Royal Rumble 1990 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On Sunday, January 21st, 1990, the WWE presented Royal Rumble 1990. The event begins with a promotional event sharing all the talent that are expected to be involved in the program.

The event takes place in the Orlando Arena in Orlando, Florida. Tony Schiavone and Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura are on commentary at the event. We see Jesse in Disney merchandise while Schivone is sporting a tuxedo. We then begin with the first match of the event.

Royal Rumble 1990
Tag Team Match
The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers with Jimmy ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hart vs. The Bushwhackers.

The Rougeau’s and Jimmy Hart make their way to the ring first followed by Luke and Butch. Fans in attendance are hot for the Bushwhackers. Referee Danny Davis checks out the Bushwhackers to start the match.

Ray and Butch begin the match. Raymond gets the advantage and attempts to get aid from his brother Jacques but Luke comes in and breaks it up. Butch then begins to bite everyone. The duo cleared the ring of both brothers.

On the floor, The Rougeau’s are consulting with Jimmy Hart on what to do next. Jacques sneaks in and tells the crowd to shut up. Luke is then tagged in and he and Jacques attempt to lock up.

But Jacques gets the advantage but temporarily. He then bites Jacques. Luke wipes Ray off the ring apron and Butch clotheslines Jaques from behind. The Rougeau Brothers then reconvene on the floor with Jimmy Hart.

Jaques then makes his way into the ring but the referee attempts to say that Luke could hit him from behind. But with the referee distracted, Raymond clotheslines Luke from behind. With the referee distracted both Rougeau’s work over Luke. Luke makes his way to an unoccupied corner and is then whipped from one end to the other.

Luke is being worked over on the floor and each time Butch attempts to get near, the referee tries to draw him back. Once back in the ring, Luke is covered by Ray. After kicking out of the pinfall attempt, Luke once again bites Ray.

Luke is then whipped into the Rougeau’s corner and a tag is made to Jacques. Jacques then proceeds to take over where his brother left off. Another tag is made to Ray and then back to Jacques. With the referee distracted Luke is dropped across the top rope.

Ray then attempt a rear chinlock leading to Luke biting his way out of the move, abeit temporarily. Jacques is then tagged in and he and Ray work over Luke in the corner.

With Luke in an abdominal stretch, Ray is tagged in and drives a knee into the midsection of Luke. Raymond tries to wrench on the neck of Luke and then tags in his brother. But Jacques telegraphs a splash and tags in Butch.

Butch comes in after the hot tag taking out both brothers. All four men are in the ring and the brothers are whipped into each other. Jimmy Hart prevents a battering ram and is then caught and the brothers regain their senses and try to get Butch to submit to a Boston Crab.

They hit use their battering ram on Jacques and make the pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winners: The Bushwhackers.

After the match, we see the result of the match that just took place. We then see Mean Gene Okerlund with the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase is furious because he draw #1.

In all fairness, it was Virgil that drew the number and DiBiase claims he didn’t in fact ask him to draw the number. We are then tossed back to the ring with the next matchup.

The Genius vs. Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake

With the Genius already in the ring, he would offer a poem. Once he finished it led to Brutus Beefcake came down to the ring with his garden sheers. Beefcake then removes his bow tie, and jacket and puts his scissors down.

The Genius then offers his hand to Brutus Beefcake. Neither man shakes hands as the match is set to begin. After momentarily retreating to the outside, The Genius returns to the ring.

Both men appear to jockey for position through theatrics. Once backed in the corner, The Genius gains control. He throws a series of fists and then proceeds to rake the ends of The Barber. Beefcake then his an atomic drop on The Genius.

This leads to the Genius to retreat to the floor and regain his senses. The two then lock up in the ring with The Genius throwing fists at the Barber and drives his head into the top turnbuckle.

Beefcake then regains control and once again works on the lower midsection of the Genius. Once again The Genius retreats to the floor as the fans in attendance show their support for the Beefcake. Once again back in the corner, The Genius throws shoulder tackles and then a series of headbutts on the Barber.

With an attempted back body drop, he dropped his head. Beefcake then rings the ears of The Genius. The Genius then recovers and hits a dropkick on the Barber. He throws a series of ax handle smashes and boots to the fallen Brutus.

The Genius then attempted a pinfall attempt and followed up with a body slam. He then climbs to the middle rope and is caught in the mid section with a punsh by The Barber. Beefcake once again regains control.

He begins to signal for his sleeper hold. But then Beefcake whips The Genius into the referee that knocks him out and to the floor. The Genius hits a series of fists on Beefcake. But then Beefcake catches The Genius with a sleeper but the referee is knocked out.

