Ricky vs Damien | The Scripture of Saint

The title says it all. Ricky vs Damien. Is it weird that I trained with this guy night in and night out to just have it lead to a smash-mouth throwdown debut? Well, if that’s what you were expecting, then you’re in for it. On the morning of June 28th, I woke up knowing that I was going into battle with one tough S.O.B. I couldn’t even describe really what I was feeling, though. Knowing and feeling are two different things in my book. This is the tale of Ricky vs Damien.

Like, you know when something bad is going to happen, but you can’t register the feeling yet. I knew going into this matchup that it would be a war. I’m getting ready that morning, waiting for my ride to arrive, and all I can think about is what it took to get to this spot: the hard work, the struggle of being in pain, and the agony of past regret. I was starting to get into my head a little bit in a very bad, bad light.

What if I mess this up or get caught up in all the emotions? This bout was supposed to be a hard-hitting affair, and what if I didn’t deliver? One thing was certain, I wasn’t going to let this get in my way. I decided to hit the gym beforehand and get the most intense workout of my life in. Sounds weird, I know, But I felt a lot more prepared and in a headspace, I never thought I could possibly get to.

Ricky Bronson vs Damien Saint
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Possession stated correctly means:

“the state of having, owning, or controlling something.”

I feel as though after I had this hard work out, I wasn’t necessarily myself. I was a whole different entity & I knew going in that I needed a spark. This was it. I remembered back to why I wanted to do this in the first place. Ricky’s trash talk also helped, too, as he was preparing for this just as hard as I was. I ended up getting out of the gym and into the car to leave for The Vault and thought to myself,

“I’m bringing everything I got.”

I knew that Ricky was thinking the same exact thing. What will happen when we come face to face in that squared circle? Have you ever watched a Thunderstorm roll in? The darkness.. how anxious you can feel…

That is the feeling that I wanted everyone to have. As I was riding along towards The Vault, I was focused and centered in on what and how I was going to dismantle this Motocross riding, beer drinking, lady swinging meathead. He has all the credentials to be an amazing superstar. I would not let myself or what I have created be a stepping stone for him to get to that next level as I was just as fierce and just as hungry as he was at that time. Especially when opportunities were not at large because of Covid-19.

Ricky vs Damien

When I say we both were going to kick each other’s a**es, it was completely and utterly real. Not that we had an utter disrespect toward each other, but because we both wanted to come out of this bout with a sealed victory. Winning is not everything in my eyes but to my alter ego… The Dark Prince… it most certainly is.

One, because it’s to prove a point. Two, because I don’t mind taking out my anger and pent-up aggression on others. I got out of the car to go to the front door of the IPW dojo. I had flashbacks of my training and all of what I have created up to this point.

In the locker room, everyone, and I mean literally everyone, was shaking my hand and telling me that this is going to be special – or that this is my time – or this is Ricky’s time to destroy you. Then he walked into the locker room, Ricky Bronson. I walked towards him, and we were face to face. I asked him one simple question.

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“Are you ready for what’s to come?”

And as only Ricky can be, he answers,

“You’re damn right, baby.”

We parted ways and got ready for our battle.

This bout is set for one fall and introducing… Damien Saint. And his opponent… Ricky Bronson. The time had come. The bell rings, Ricky and I would lock up for the first time ever. We stared each other down, both knowing this would be a debut for two superstars that will be discussed among IPW faithful. I decided to take advantage as his back is turned.

For a couple of reasons… One, Ricky is smart and a very mechanical and methodical wrestler. Two, I am better with the ground and pound. Once you’re down and out, I keep you on the ground. Laying in strike after strike to my sworn enemy, Ricky continued getting back up. I yelled,

“Stay Down. Stay Down.”

But he kept getting up. The heart and willpower of this human were unreal. He hit me with some jabs at one point, and it all caught me off guard. He hit the ropes, and I sat down before giving him the strongest back elbow of my life.

Finally, down and out again. Time to finish him. This guy decided to ramp it up again. I missed a moonsault, and he hit me with a solid DDT. Then, both of us come to our feet and have an exchange that I will always remember because he is giving it his all in this moment. Boy, was I in for a fight as it sparked Ricky into a rage.

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Even though Ricky tore his shoulder literally out of place, I must give him credit. He has balls. He has grit a lot of others don’t have in this business. Wrestling isn’t ballet, and he proved that repeatedly. As the match ended and he was victorious, I knew this wasn’t the last time I was going to be center stage with this man one on one.

Ricky Bronson truly was one of my favorite matches. As far as an in-ring competitor, despite my shortcomings and willingness to win at all costs, he came out with the W. The only thing that crossed my mind was how he tore his shoulder out. As much as we hated each other, I felt empathy towards him because of the hard work and dedication he had put in to get here. The guy truly is as tough as nails. I cannot wait to step into the ring with him once again and show him what I’m truly made of now.

He’s got another thing coming.

Long story short, this match is very special, and you could probably understand why I would be anxious and nervous or out of my own mind. But once I dug down deep and remembered who the F**k Damien Saint is, and it all came full circle. This was special to me because we both wanted this so badly, and we have both worked very hard to get to where we are.

Ricky Bronson, I hope you read this and know I can’t wait to be toe to toe with you again, and I hope you’re ready for another battle because we’re just getting started. The Dark Prince is always lurking and always ready. This was the tale of Ricky vs Damien.