ROH Wrestling Preview for 6/5/21 (#507 – Young vs. Woods)

Ladies and gentlemen, we continue on the road to ROH Best In The World 2021. The June 5, 2021 episode will see the first match-up in this year’s Survival of the Fittest tournament. This comes hot on the heels of VLNCE UNLTD victory over The Foundation on last week’s episode of ROH Wrestling. How will Ring of Honor Wrestling follow up this fantastic episode? Let’s find out in our weekly ROH Wrestling Preview for 6/5/21!


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ROH Survival of the Fittest Tournament
First Round Match:
Demonic Flamita vs. Rey Horus

In the first round of the Survival of the Fittest tournament, we have a contest between Flamita (now Demonic Flamita) vs. Rey Horus. The winner of this match will move on to round two of the tournament (and the tournament winner will be awarded an ROH World Championship contest.) Flamita’s last appearance on ROH television was at ROH #502 with a victory over Bandido. Horus’s last appearance in ROH was at the ROH 19th Anniversary Show in a losing effort to Bandido in a three-way also involving Flamita.

This match comes after a tag team match at ROH #499 when Flamita would abandon Bandido at ringside. After defeating Bandido weeks later, Flamita hopes to carry forward his winning streak into the Survival of the Fittest Tournament. The former MexiSquad teammates have put on excellent matches before, so this one is sure to be an exciting Ring of Honor classic.

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ROH Wrestling Preview for 6/5/21
Pure Rules Match:
Silas Young vs. Josh Woods

In our announced main event of the evening, we have a rematch between former mentor Silas Young and former mentee Josh Woods. After Woods’ loss to Dalton Castle at ROH #494, Young would confront Woods and take him under his wing as a mentor. After accompanying Woods down to ringside at ROH’s 19th Anniversary show, Young would attempt to force Woods to use a weapon in the match. However, Woods would refuse this. Young would abandon woods instead and use the chair on his ‘protege,’ which allowed Castle to get the victory.

Woods and Young’s last appearances on ROH television would take place at ROH #504, where Young would defeat Josh Woods in a 12:06 contest. This week, we bear witness to the rematch between these two men. This feud is far from over, and it’s unlikely that we see it conclude this week on ROH. However, we will certainly see an evolution to the journey – as this week, Woods and Young will compete in a Pure Rules match. This match is bound to be a great one.

What To Expect:

  • The beginning of the Survival of the Fittest Tournament.
  • After last week’s victory and a bombastic announcement, will we hear from LSG this week?
  • Will we hear from EC3 and Flip Gordon following that unnerving interaction two weeks ago?


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