The Genius is then asleep. Beefcake then begins to strut and then proceeds to go for his scissors with the referee knocked out. He then gets a hold of The Genius’ hair. He then begins to hack at the hair of The Genius.

This brought out Mr. Perfect who began to attack Beefcake. He throws a chair into the ring and begins to work over Beefcake. The bell continues to ring with referees coming to the ring.

Match Result: Double Disqualification

After the match, the referees tend to the fallen Brutus Beefcake. We are then shown what took place prior to the end of the match during the replay. Sean Mooney is then shown with the Heenan Family (Rick Rude, Haku, and Andre the Giant) asking them if they’re happy with their numbers.

Submission Match
Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine with Jimmy ‘The Mouth of the South’ Hart vs. ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin

As soon as the bell rings, Valentine goes to the floor and Garvin chases him to the floor. A big deal is made about Garvin wearing a brace on his ankle, much like Valentine’s. Garvin is throwing a series of fists to the midsection of Valentine. Valentine then responds with blows of his own. Both men exchange some stiff shots back and forth.

Garvin throws a series of left jabs but didn’t connect. But Valentine catches Garvin low, knocking Garvin to the mat. The Hammer is throwing boots low and in the midsection. He tries a pinfall attempt but forgot that the match can only be won with a submission. Greg Valentine continues to work over Garvin.

But then both begin to exchange fists left and right. A headbutt takes both men down on the mat. Garvin then teases a piledriver, and then Valentine reverses it. He tries a pinning attempt but then so does Garvin.

Both men then lock up in the middle of the ring with Valentine backing Garvin into the corner.  Garvin reversed Valentine’s attempt at a figure four. But then Valentine drives a series of right hands on the prone Garvin. Valentine then locks in the figure four on Garvin. The two are in the middle of the ring.

He then begins to smile as the brace (the Hammer Jammer) prevents him from submitting. Then Valentine tries a backbreaker on Garvin but doesn’t lock the hands to make it a submission move. Garvin comes back throwing a series of fists and chops across his head, chest, and face of Valentine.

Garvin then locks in an Indian deathlock-like move on Valentine. The referee is trying to ask if he gives up, but he doesn’t. Valentine gets to the ropes. This leads to him leaving the ring. Garvin is then dragged to the floor by Valentine and both men are exchange blows left and right. Garvin is then back body dropped on the floor by the Hammer.

Valentine gets back in the ring and then backs Garvin into the corner. Garvin misses a lunging knee and gets caught into a tree of woe by Valentine. The referee gets him loose leading to him down on the mat. Valentine then backs Garvin back into the corner.

After a back-and-forth crossing of one another, the two bump heads knocking each other to the mat. Once on the mat, the referee doesn’t see Jimmy Hart remove the Hammer Jammer from Ronnie Garvin’s ankle. He then runs around the ring and excitingly sharing this with Valentine who is in the ring.

Valentine then scoops Garvin and then is locked into another figure-four leg lock. Garvin is now wincing in pain. Eventually, Garvin reverses it and forces Hammer to go to the ropes. Valentine returns to work on the knee of Garvin. He once again returns to trying to lock in the figure four.

Garvin is on spaghetti legs and drops to the mat. He recovers and then presses Valentine off the top rope. Garvin then removes Valentine’s Hammer Jammer leg brace. He then locks Valentine in the ropes. He grabs the brace and pursues Jimmy Hart in the ring. But Valentine is free and Garvin decks him and locks him in a reverse figure four forcing Greg Valentine to give up.

Winner: ‘Rugged’ Ronnie Garvin

Backstage we see Mean Gene Okerlund with Mr. Perfect speaking about how he is sick and tired of Brutus Beefcake taking advantage of people after they’re asleep. He says that Beefcake is another excuse for why he is going right to the top. He says he drew the perfect number, the number 30.

Brother Love is then introduced as he’s in the ring. He spoke about a woman of class and a woman of finesse and exquisite beauty. Love introduces ‘Sister Queen’ Sensational Sherri who is would now come to the ring. Brother Love would hold the ring ropes for Sherri to come into the ring.

He spoke about in the book of love that there was the word ‘peasant’. That there was a woman with no class or no finesse. They would say ugly, overweight, and picture of their next guest, the manager of American Dream Dusty Rhodes, Sapphire.

Sapphire would then arrives in the ring and proceeds to dance while in the ring with both Brother Love and Sensational Sherri. Sherri proceeds to run down Sapphire and what she is wearing. As soon as she begins to speak, Love leans the microphone toward her, only to pull it away.

