Riot City Wrestling Presents ReAnimated 14

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Residents of Riot City Wrestling Presents are you ready to riot? Those are the words that will echo through the HQ Complex in Adelaide South Australia coming up on Friday, February 1st, 2019. The women and men of Riot City Wrestling (RCW) will head into the squared circle to do battle for their first show of 2019 ReAnimated 14. You may be wondering just who RCW are and why you should be excited about their upcoming show, well let me do my best to answer the questions that you are currently pondering.

First things first let us run down a little bit of the history of the company for you. Riot City Wrestling (RCW) is an independent wrestling company founded in 2006. They are established in Adelaide South Australia and were founded by Joe Greco and Christopher Paul. Fans around the world may be familiar with a couple of the names that have come from working in RCW. Rhea Ripley who is currently part of the WWE’s NXT division, as well as Buddy Murphy current Cruiserweight Champion in WWE both competed in RCW prior to making their mark in the world of WWE.

Riot City Wrestling Presents ReAnimated 14

If you do not currently reside in around Adelaide or you are not planning a trip there prior to February 1st then you may be wondering how you could possibly check out the show? RCW have those of us in the wrestling community all across the globe covered as they provide the matches and moments from all of their shows absolutely free of charge from their YouTube channel ( If you do head over to their channel just go ahead and give them a subscribe to help them out, and then you can enjoy all of the fantastic matches from the women and men of RCW.

The matches from the live events are uploaded approximately 5 weeks after the event takes place. On their channel right now they have recently uploaded all the material from their final show of 2018 Battle For Supremacy. This will allow you ample amount of time to get all caught up on the action prior to ReAnimated 14 makes its way online. ReAnimated 14 boasts a huge double main event, the first part of the doubleheader will be contested for the RCW Tag Team Championship. The Champions The Parea (Eli Theseus & Gabrial Aeros) they are a quick paced, exciting, athletic team who have been strong together as the champions of the company.

ReAnimated 14

Unfortunately for The Parea, they are going to be defending against the ever so dangerous team of The Armstrongs (Jett & Nick). Nick Armstrong at Battle For Supremacy “Spoiler Alert” found himself on the side of victory in an 8 man tag team match. The Parea was on the opposing team that evening which should give The Armstrongs a lot of confidence heading into this encounter at ReAnimated 14. The Armstrongs are looking good heading into this match, but will it be enough to overcome the tag team champions? The second half to the double main event will be for the RCW Championship.

The champion Zak Sabbath will be defending his newly won championship *Spoiler Alert* against the man he defeated at Battle For Supremacy the former champion “World Class” Chris Basso. This championship match already has a great history behind it, the first time these two incredible competitors locked up was at the 2018 Strength Cup. That night a victory for Chris Basso over Zak Sabbath, this secured a match between Chris Basso and Nick Armstrong for the RCW Championship in which Chris basso was victorious. Zak Sabbath then went on to become the last man in the ring at the end of the Riot City Rumble earning himself a match at Battle For Supremacy against Chris Basso.


The two men went to war and Zak Sabbath picked up the victory to become the new champion. Now at ReAnimated 14 the rubber match is on to see which of these two will truly stand on top of the RCW hierarchy. Those two matches alone should be enough for any fan of wrestling to be excited about, but the card promises much more. Also included is a match between newcomer Kit Condor as he takes on the returning Tony Toro. Then two of the biggest names on the RCW roster Rocky Monero & Adam Brooks will deliver one for the ages.

In addition to that, we should expect to see other names such as The Millenials, Indi Hartwell, Blair Alexis, Cadie Tre, The Rude Ones, Gods & Monsters, & more as well. This is a card you absolutely do not want to miss out on. It is now time for you the reader and the entire world to finally find out why Australia is one of the hottest territories in wrestling that you have yet to hear about.

Riot City Wrestling delivers a show that goes far beyond expectations. From their great set designs to their entrance ramp videos, and the stellar announce team which pulls together all of the in-ring action to deliver an incredible show. The action is a high flying, hard-hitting, fun-filled, non-stop and absolutely in your face which only makes the experience of watching their shows more enjoyable.

Hopefully, if you are in Adelaide on February 1st you will get a ticket for ReAnimated 14. And the ability to fill the HQ Complex. If like myself you will not be able to attend live then like I mentioned previously just head on over to the Riot City Wrestling YouTube channel and give them a subscribe, then when those matches become available we can all be ready for a Riot City Wrestling presents.

Photo / Riot City Wrestling
Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.