RevPro Uprising 2022 Review

On Saturday, December 17th, 2022, Rev Pro aired their big show RevPro Uprising 2022, on their streaming site. We had 7 matches, with the main event being Will Ospreay went 1-on-1 with Tomohiro Ishii & we got 3 title matches.

RevPro Uprising 2022
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RevPro Uprising 2022
British CuriseWeight Title Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match

Luke Jacobs (c) vs. 2022 British J Cup Winner Robbie X vs. Dan Moloney vs. Will Kraven

The match starts off with Dan Moloney & Luke Jacobs teeing off on each other, followed with chops as Moloney drew first blood on Jacobs. Robbie X couldn’t capitalize as he literally ran into a back-body drop, while Will Kaven got kicked off the apron by a dominant Moloney. A wild running forearm from Jacobs took himself and Moloney to the outside as Kaven & Robbie X took to the ring, and it wasn’t good going for Kaven at first.

Kaven scored a rebound Saito suplex off the ropes to Robbie X, who fought back only to have his handspring caught as things spilled outside, where Robbie X ended up nailing a springboard Molly Go Round into the pile. Back inside, Kaven ate a sit-out side slam from Jacobs, who got blindsided by Moloney’s sunset flip stomp as Jacobs and Moloney continued to go back & forth.

Jacobs manages to roll in an ankle lock, then sat down on Moloney’s attempt to roll free, and there’s the 1st elimination. Moloney tries a cheap shot but got super kicked to the outside as Kaven pounces on Jacobs. Robbie X cuts off Kaven but gets sent flying to the outside as Kaven’s teardrop suplex sent Jacobs down. We have a springboard dropkick from Robbie X as he brought himself back in while the 3 Amigos left Kaven down for a running shooting star press that almost won it.

A handspring cutter from Robbie X took care of Kaven, but Kaven rolls outside as Robbie X went after Jacobs instead, trading forearms off the ropes until Robbie floated out of a German suplex and returned with an enzuigiri. The tit-for-tat continues until Jacobs waffled Robbie X with a lariat and a powerbomb for a near fall.

Kaven slides back in and went for Jacobs’ hair, only to get sent outside Dan Moloney rushes back in to hit a spear and a Drilla on Jacobs, planting the champion as Will Kaven then got shoved into the ring to score the easy pin. We’re down to Robbie X & Will Kaven.

Robbie X ends up getting sent outside via Kaven’s Cactus Clothesline he’s then sent into the railings before a dropkick stopped Kaven in his tracks. Back inside, Robbie X scored with a Spiral Tap for a near fall before Kaven snapped in with a dragon suplex, then a 2nd one onto the side of the ring.

Robbie X’s held on the ropes for a flying knee from Kaven, but he ends up catching Kaven with a Pele kick as Kaven was up top. Kaven grabs the referee to block an X Claymation, then tried to snatch a win with a low blow and inside cradle, getting a near fall out of it before a spike piledriver forced another near fall on Robbie X.

Kaven heads up top for a superplex, but Robbie X fought free and countered with a stomp for a near fall before an X Clamation was countered with a roll-up but the 2nd time’s the charm, and that’s enough for just a one-count, then Robbie X connects with a Package Tombstone Piledriver gets the win.

Winner: AND New British CuriseWeight Champion: Robbie X

RevPro Uprising 2022
Southside Women’s Title Match

Kanji (c) vs. Dani Luna

The match starts off with Dani Luna rag dolls Kanji to the mat with a waist lock before Kanji found her wristlock getting punched away. On the mat, Kanji opts to throw some kicks to Luna, who ended up getting taken down as some palm strikes picked up a two-count for Kanji. A Tiger Feint Kick in the corner from Kanji misses, as standing switches ended with Kanji getting charged throat first into the ropes.

Kanji’s whipped corner 2 corner into the buckles as Luna picked up another two count, before Kanji began to fight back with chops and a whip into the corner of her own but Dani snapped right back with a sliding Flatliner for a near fall. A superkick helped Kanji back in it, as did a series of forearms to the lower back as Luna was kept by the ropes.

A springboard forearm helps Kanji on the way to a two count, before she pulled Luna into the triangle armbar but Luna rolled over to get a two count and break the hold. Luna’s slingshot Blue Thunder Bomb nearly wins it but Kanji resumes her focus on the back of Luna, before she missed a back elbow and instead rana’d Luna and herself to the outside.