Sherri then questions Sapphire thinking about what makes her think she should be breathing the same air as her or be in the same ring as her. Brother Love then says what does she see in Dusty Rhodes. Once again, Love leans into Sapphire and pulls it away from her before she can answer.

A third time Love leans into the microphone, asking Sapphire a third question and not allowing her to answer it. She then says she has about enough and then proceeds to slap Sherri. This forces Savage to come to the ring, and then Dusty Rhodes comes to the ring. Brother Love then pulls Sapphire off Savage.

Both Rhodes and Sapphire come into the ring approaching Brother Love. Rhodes grabs him and then slams Brother Love. He holds Love, and Sapphire then slaps him as well. Dusty finishes Love off by throwing him over the top rope to the floor. Fans begin to dance along with Sapphire and Dusty after they clear the ring.

Sean Mooney is backstage interviewing Hacksaw Jim Duggan, asking him about his upcoming match with Big Bossman and their upcoming match.

Big Bossman with ‘Doctor of Style’ Slick vs. ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan

The Bossman and Slick make their way to the ring first, followed by Hacksaw with the American flag and his 2×4. Once in the ring, there is no break. Both men go at it right away with one another. Duggan takes out the Bossman to the floor quickly.

The Bossman whips Duggan into the side of the ring, but he avoids a shoulder tackle leading Bossman to hit steel steps. Back in the ring, both men begin to hit each other hard and often. Once Duggan catches his leg, Bossman hits an enziguiri on Duggan. Bossman continues to work over the back of Hacksaw.

Each time Duggan tries to get to his feet, Bossman takes him down. He has his head driven into a couple of turnbuckles but it doesn’t prevent the Bossman from staying on top of him. The Bossman is unrelenting in his attack on Duggan. He steps on his throat, and even Slick gets involved when the referee didn’t see.

The time is spent working over the head, neck, chest, and lower midsection, trying to wear him down. But it isn’t enough, or is it? As soon as Duggan recovers, the Bossman stops him from making a recovery. Each time Duggan tries to get back to his feet, the Bossman takes him back down.

Eventually, Duggan makes his way back to his feet and begins to hit Bossman with everything creating distance between them. As the Bossman makes his way back in the ring, Duggan hits him with a series of right hands. But he misses a tackle in the corner, and then it leaves Duggan open to get splashed on by the Bossman.

But the Bossman misses! Duggan makes his way back to their feet. But a collision knocks both men down. Miscommunication between Slick and the Bossman leads to Slick being knocked down. But Slick passes the Bossman the nightstick. Even though Slick tried to distract the referee he saw the Bossman use the nightstick on Duggan, causing a disqualification.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

After the match, Duggan clears the ring of the Bossman. Slick makes his way in the ring, but he looks to be in trouble at the hands of Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Duggan grabs Slick and hits him in the backside, with the 2×4 also clearing him from the ring. Bossman throws chairs in the ring, and Duggan celebrates by swiping the chairs away as Bossman and Slick head back up the aisle.

Another promotional ad for WrestleMania VI is featured for the first time the event is set to take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 1st, 1990. We then hear from some of the participants in this year’s Royal Rumble.

They include Earthquake, Dino Bravo, Demolition’s Ax and Smash, Bad News Brown, ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes, The Rockers’ Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, Hercules, Rick ‘The Model’ Martel, Tito Santana, ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka, Akeem with Slick, & The Ultimate Warrior.

After a momentarily break by Tony Schivone and Jesse Ventura we hear from ‘The Macho King’ Randy Savage, Powers of Pain’s Warlord and Barbarian with Mr. Fuji, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, The Hart Foundation’s Bret Hart and Jim Niedhart, Honky Tonk Man with with Jimmy Hart, Hulk Hogan.

Royal Rumble 1990
30-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

A participant enters the ring every two minutes and is eliminated once thrown over the top rope to the floor.

Number #1 was drawn by Ted ‘The Million Dollar Man’ DiBiase and #2 was drawn by ‘The Birdman’ Koko B. Ware. As soon as Koko comes into the ring, the bell rings and DiBiase goes in for the attack.

After a momentary advantage, DiBiase tries to drive Koko’s head into the top turnbuckle, and that gives him a chance to recover. Then DiBiase eliminates Koko over the top rope to the floor with a back body drop.

DiBiase then awaits the third participant in the Royal Rumble. Marty Jannetty charges to the ring next, with DiBiase gaining the advantage once again, Or so we think. Jannetty then charges in with a big boot, and it takes Jannetty out.

