Ring of Honor Announce Past vs Present event, Matt Sydal to Represent Past

Yesterday afternoon, Ring of Honor recently turned back the clock with their latest announced event. In what has become more an appreciation of the past while establishing the present and future. Ring of Honor has brought forth their latest event taking place this coming March 14th from Las Vegas, Nevada. Past vs. Present is aptly titled as an event featuring exactly what it says it will. The talent that have come to make Ring of Honor a force in the past will face stars of Ring of Honor today. The first talent signed to ROH’s Past and Present event is none other than Matt Sydal.

Past and Present takes place the day after Ring of Honor’s 18th Anniversary show. While more names are likely to be announced in the coming week’s the advertised banner shows familiar faces. Doug Williams and Homicide appear to be banner along with Sydal. Although they appear on the banner that isn’t to suggest that they will remain on there. As fans are aware the card is always subject to change.

Madison’s Mindset:

At the moment, the event actually does appear much like an all-star game where stars of the past face off against stars of the present. Each team will be supported by its own crew of talent. The Matt Sydal announcement to the event shows that the company is committed to giving its fans important talent to the promotion’s past.

In 2006, Sydal became one-half of the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions alongside Christopher Daniels. Their reign was just over three months. He has a championship pedigree and competing in Ring of Honor over a period of eight years. His time was broken up with the company but the time was still there. By bringing him back also creates new and exciting match possibilities. What would a match with Matt Sydal and PJ Black look like in an ROH ring at Past and Present?