Kanji & Luna trade blows on the floor, but Luna gets posted as both women narrowly beat the count out while Kanji’s slingshot spear almost took her to the win. A triangle armbar follows, but Luna manages to pull her way free and break the hold with a Darkness Falls, scores the win.

Winner: AND NEW Southside Women’s Champion: Dani Luna (11:32)

After the match, British Women’s Champion Alex Windsor went to the ring to console Kanji, who pushed away the offer of a handshake.

RevPro Uprising 2022
British Tag Team Title Street Fight

Greedy Souls (c) vs. Sunset Machine 

Greedy Souls sling the British Tag Team Champions at Sunset Machine before the bell, as we start with other belt shots as Greedy Souls took off their leather belts and whipped Sunset Machine with them. TK Cooper takes his belt, while Chuck Mambo snatched one from Jones as Greedy Souls got a taste of their medicine.

Cooper spears Brendan White off the apron while Mambo’s flip dive took out the Greedy Souls as the two teams fought around ringside, with Mambo clocking Jones with the British Tag Team Title shot. White disconnects a barrier and used it to charge Cooper into the ring post before Mambo made the save and smashed into a ring light as they flipped the barrier into White. A bloodied Danny Jones gets chopped around ringside as Sunset Machine slowly took things towards the stage, but a back body drop from Jones saw Cooper crash into the walkway.

Up on the stage Greedy Souls get shoved into each other, before a low blow from White stopped a Designated Driver off the stage and allowed Greedy Souls to bounce Mambo onto the ramp with a bodyslam. Back at ringside, Mambo’s smashed in the back with a chair, as a kendo stick then came into play which Mambo snatched then attacks Greedy Souls with the kendo stick.

Jones cut off Mambo with a Snake Eyes onto the guard rails, before Mambo took a kendo stick shot to the back for a two count back inside. We’re back into the crowd as Danny Jones threw Mambo into the wall, joined by Brendan White as they brawled back towards the stage where TK Cooper popped up out of nowhere as he dove over the commentary team to wipe out Greedy Souls.

Back at ringside, White’s got a chair for Cooper but Mambo’s back as White’s double-teamed en route to a Coast 2 Coast through a chair. A parade of stuff breaks out as both team were in the ring, leading to Mambo hooking White in the ropes so TK could whale him with a kendo stick to the midsection.

Jones saves his partner with a chair shot to TK before he just flung the chair at an airborne Mambo. Greedy Souls slingshot Mambo into a chair shot after that, as Cooper found himself isolated for a spell. It led to Jones teasing a piledriver through a chair, but a Reef Break from Mambo puts Danny through it for a two count instead as all 4 men brawled some more.

Brendan’s thrown into a chair that’d been wedged in the corner, with a frog splash and a TK shooting star press almost leading to a third title change of the night but White kicked out at two. Danny Jones returns to block another crack at the Designated Driver as he hit TK with a turnbuckle hook, before Mambo took another shot with it for a near fall. The turnbuckle’s used to stretch Mambo in a crossface with Jones using the hook to stretch Mambo’s mouth.

Cooper went to make a save with a kendo stick but Jones stopped him with a piledriver before Jones used the back of a chair to choke out Cooper until both Sunset Machine passed out.

Winners: AND STILL British Tag Team Champions: Greedy Souls

RevPro Uprising 2022
Zack Sabre Jr vs. Leon Slater

The match starts off with grappling as Leon Slater instantly played Zack Sabre Jr’s game, only to get taken into the ropes as ZSJ broke cleanly.

A wristlock takes Slater to the mat, but he’s able to get free and trade arm drags with ZSJ, who countered and then stopped him with headscissors on the mat. Kipping up, Slater takes Sabre outside with a dropkick, but ZSJ moves away from Slater’s teased dives, hiding behind the lighting rig as Slater then baited ZSJ back into the ring.

Uppercuts and forearms from ZSJ took Slater to the corner, where he then stood on Slater’s head. An arm whip keeps Sabre in control as he went back to the wrist then stomped on the elbow as Leon was forced to fight back eventually cracking ZSJ with an enzuigiri.

Slater’s caught in the ropes as ZSJ scissored him with a dragon sleeper, but obviously that wasn’t going to get the win Slater’s dropped to the outside, before he rolled right back into Sabre, who grounded Slater with more headscissors, adding a half crab like stretch to the mix. Getting back to his feet, Slater’s chops lulled him into a false sense of security as Sabre Jr stuck back before some front kicks from Slater left ZSJ on his ass.

A handspring back elbow keeps Slater ahead, but his attempt to pull up ZSJ earned him a Front Chancery which Slater countered out of with a Twister Suplex. Leon added a high crossbody for a two count before he caught ZSJ with an Octopus Hold which ended as well as you’d think. ZSJ powers out then stomped Slater’s knees into the mat before a Boston Crab was lock in.

Hand walking to the ropes Slater forces a break as he came back with a slap which ZSJ tries to come back from, only to eat a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. The Swanton 450 follows but ZSJs up at two and took another PK as Slater looked to be on course for an unlikely win.

Sabre caught a PK from Slater then returned that palms trike from earlier as a dragon suplex nearly put Slater away as did a PK before Slater tried his luck with a European Clutch. Sabre kicks out and throttles Slater into a scissored dragon sleeper, then a cross armbar as Slater was forced to tap out.

Winner By Submission: Zack Sabre Jr

RevPro Uprising 2022
British Heavyweight Title Match

Zak Zodiac (c) vs. Great O Khan

Zodiac is defending on behalf of Ricky Knight Jr

Match starts off with a lock up that takes Great O Khan into the ropes where he played with his braid as Zak Zodiac broke cleanly. Knight scuttles out as O Khan went to take things to the mat, before another lock up into the ropes ended with Zodiac chopping on the break. Ricky Knight Jr tries to chase O Khan to the outside but gets trapped in the ring apron as O Khan choked Zodiac with his braid.

RKJ grabs the ring bell as O Khan went to work on Zodiac’s left arm, before a return to the ring allowed O Khan to choke Zodiac with the braid. A splash to the left arm sees O Khan continue to mock RKJ while Mongolian Chops in the corner kept things going in the challenger’s favour.

Zodiac fights back, chopping down O Khan ahead of a whip into the ropes and a follow up dropkick he then beat O Khan to the punch before a missed chop allowed O Khan back in with the Sheep Killer. A Judo throw has Zodiac down afterwards, as O Khan then offered himself up for strikes with them trading clotheslines back & forth.

A throat thrust from Zodiac led to a hanging clothesline from O Khan in return before O Khan went back to the arm of Knight. Zodiac’s repeatedly bounced into the top turnbuckle as O Khan worked the wrist some more which the ropes saving Zodiac after some help from RKJ. Knight’s backhand and shotgun dropkick looked to turn it around, sending O Khan outside for a dive with RKJ throwing in a shot at O Khan that drew in security and gave Zodiac a chance to moonsault off the top into the pile.

A diving headbutt from Zodiac looked to get a visual pin, but Gideon Grey distracted the referee as everyone looked to eject RKJ from ringside with the ref still distracted, Zodiac called for a Crucifix Bomb, but O Khan slips out and hit a face claw spin-out slam for a near fall.

O Khan goes back to the arm as he bit away on Zodiac’s wrist before RKJ wandered back out. RKJ tried to bait the ref into DQing Zodiac, but the match continued with Zodiac hitting a spear for another near fall. O Khan sidesteps a leap off the top rope from Knight but couldn’t get The Eliminator off but did manage to hit a pump handled version of The Eliminator, gets the job done.

Winner: AND NEW  British Heavyweight Champion: Great O Khan

After the match, Gideon Grey demanded that RKJ hand Great O Khan the British Heavyweight Title, but instead, RKJ pulled Gideon into a headbutt before Lucian Phillips joined in. Zak Knight makes the save with a Kendo stick, as The Legion/United Empire lot left with their tails between their legs.

Michael Oku vs. Connor Mills

Michael Oku & Connor Mills met on the entranceway, fighting before Oku’d made it to the ring. When we got going, the scrap continued until Oku blocked Mills’ rebound lariat by turning it into a half crab in the ropes. That’s added to with a Fosbury Flop as Oku wiped out Mills on the floor, but staying out there led to Oku hitting a Cactus Clothesline, sending he & Mills into the crowd.

Moving around the crowd barriers, Oku went for a springboard but Mills caught him and suplexed him across the rails. Kicks followed as Oku then hit the ring and tope’d into the back of Oku, which sent him crashing into the crowd, wiping out Joshua James in the process.

Back in the ring Oku’s caught with a missile dropkick for a two count, before Mills began to pepper Oku with kicks. An Irish whip bounces Oku upside down into the corner after that, while uppercuts, clotheslines and kicks sank Oku to the mat for a one count. Avoiding a stomp to the ankle Oku fights back to his feet and took Mills into the corner for some forearms then some stomps as Mills avoided a half crab.