DiBiase then works over Jannetty with a series of rights. But he telegraphs a leap off the top rope, and Jannetty catches him. Jannetty then attempts a cross-body on DiBiase and eliminates himself by going over the top rope to the floor.

The fourth competitor comes to the ring ushering in Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts with Damian. DiBiase gains the advantage and begins to battle Roberts on the floor with a scoop slam. He attempts a Million Dollar Dream, but Jake avoids it, and it forces DiBiase into the corner turnbuckle. Roberts then hits a short clothesline as he then signals for the DDT, but DiBiase reverses it. DiBiase then forces Jake into the corner.

They battle, awaiting the fifth competitor to come to the ring, the Macho King Randy Savage. Savage goes right after Roberts and begins to work over in the ring. This allows DiBiase to recover as the two begin to work over Roberts in the Rumble match.

DiBiase then jumps off the middle rope, and Savage works him over as well. They tie Roberts to the top rope as the countdown for the sixth competitor comes in.

Roddy Piper then charges the ring and comes to the aid of Roberts, going after Savage and DiBiase. Piper then releases Roberts, and all four men begin to battle one another. Piper and Savage battle as Roberts and DiBiase battle on the other side.

Piper tries to toss Savage over the top rope as Sherri screams at ringside. Piper almost went over the top rope, but the two continue to battle. The Seventh competitor comes to the ring, and it is the Warlord with Mr. Fuji. Warlord comes in and works over Piper almost immediately. Piper comes back and works over the Warlord.

But DiBiase and Savage try to eliminate Roberts on the other side of the ring. Piper climbs to the top rope, once again attacking Savage. The clock begins to count down once again, and it brings out the eighth competitor.

Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart is the next out, and DiBiase and Savage try to work over Hart but strike each other. Roberts and Savage attempt to jockey for position, with DiBiase getting involved. Piper and Hart take down Warlord, but that is all. Hart tries to eliminate Savage, but he fights the elimination attempt. Piper then goes after DiBiase as the clock counts down for the ninth competitor.

Bad News Brown comes out next, making his way to the ring. Brown comes in and goes right after the Hitman. Roberts hits DiBiase with another clothesline, and Savage comes charging and eliminates Jake Roberts over the top rope to the floor. DiBiase almost goes over the top rope, but Savage saves him. All six men in the right square off until the clock ticks off again.

The tenth competitor comes in being ‘the American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. He goes right off Randy Savage. And he eliminates Randy Savage over the top rope to the floor. Again, six men remain in the ring, with Rhodes helping Piper to eliminate the Warlord. Brown continues to work on the Hitman. The clock ticks down again, bringing the eleventh man in the ring, Andre the Giant, with Bobby Heenan.

Andre climbs in the ring and walks into the ring, and he tosses the Warlord with one hand. Heenan then pulls Mr. Fuji from the apron and tells him that he has to leave. Andre works over Rhodes in the corner turnbuckle. The Giant then backs in Piper along with the Dream working him over.

DiBiase and Brown work over the Hitman on the other side of the ring as the clock counts down. This brings out the twelfth competitor to the ring, the Red Rooster. Then we see Roddy Piper eliminate Bad News Brown over the top rope. He then reached up and pulled out Rowdy Roddy Piper, eliminating him from the match too. They continue to fight back up the aisleway to the dressing room.

Back in the ring, DiBiase and Rhodes battle in one corner while the Red Rooster and Andre battle in another. The thirteenth competitor comes to the ring bringing out Ax of Demolition. But it was at this point the Red Rooster is eliminated. DiBiase holds on as Bret Hart and Dusty Rhodes attempt to eliminate him. Rhodes then moves over the help Ax work over Andre the Giant and tie him up in the ropes.

The clock ticks down, bringing in the fourteenth competitor, Haku, to come and help his partner Andre the Giant. Haku works over Dusty Rhodes and Ax. The Hitman and DiBiase work in another corner while Haku and Dusty battle in the middle of the ring. Haku then comes over and hits Bret Hart, stopping his attack on DiBiase.

The clock ticks down to bring down the fifteenth competitor Smash of Demolition. Ax and Smash work over Andre the Giant. This brings over Haku, and he gets beat down by both Ax and Smash.

Bret Hat tries to eliminate DiBiase, but Haku stops those efforts. Ax & Smash work over Andre the Giant, but then Haku comes over and stops that. The sixteenth man comes down to the ring, and it’s Akeem with Slick.

