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It’s hard a lot of times to grasp the concept of “being in the bubble” when you are in it. It’s your environment and it’s how you understand the world. It is your world. However, once you become aware of the bubble and it’s space, and also understand that there are other bubbles and knowledge outside of them, you can really have a more empathetic understanding of concepts & cultures. The bubble that I want to burst for you, is the wrestling bubble. How do we break outside the bubble?

Names like Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch & Kenny Omega are household names in your world. They are in your thoughts every day, they are part of your conversations online and with any friends that enjoy wrestling with you. These are some of the biggest wrestlers stars in the world. And yet, when you talk to a stranger on the street and mention any of these names, they won’t have any context or knowledge. These people have millions following them on social media, watching them on television, and wearing their merchandise. And yet, that only accounts for 0.00002% (my math could be slightly off) of the world’s population. So yes, those are the biggest stars in YOUR world, but not THE world.

How Do We Break Outside The Bubble?

I’m not pointing this out to be negative or harsh towards pro wrestling. I just want to point out the sheer lack of awareness & understanding of wrestling, even at the highest level! Those people have teams & companies that work every day at trying to make these people global superstars and while they have succeeded to some degree, they’re not at the same level as The Rock, Steve Austin, or Hulk Hogan. And while those are the biggest examples possible to give you context, the real question I want to pose to you, is what about us little guys on the independent scene? What about the most microscopic of independent scenes that has no reach outside of the attendees for it’s events? And the bloggers? And the podcasters? How do we grow that bubble? How do we expand awareness for ourselves so that you know who we are?

Once you understand that you’re in a bubble and that there’s room for growth. You need to start creating content. You already are. Your match, your blog, your podcast is content. But it’s very niche content. Nobody knows who you are, nobody values your opinions, nobody has a connection with you. Not a whole lot of people will sit there to consume your 20-minute match, or your 2-hour podcast, or have the attention span to be willing to read your blog. This is where believing in yourself and not giving up because of numbers is very important to create a future in this for yourself.

You have to be true to you.

People psychologically are attracted to other humans and their stories. It’s the way we are wired. So they may not consume your content at first, but they are more likely willing to consume you as a person via social media. Voicing your opinions in short form, your stories, your interest, your life, ALL OF THAT is the gateway towards making a connection. And as time passes, more of these connections will be made with these people until that connection turns into a relationship. Over time, your truths will be your brand. People can sense when you’re being fraudulent or fake. Over time you will get caught in your lies or disingenuity and that connection or relationship will be broken because you’ve lost their trust. So be 100% committed and devoted towards being yourself.

Now over time, once these connections have been built and you’ve made some real friendships, you may get a few who are willing to consume your content. You’ve now grown your bubble, and all you had to do was be yourself. Sounds easy enough, but how can you scale that? How can you increase the speed at which people discover you?

By creating more content, of course.

Micro-content is key. Don’t beg for consumption either. Just create it. Little short form pieces of your long form content. Maybe it’s a clip from your match or promo, maybe it’s a quote from your latest blog, maybe it’s an image containing that quote from your latest blog, or a photo from your match, or a video clip containing audio from your latest podcast, or a written quote from your podcast.

People could consume that and say, “oh, that sounds interesting. I want to find out more.” or “wow, that looks amazing. did you see the crowd’s reaction? I’ve got to check out the rest of this match.” or even, “wow, that’s an interesting take, I’ve got to read and get more context to this topic.”

Now, instead of just appealing to your subscribers, or the live crowd, or your friends & family…you are creating a network of like-minded individuals who enjoy you for being you. You’re not cold calling these people to try and make a sale, you are building relationships around your passions, which leads to awareness, which leads to consumption.

At the latest PCW event in Winnipeg, I had the chance to sit down with 2 very motivated individuals. We sat down for over an hour discussing our philosophies on wrestling, the bubble, the culture, and so much more. And something was pointed out that is an interesting tidbit to leave you with is this…

Everyone has an origin story. And there’s no path that is wrong. It’s those unique stories that tie us together, which makes us relatable, which makes us a favorite among the sea of unique personalities. By telling that story, by being true to yourself, you are so much more than that one-dimensional person in which people feel like they’re interacting with online. You become real. You become multi-faceted and you become interesting.

How Do We Break Outside The Bubble?

That’s how you grow your bubble. That’s how you expand your audience. You’re never going to be known by absolutely everyone. Even The Rock can’t do that. He’s damn good at it, but not everyone knows him. So while you can’t convince your next door neighbor to come to a wrestling event or read your latest blog or subscribe to your podcast, there are many out there who will relate to you, who will be interested in your story, and who will enter that bubble. It’s just a matter or producing the content for a larger audience and being true to yourself.

In the last 9 months, I’ve developed my gimmick of the Social Media Superstar & The Glitch In The System into an online brand preaching positivity & the pursuit of your passions. It’s allowed me to become the first Winnipeg non-contracted wrestler to open up a Pro Wrestling Tees Store ( If you’re interested in following my journey and seeing how I do it, it’s very easy to find me. This was How Do We Break Outside The Bubble?


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