ROH Wrestling Preview for 6/12/21 (#508 – The Foundation vs. LFI)

Ladies and gentlemen, we continue on the road to ROH Best In The World 2021. The June 12, 2021 episode will see the third match-up in this year’s Survival of the Fittest tournament. We will also see ROH World Tag Team Championship action between two teams with a rooted history. How will Ring of Honor Wrestling follow up on last week’s fantastic episode? Let’s find out in our weekly ROH Wrestling Preview for 6/12/21!


ROH Survival of the Fittest Tournament Qualifying Match:
Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom

Photo / Ring of Honor

We will witness a match between rivals Dak Draper and Eli Isom on this episode of ROH Wrestling. On last week’s edition of ROH Week By Week, Dak Draper and Eli Isom would appear in your typical ROH hype promo package that built nicely to this match. What has led to this impending contest on ROH Wrestling #508?

Draper and Isom have been battling in a war of words ever since Dak Draper joined the pure division. At ROH Wrestling #501, Dak Draper and Eli Isom would finally get the opportunity to prove who the better man is. However, neither men would walk out victorious after they wrestled to a 15-minute time limit draw.

In the hype video on ROH Week By Week, Eli Isom informed Dak Draper that he would have defeated him in their last contest if he had gotten the three extra minutes he had requested. Isom tells Draper that he will have to bring every ounce of effort (and then some) if he wants to defeat “Infinite” Eli Isom. Draper would go on to refer to himself as a “world champion missing their belt.” He says that he believes he and Isom will have intertwined careers in Ring of Honor, but Draper will come out on top every single time. Who is going to join Demonic Flamita and Brian Johnson in the finals of the tournament? We’ll find out this Saturday!


ROH Wrestling Preview for 6/12/21
Pure Rules Match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship:
The Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (Kenny King and Dragon Lee)

Photo / Ring of Honor

This week, ROH announced they had granted La Faccion Ingobernable member Dragon Lee a ROH World Tag Team Championship shot and a ROH World Television Championship shot. This comes after an injury forced Lee to forfeit his spot on the ROH 19th Anniversary Show card. In the tag team championship match that night, his father, Bestia del Ring, would step in for him. However, Bestia del Ring and Kenny King would lose the ROH World Tag Team Champions to The Foundation’s Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams.

On ROH Wrestling #508, King and Lee will get their long-overdue rematch for championships that Lee never truly lost. In last week’s ROH Wrestling, The Foundation would fall to VLNCE UNLTD in an 8-man tag team competition. Alternatively, Kenny King’s last match would end in a no contest to VLNCE UNLTD; and Lee’s last match would end in victory over The Foundation. With a difference of momentum heading into this match-up, it’s impossible to predict who will walk out of the UMBC Event Center as ROH World Tag Team Champions.

What Else To Expect:

  • Will Rush answer Flip Gordon’s championship challenge?
  • Dragon Lee’s granted ROH World Tag Team Championship contest.
  • The third ROH Survival of the Fittest Tournament
  • Hot off his return at ROH Week By Week, will PJ Black appear to ROH Wrestling #508?


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