#Review WWL High Voltage 05/04/19

One of the things about covering Puerto Rico is that you’ll learn that most of the drama seems to come more from the backstage than from whatever happens on screen. See, last week a peculiar video surfaced showing the WWL Americas Champion Hombre Bestia throwing the title in a garbage bag. Why? He said he did not agree with working a hardcore match for $35. After chatting with both him and WWL, it became clear this was some sort of bid to have another company to give him a bigger paycheck. His agreement was specifically for that amount for any match and yes, he was free to negotiate for bigger pay and just not perform. He wasn’t under contract. However, his video reeked of trying to catch attention. Whatever the fate of the title remains a mystery for now and given how this show is a bit shorter than usual, it seems content had to be cut as a consequence.

The show proper picks up around where it was left last week narratively as Justin Dynamite is taking World Champion BJ to meet up with Star Roger who was mentioned last week. They’re en route on a car and BJ isnt too trusting and asks why do they even need Star Roger for?

Big Daddy Montes, Rodrigo Garcia & King Kandelo (with Akire) vs Fast Forward & DOIT

DOIT is a trio of….. I actually don’t know how to describe them. They have some bright glasses and like to talk about being “the minds of the 5th dimension”. Rodrigo Garcia is a Cuban character and seems to be gathering a faction as he had in CWA.

The match, the only one of the show (hence my belief that content was cut), is pretty basic as the heel trio work Fast Forward for a very long time. Garcia comes in hitting his rival Fast Forward with a Bucklebomb and Inverted Suplex (with lone commentator for the show Axel Cruz calls it a DDT who is WRONG). Kandelo shows he watches NJPW by doing Kenny Omega’s ‘You Can’t Escape’ combination (Rolling Slam/Moonsault) but misses the Moonsault. There’s a bit which I’m not sure if it’s intentional for the match story or just a legit case of someone staying too long, Fast Forward does not go for a tag for a very long time as Axel Cruz calls him out on it. Eventually one of the members of DOIT (they are not very good at identifying these new stars). Both of DOIT attack together and hit several high spots including stereo Topes. However, when they go brawling outside, the heels take control. They seem ready to win but Montes wants the tag, stopping them cold. He wants to get rid of his losing streak even if means stopping the match short. He goes to the top rope for an Elbow Drop but his messing around lets Fast Forward move away. A tag to Andrew Kostaz (the only DOIT member I can identify) lets him pin Montes with a Schoolboy. It was a pretty basic match but not bad as we see the undercard guys stretching their legs.

Image: WWL

The heels get their heat back attacking the winners. On paper, it sounds like the usual “no one gets” over bit however in this case, the heels had the win clearly in their hands until Montes screwed it up.

BJ and Justin arrive at the school of legendary Puertorican wrestling instructor El Martillo.

Back to Montes, he’s storming into the bathroom and begging Rodrigo Garcia for a second chance. Rodrigo finishes taking a leak and tels him that he should go fix his mistake beating Fast Forward for him.

Time for the Heel Corner as Axel Cruz (the other commentator Robert bravo is out sick) discusses the show so far and will announce the full card for Apuesta Letal.

Image: WWL

West Side Mafia say they look for the best competition and look to provide the best performances possible. They know LAX look to do the same. They are the best Puerto Rico has to offer and will face the best in the world to show they’re just as good. Good math I suppose.

Mike Mendoza is at his school training and talks about the importance of training for in-ring competition while discussing how immature BJ and Angel Fashion are, adding that BJ being WWC Champion at the young age of 19 has reduced fans from the thousands to mere hundreds (I found it hilarious that he’s pinning the blame on a one time Champion for somehow killing wrestling as a whole).

Mendoza also talks about the apparent conspiracy he seems to be a part of claiming a man BJ calls “a mummy” told him he will be the next World Champion and is investing in it. They will change wrestling and finally herald the new generation.

We finish up with Justin and BJ finally meeting with Star Roger. Justin claims war is coming in WWL and they need Star Roger. Who along with BJ wonder just what the heck are they supposed to do? Roger wants no part of this apparent war and argues with BJ before they leave. The last scene is a dejected Justin holds his head on his hands.

Image: WWL

The show is more a character piece rather than a full wrestling show. It’s fine to grow their characters but I really wish we’d cover some of the lesser established guys.

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