ROH TV Episode #520 – Preview

For ROH TV Episode #520, three matches have been announced to take place. Two of the matches consist of semifinals for the ROH Women’s Championship tournament. The third match involves an eight-man tag between two of the biggest factions in Ring of Honor. Each match has significant implications moving forward. Both semifinals ROH Women’s Tournament matches will decide the finals of the tournament. With the eight-man tag team match, both factions have a great deal at stake. It isn’t just a matter of considering bragging rights but where they would rank when title opportunities come about.


ROH TV Episode #520
Angelina Love vs. Rok-C

This match features a twenty-year veteran and her opposition, who is just over twenty years of age. It is crazy to think that these two will be stepping in the ring from one another with as much stake as there is. Both women advanced to this point of the tournament through very different means. Angelina Love was beaten from pillar to post by Max The Impaler and won via disqualification.

Essentially, Max lost by refusing to relent her beating of Love. Prior to that, Love had a first-round bye. The Protege, Rok-C, has defeated former champion, Sumie Sakai in a shocker in the first round and Quinn McKay in the second round. Both wins were decisive. With the winner of this match advancing to the finals, will Love have Mandy Leon play a part in this match, or will Rok-C walk away with the big upset?

Miranda Alize And Trish Adora Earn Tickets To Gold | ROH Wrestling
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Miranda Alize vs. Trish Adora

If both of these women’s quarterfinals matches were any indication, this semifinal one is sure to be something special. Trish Adora and Allysin Kay had an amazing match last week. Miranda Alize and Nicole Savoy had a solid match the week before that. With both women advancing through these challenges, it’s unfortunate that this isn’t a finals matchup.

Both women are deserving of that finals spot and subsequent championship win. It may be a matter of who makes an uncostly mistake that leads to the victor. They both want this opportunity to shine, and their strikes will often come at one another time and time again. However, if anyone appears to be on the ROH Women’s Championship trajectory, it’s Trish Adora. She has all the tools necessary to lead the women’s division.

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ROH TV Episode #520
Shane Taylor Promotions vs. La Faccion Ingobernable

As we write this, Rush is scheduled to be a part of this match. However, it was also recently revealed that Rush is injured and won’t be competing at Death Before Dishonor. So now, unless this match was pretaped (which could very well be the case), who replaces him as the fourth man in this contest? For Shane Taylor Promotions, they are all guns a blazing led by the man himself.  The current reigning six-man tag team champions have before them no better opportunity to assert themselves as the champions than in this match up here against La Faccion Ingobernable.

With that said, LFI has an opportunity to make a statement and set themselves up for a chance to contend for the six-man tag team titles. However, the question mark going into this match is the status of Rush and if his teams’ success could rest on his shoulders.

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What To Expect

  • Who will make it to the finals of the ROH Women’s Championship tournament?
  • Further, build to Death Before Dishonor.


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