups. The student (Everheart) and his teacher (Decent) have gone to war with current tag champion Princes of the Universe and the Max Chill Mafia. Each time the numbers disadvantage playing too much of an obstacle to overcome. To answer this issue, Decent and Everheart have brought in help in the form of James Jeffries. 

Despite all three members failing to capture gold during IPW’s last Vault show, the Max Chill Mafia has proven to be a formidable trio. When all three are on the same page, they have been damn near unbeatable. They are looking to get back on track with a win over the rag tag trio opposing them. 

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“The Heretic” Damien Saint vs. “Big Shoot” Cody Lee

If you want a stiff, hard-hitting throw down, then look no further than this battle of IPW up and comers. Saint, IPW’s resident heretic, is coming off a tough loss in the Vault Championship triple threat match and is looking to avenge said loss. Angry, determined, and borderline possessed best describe the current mood of Damien Saint. Much like Saint, Cody Lee is coming off a tough loss, having fallen to AJ Smooth during IPW’s last live Vault show. 

In a losing effort, Lee put the entire IPW locker room on notice with his take no prisoners, MMA-inspired approach. Neither has been afraid to let their feelings toward the other show as they have engaged in a war of words on social media. This quickly brewing feud comes to a head Wednesday night. 

Tune in this Wednesday at 7 p.m. on the Impact Pro Wrestling Facebook page to see all the action.