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In my last article, I had the opportunity to share my story and how I’m doing my part in trying to “Change The Wrestling World”, but now it is all about creating captivating content. In it, I explained how I’ve used my social media channels to help create awareness of myself and tell my story. I wanted to dive more into that process & how it’s worked for me so any content creators, or people on the fence about starting a YouTube channel, can take something away from my experiences. Here we are creating captivating content.

When I started my YouTube channel back in 2009, I had no plan. I would throw up my matches & promos basically, and that’s it. Traffic wise, it did nothing for me but it was better than what everyone else in the area was doing. Almost no one was using YouTube or making any sort of videos to help promote their matches.

Heck, I remember telling Kenny Omega how he needed a Facebook page because social media was a huge way to connect with your audience & a great way to share content. He knew it. And while he didn’t hop on the Facebook bandwagon, YouTube became instrumental in his career. Whether it be his Falls Count Anywhere Match with Mike Angels, him wrestling a 9-year-old girl, or Being The Elite…it became a platform for him to entertain an audience that otherwise, may have never heard of who he is.

That “Anywhere Match” with Mike Angels, is what got his first match with Kota Ibushi & began the “Golden Lovers” journey in DDT. Before that, Kenny wrestled monthly in Winnipeg & had been booked sparingly in JAPW, PWG & ROH. He understood he needed to grow his name value, get the right people’s attention, and he knew where he wanted to go do it…Japan.

And while I don’t have the attention of an entire nation on me or a controversial video to go viral, I have made my mark through my channel. I’m known locally for my YouTube videos now. I’ve been able to connect with people all throughout Canada, the United States, Germany, Australia & more because of it. I’ve built up followers that are interested in my journey because I have consistent, unique content.

Creating Captivating Content
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I said in my last blog that I realized I needed to tell MY story. So that’s what I’ve started doing on a WEEKLY basis. When working for an independent promotion or several, you don’t have all the creative freedom in the world. Sometimes you don’t even know who you’re wrestling until you get to the venue that night. So the biggest concern most have is, if I don’t know what I’m promoting, how can I film/write anything? My advice is, you should be promoting yourself. It’s exactly what I’ve done & it’s worked wonders.

That way if I have no clue what’s coming up next, I can just speak about myself or come up with content for that week based off what’s happened before. And by having more footage to play with by recording myself at the events in the ring, as well as backstage, I have the opportunity for many more stories to tell. Albeit, possibly controversial to some. Let me explain…

I understand that kayfabe is dead for most. But I also believe that, at the moment, you can make any fan believe, if you’re entertaining enough. So, in some of my vlogs, you’ve been able to see myself & my opponent going over & planning our match before going out there. Something, to the best of my knowledge, that has never been done before!

I think it’s intriguing. It’s appealing to an audience that wants to see & know more. But it doesn’t kill the magic. Instead, I think it elevates it. You’re seeing a genuine team effort behind our performances & allows you to build a deeper emotional connection with what’s going on in the ring. It’s allowed me to shift from the top heel into a great babyface that has built a following brick by brick.

You get to see the backstage meetings, guys warming up for their match, myself included. One of the most talked-about videos showed that after a grueling match, myself and my opponent hugged & thanked each other for such an amazing match. It naturally showed the bond that forms between wrestlers after creating magic together with an audience that’s engaged in their efforts. In doing so we are creating captivating content.

Unique is an understatement!

Diversity is another big key to my vlogs I believe. One week you’ll get a promo, one week you get behind the scenes footage, another time you’ll see me on the road, another is a match, and another can be some inspirational or motivational video where I speak to you. It really mixes it up and keeps things fresh so they don’t go stale.

Consistency, as I stated earlier, has also helped. By posting a vlog every Wednesday, I’ve conditioned people following my videos to always expect one that day. I do add bonus content from time to time, say full matches or promos, or old footage, or me playing some video games while talking wrestling throughout it. But by being there every single week for the past 40 weeks, it’s helped retain & grow an audience.

Spreading the message has been the hardest. I got a little lucky in the beginning with my vlog. To create captivating content around yourself, when you’re not anyone’s favorite wrestler just yet, is the biggest challenge. However, week by week by sharing my journey whether it be the physical, mental, or emotional struggles, people have identified with it and caught on. And it also doesn’t hurt to ask either, which is something I’m currently doing.

I’m on the path to 500 subscribers and just a little over 100 short of that goal for my birthday (August 6th). But I’m not afraid to give back when asking because I love helping content creators like myself. So everyone who’s subscribed so far has been subbed back in some form or fashion. I’m going to purchase one of my Pro Wrestling Tees shirts to send to the winner of a draw. Not bad of a deal.

I explained how I’m geographically challenged with not many promotions within a 12-hour driving radius for me. So the best I can do to spread my name out there is by creating more content. I do so more than anyone or any promotion in Canada. With my weekly vlog, bonus content, blog, daily podcast & more we are creating captivating content.

And so I’m hoping that you do me the biggest favor in the world by subscribing to my channel & hopefully you can not only enjoy my videos but learn from it & connect with me so I can help you out if you’re struggling as a content creator.

Getting me to 500 subscribers gives me the fighting chance to get recognized by a lot of people. And sometimes the right people! That could lead to opportunities for AEW, WWE, IMPACT, MLW or anywhere for that matter! All I’m asking is for the chance to be able to entertain you for free. Each and every week (for 5 or so minutes) by creating captivating content.

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Good luck on creating your own content & trying to raise awareness for your brand! It’s not easy & takes a lot of work. I appreciate you taking interest & reading this whole blog. So until next time, have a great day & please share it if you can via your social streams by creating captivating content. Thanks!

Social Media Superstar, Glitch in the System. Made my pro debut in 2011 with PCW (Premier Championship Wrestling, most notable as Kenny Omega’s home promotion) and since then have amassed 4 Canadian Championships (more than anyone for more days than anyone) and a Golden Ticket Premier Rumble victory. Over the years I realized that we are so geographically challenged that the old way of “making towns” wasn’t going to work so I had to find my own way to succeed and social media was the way to go. So I’ve doubled down on my efforts and with a vlog, podcast (and now blog), I’m hoping to not only share my personal journey with others, but inspire viewers, listeners & readers to go after what they want in life by breaking the old rules and making new ones like myself.