Sage Hale Ends Miss Frankie Jay’s Year Long Reign as Champion

For almost a year, Miss Frankie Jay fought off any challenger who stepped in her way. The Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion was never afraid to answer a challenge. Traditionally before each match, she would give the title a kiss. Little did she know in her latest title defense, she would be kissing the championship goodbye. Stepping in the ring with the Hale sisters during IPW’s “Slamdown in Slamtown” Facebook live event, Miss Frankie Jay’s year-long championship reign came to an end. Sage Hale pinned the valiant champion. The victory didn’t come without controversy but will get into that later. 


Sage Hale Wins IPW Women’s Title

Sage and Briar Hale, recent graduates of the IPW Vault training facility, have had their eyes on the IPW Women’s Championship for months. Numerous times in 2020, the sisters tried using their variation of “twin magic” to take the title away from Jay. Despite their best efforts, the crafty Miss Frankie Jay was able to keep the nefarious duo at bay. Early on in this match, it looked like that was going to be the case once again. The twins obviously had a game plan to work together in order to take the strap off the champion. 

Miss Frankie Jay countered their double team strategy early on, ducking a double clothesline before nailing the twins with a jumping clothesline of her own. The champ followed this up by slamming the twins’ heads into one another. It didn’t take the twins long to regain control. They both took turns assaulting the champion in the corner, first Briar hitting Jay with a clothesline followed by a running knee from Sage. Despite their double team attack, which included a beautiful flipping neck breaker by Briar, the Hale twins couldn’t keep Frankie Jay down.

Sage Hale wins
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A New Champion Is Crowned

That’s when frustration set in, and two sisters, with championship gold on their minds, turned against each other. Years of sisterly tension came to the forefront as the two traded punches. Frankie Jay took advantage of her opponents’ bickering, but in her attack, the referee was inadvertently taken out. This allowed Sage to grab the IPW Women’s Championship while her sister suffered a twisting neck breaker from the champ. 

With no referee to make the three count and frustration setting in, Frankie Jay tried to revive the referee. The opportunistic Sage struck her with the championship belt. Not seeing the devious tactic, the referee made the three count, and a new IPW Women’s Champion was crowned. 

After the match, Briar confronted her sister about the underhanded way she won the championship. Unaffected by her sister’s criticism, Sage exited the Vault proudly carrying her new championship gold.

Sage Hale wins
Photo / TagTeamPhotographyDYE


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