#Review WWL High Voltage 04/13/19

This is the WWL High Voltage before their next set of tapings titled “Fuera De Control” (Out Of Control). Things have kinda changed since the last episode as a big free agent has been brought in with Justin Dynamite. A very young but very talented second-generation wrestler who was mainly in CWA was crowned Champion but had a falling out with the company.

Also, The Melendez Cousins might be on their way out as they might be moving to the US soon. They aren’t on the next set of tapings and a familiar face has seemingly taken their place. Here is the review WWL High Voltage 04/13/19.

This week’s WWL High Voltage opens with a recap of Mike Mendoza’s turn and leaving his interview to take a phone call.

#Review WWL High Voltage 04/13/19
Image: WWL

We get a promo for the aforementioned Justin Dynamite who should add another layer to the main event scene.

La Milicia (Muhammad Abizaid & Jason Sparks) vs Los Lights (Georgie & Gordy Light)

La Milicia (The Militia) is technically a generic “paramilitary” team. But they’ve shown some very weird quirks in their small appearances. Jason Sparks acts very hyperactively while Abizaid, allegedly Muslim, will start randomly praying on matches in dramatic fashion. The third member of the group Bull Anthony was at another show. As for The Lights, it’s a pair of thick boys. They’re quite athletic though as one does a headstand.

The match itself is quite basic but the crowd gets invested. The Militia get the heat on Gordy, the shortest of the duo, attacking his leg for a good while. Then when Lights mount their comeback, Georgie hits a big Moonsault to the outside followed by a Tope from Gordy before they win with a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam and a Frog Splash it was a very basic undercard match which would be a theme of the show.

#Review WWL High Voltage 04/13/19
Image: WWL

King Kandelo (with Akire) vs Mr. Cage

This one has been building a while as Cage and Kandelo debuted as a makeshift team but failed to get along as both were too arrogant to work together. Cage is the default babyface here but it does not really work well here. The match itself, much like the previous one, is basic and good. However, that shows a bit of an issue as there is no real connection to anyone in this match.

Kandelo tries a Hurricanrana off the top rope but doesn’t get the full rotation. He does hit a successful Tope Suicida. He distracts the ref so his valet, Akire, can kick Mr. Cage a while for heat, but the crowd doesn’t really react. Cage surprises Kandelo by ducking out of the ring and coming back when Kandelo turns around. Kandelo tries a Chaos Theory Suplex but it is very slow. