ROH TV Episode #522 (Pure Gauntlet Match)

For ROH TV Episode #522, two matches have been announced to take place. One match is a Pure Gauntlet match. While weekly ROH TV episodes typically consist of three matches, the two on this week’s show will certainly give fans more than they can handle. With the theme of the show being tied to Pure Rules, fans will be treated to technical. Both of these matches will push all those involved to the limits.


First off, the Pure Rules match between Mike Bennett and Rhett Titus will give fans a chance to see them in a completely different light. Finally, the Pure Gauntlet will feature six men who will challenge for what could have greater implications than simply bragging rights. Here is our preview for ROH TV episode #522.

ROH TV Episode #522
Pure Rules Match

Mike Bennett vs. Rhett Titus

Two men that have come to blows once before will be tearing it up once again on this week’s episode of ROH TV. Both longtime veterans come into this match with something to prove. That said, with it being under Pure Rules, the question is what this will lead to should be asked. Titus has seen his time in Ring of Honor take on different roles and included time in different factions. Now, however, what will Titus have planned for Mike Bennett in this match?

For Bennett, his return was also met with the reconnecting with former teammate Matt Taven. This match, however, could say as much about Bennett’s future as it does about his present. His growth as a performer throughout his career speaks volumes about how committed he is to his profession. Will this match ultimately lead to an ROH Pure Championship match? These two talented competitors are sure to put on a match that current Pure Champion Josh Woods should be sitting up and taking notice of who walks out on top.

Pure Gauntlet Match – Competitors Unknown

Of the two matches, there is an entire roster of competitors that could be a part of this matchup. As it stands, there are six competitors involved in the match. Unlike most previews where we can assess those involved in this match, this entire Gauntlet will be a surprise. With that said, we can speculate who would be best suited for these pure rules matches and whom they may happen to be.

The first competitor likely to be involved in this match would have to be the former ROH Pure Champion, the Octopus Jonathan Gresham. Most former champions don’t typically stray far from the title picture. However, in the case of Gresham, it is as much of demonstrating his ability as it is how much he wants the title back. Another man that could or should be considered a part of this contest would be a former champion in Flip Gordon. Gordon has done everything in his power to capture the title, and his inclusion in this match wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination.

Could Silas Young be involved in this match as well? Young has a longstanding history within Ring of Honor, and his technical skill combined with his experience is unmatched. Would Kenny King be one of those involved in the match as well? He certainly has a technical pedigree that could force anyone to tap. Is this gauntlet in need of a spectacle in Dalton Castle to throw others off their game? Finally, could Brawler Brian Milonas step in and tear the competition apart? With no certainty of who will be involved, those mentioned could put on a terrific match that is sure to be a spectacle for all viewers.


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