A trip to the top rope sees Oku go for a superplex but Mills fights free only to get drill with a avalanche jackhammer then Oku adds a pair of running dropkicks to take down Mills then a springboard moonsault for a two count before Mills pushed out of a half crab.

Missed kicks from Mills led to both men clobbering each other with clotheslines, but it’s Mills who pushes ahead before a Pele kick took Mills into the ropes for the misdirection knee. Mills keeps on with the rebound attempts and finally hits a rebound lariat for a two count before a Millshot drew a near fall on Oku.

Mills heads up top as he teases a 450 splash Oku rolls away, but couldn’t avoid a frog splash or some ground and pound as Mills headed outside and began to look for something but founds a towel, so he could give it to Amira at ringside so she could give up for Oku.

Stomps from Mills baited a stoppage, as he then mocked Oku’s half crab setup forcing Oku to crawl towards the rope for the break. Mills stops him for some stomps to the head, prompting Amira up onto the apron. She refuses to throw in the towel as a distracted Mills wandered into an inside cradle for a near fall as Oku then put the half crab on but Mills crawls over to the corner and grabbed hold of Amira by the hair.

Oku pulls Mills away from the ropes, which unknowingly to him also dragged Amira in; letting go of the hold opened up Oku for a low blow from Mills, who followed up with a Burning Cutter for a near fall as Amira just about pulled the referee out of the ring in time. Frustrated, Mills lashes out as he hit a dropkick through the ropes to send Amira into the guard rails and was quickly sent there himself as a wild torpedo from Oku sent Mills there too.

Oku sees red and took Mills towards the ring post as he sends Mills into the post. Mills comes up red and got rolled back into the ring; he rolls onto the apron, looking to avoid a frog splash, but Oku lands it anyways. Mills narrowly beats a count-out after that, then pled for mercy as Oku loomed over him; then it led to a sucker punch which Oku ducked as a Yakuza Kick in the corner wipes out Mills before the frog splash puts away Mills.

Winner: Michael Oku

RevPro Uprising 2022
Will Ospreay vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Will Ospreay & Tomohiro Ishii locks up to get this match started before they hit each other with forearms before some front kicks from Ospreay earn him a shoulder tackle, but some headscissors take Ishii outside for a plancha? Back inside, Ishii’s knocked into the corner with some elbow strikes before the turnbuckles proved to be no match for Ishii’s head.

Ishii switches around with chops and forearms to Ospreay in the corner, then with some headbutts, as Ospreay found himself very much on the defensive; then, breaking free, Ospreay’s able to hit a handspring enzuigiri to take Ishii down while a Pip Pip Cheerio put Ishii down for a two count.

Ospreay’s able to chop down Ishii, but a slam from Ishii turns the tables the other way as Ishii went back to the strikes only to get caught with a wall flip enzuigiri. A slam is next from Ospreay, but his trip up top was stopped by Ishii, who eventually cracked Ospreay on the top rope with an uprising headbutt. Ishii adds a stalling superplex to the mix bouncing Ospreay off the mat for a two-count.

A hook kick from Ospreay looked to give him some hope, but a lariat and a powerbomb folded Ospreay for a near fall before a sit-out powerbomb moments later bought Ospreay some time. Headbutts and elbows became the order of the day afterwards, then chops before Kawada Kicks from Ospreay continued the barrage. Ishii finds a response as a singular forearm knocked Ospreay back into the buckles.

Snapping back a Cheeky Nando’s catches Ishii off guard, but a follow-up OsCutter’s blocked. A springboard stunner lands but Ishii’s right back with a sliding lariat as the tempo rose. Ospreay’s standing Spanish Fly keeps it going, before an OsCutter finally took down Ishii for a near fall.

Ishii lariats away a Hidden Blade, but Ospreay kicks out and nails it anyway as we’re trading one-counts. A Hidden Blade is ducked before Ishii got the knees up to block an OsCutter off the top following up with a wild lariat that drew another near fall. A reverse ‘rana gets Ospreay some more time, before the Chelsea Kiss and a pop up forearm left Ishii prone for a Hidden Blade for a near fall as it’s time to go for a Storm Breaker.

Ishii escaped the Storm Breaker and hit a headbutt, but a leaping Hidden Blade stopped him again before the Storm Breaker puts Ishii away.

Winner: Will Ospreay


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