Akeem goes after Andre the Giant but then makes his way to the other competitors. Ax and Smash then eliminate Andre the Giant, and then Bret Hart is eliminated away from the action. The seventeenth man comes to the ring, and it’s ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka.

Snuka and Akeem battle in the ring as Rhodes and DiBiase battle. But Snuka manages to eliminate Akeem. After momentarily working together, Snuka and Haku battle each other. The clock ticks down, bringing out the eighteenth man, Dino Bravo, with Jimmy Hart.

Demolition work over Ted DiBiase while Rhodes and Bravo battle on the other side of the ring. Snuka attempts to eliminate Haku but momentarily. The nineteenth man makes their way to the ring, and it brings out Earthquake. Earthquake eliminates Dusty Rhodes, decking him from behind.

Earthquake tosses Ax over the top rope to the floor, eliminating him in the process. The twentieth man comes to the ring, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Niedhart. Niedhart, Smash, and Haku all attempt to eliminate Earthquake. Everyone seems to help lift him and toss him over the top rope to the floor, eliminating Earthquake.

Six men are in the ring as the twenty-first competitor comes in, the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior comes into a house of fire and tries to eliminate him, but Dino Bravo is tossed over the top rope to the floor. Snuka and Haku team up on the Ulimate Warrior.

But the Warrior focuses his attention on Smash. The twenty-second man comes to the ring next, Rick ‘The Model’ Martel. Once in the ring, Smash focuses his attention on Martel. Martel then comes and tries to eliminate him as the Ultimate Warrior comes over.

But Haku comes over and breaks up the elimination attempt. Haku then eliminates Smash. Neidhart tries to eliminate Rick Martel, but he doesn’t land on the floor and slides back in the ring. This brings out the twenty-third competitor, Tito Santana, who comes in and right after Rick Martel. Former tag team partners collide. The Ultimate Warrior then drops Haku with a clothesline.

The twenty-fourth competitor comes in, and it’s the Honky Tonk Man with Jimmy Hart. As soon as HTM gets in the ring, the Ultimate Warrior comes after him. Neidhart is then tossed out by the Ultimate Warrior and Rick Martel. Then the Ultimate Warrior eliminates Ted DiBiase over the top rope to the floor.

DiBiase was the first competitor in the match. The twenty-fifth man enters, and it is Hulk Hogan. As Hogan comes in, he is met with an attack by Jimmy Snuka, who is then clotheslined over the top rope to the floor. Hogan then eliminates Haku with a big boot.

Tito Santana is eliminated by Rick Martel and the Ultimate Warrior. This leaves four men in the ring only. This brings out the twenty-sixth competitor, Shawn Michaels. But Honky Tonk Man is eliminated, as is Rick Martel.

This leaves Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan alone in the ring. Fans are going nuts as the two men push and shove each other. A series of shoulder tackles and a double clothesline take out each other.

The twenty-seventh competitor comes to the ring, the Barbarian. He goes after both the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. The Barbarian then takes out Hogan with a big boot and then a series of sledgehammer-like drives.

The twenty-eighth man enters being, Ravishing Rick Rude, who goes right after the Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior then stops from Hogan being eliminated by the Barbarian and Rick Rude.

Rude and the Barbarian work over the Ultimate Warrior, who hits them both from behind, and it causes him to be eliminated. This leaves Rude and the Barbarian and brings in the twenty-ninth competitor, Hercules. Hercules goes right after Rick Rude and then the Barbarian. Hogan then tries to eliminate the Barbarian, while Hercules tries to eliminate Rick Rude.

Hogan goes after Rude as the final competitor comes to the ring, Mr. Perfect. The Barbarian misses a boot and hits Rick Rude. Hercules then tosses the Barbarian over the top rope to the floor. The final four are Rude, Perfect, Hercules and Hogan.

Rude then tosses Hercules leaving Hogan and Rude to work over Hogan. Rick Rude then comes back and then misses Hogan, and then kicks Perfect. Mr. Perfect falls through the ropes. But as Hogan wipes Rude to the ropes, Perfect was trying to get in the ring and pulled the rope down, causing Rick Rude to fall over the top rope and be eliminated.

This left Hogan and Perfect to battle. Perfect is on the apron and is whipped back in the ring. Hogan then gets caught by Mr. Perfect. Perfect lays boots and fists on Hogan. Hogan then hits a Perfect Plex, and Hogan pops back up. Hogan begins to Hulk…up. He then drives a series of punches on Mr. Perfect and is then whipped over the top rope to the floor.

Royal Rumble 1990
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Winner of the 1990 Royal Rumble: Hulk Hogan