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Wrestling is just the beginning. I was watching “Ready Player One” the other day, (highly recommend it if you haven’t watched) and I realized that I just love to get lost in these deep limitless worlds. It made me realize that’s what wrestling is!

It’s this never-ending story filled with spectacle and emotion and connection. There’s so much out there, whether it’s WWE or NJPW or Impact or ROH or AEW or your local independent promotion.

Social Media has changed everything. Wrestling’s always been an escape but now you no longer have to wait until Monday Night to do so. You can build your entire life around it. You can follow your favorite stars religiously, you can build friendships and businesses around it. Podcasts. Vlogs. Live streams. Hangouts. It’s now this digital world where you don’t have to be a closeted fan anymore because it’s brought everyone together.

And now that we’re all together…we have the power and ability to shape it and fix it. For too long, industry “experts” have pushed their narratives and opinions on how they view the product. And unfortunately now for several years, it’s been delivered in a very negative tone. And I fully believe that this constant bashing and picking apart of the industry and fantasizing about how it could be better has given a lot of fans a very skewed perception of what’s going on.

Wrestling’s bigger and better than it’s ever been. Inside the ring, no matter where you tune in, bell to bell…this is the greatest generation of talent to ever exist.

Wrestling has evolved so much over the years. There are so many options for content. There is so much opportunity for wrestlers and promoters and fans. You used to only have 4-5 hours a week. And now it’s an endless stream and you can pick and choose what you watch. It’s amazing and life-changing!

And tastes have evolved too. Just like the real world. People have different likes and interests and favorites. Some like characters, others a mat-based style, others prefer high flyers. Maybe you hate storylines that target a mainstream audience, but that’s fine because there are 100 other shows you can tune in to.

We need to realize that people like what they like. It doesn’t make them wrong or stupid. They just like what they like. So leave them to enjoy their corner of the world, and you enjoy yours. We don’t need to argue or try to educate people on why their preferences are inferior. We just need to embrace the fact that there’s so much wrestling, so much of a variety of wrestlers and so many different shows that we all don’t have to watch the same thing and yet, we can all enjoy the same thing. This is just the beginning.

Over the last few years, some serious groundwork has been built for the future of pro wrestling and to me, it’s so exciting. There’s so much potential. It’s brought the wrestling world so much closer together. It’s allowed everyone to dive deeper into fandom and form meaningful, memorable connections with wrestlers and fans alike. It allows us all to bond over our passion when 10-15 years ago, we were ashamed to wear a shirt or talk about what happened that week. It’s an exciting time and a huge culture shift in what it means to be a fan. More and more celebrities are coming out as wrestling fans, making it cooler by the day.

This is just the beginning. The connections, the content, the people. The wrestling world is changing. It’s created a whole world of opportunity for guys like me who are in the middle of nowhere with slim chances of getting noticed. So I’m going to take this opportunity and run with it and create a blueprint of how to do it. I’ve already made so many new friends and my process and journey is just getting started. It’s still brand new. This is a dream for so many and I’m so damn lucky that I’m able to live it and I want to share it with all of you. The ups and downs and twists and turns and the process and the grind and all of it. Because the human side of this whole thing is so interesting.

We’re all lost in this world together, embracing the same form of entertainment as our escape. So let’s make a commitment, together, to embrace others who enjoy the same things that we do without criticizing the why & how. Let’s not ruin someone else’s fun. Let’s work together to build the absolute best, positive, open fan base surrounding our favorite thing in the world. Wrestling…this is just the beginning

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Again to reiterate, this is what you make of it. I spent countless hours in my youth complaining and arguing and debating and it did nothing for me. By being open and inclusive, it’s opened me up to so many new people and platforms. This is all for networking, so be nice, be courteous, and be friendly. This is just the beginning.

Take care, see ya next time!

Social Media Superstar, Glitch in the System. Made my pro debut in 2011 with PCW (Premier Championship Wrestling, most notable as Kenny Omega’s home promotion) and since then have amassed 4 Canadian Championships (more than anyone for more days than anyone) and a Golden Ticket Premier Rumble victory. Over the years I realized that we are so geographically challenged that the old way of “making towns” wasn’t going to work so I had to find my own way to succeed and social media was the way to go. So I’ve doubled down on my efforts and with a vlog, podcast (and now blog), I’m hoping to not only share my personal journey with others, but inspire viewers, listeners & readers to go after what they want in life by breaking the old rules and making new ones like myself.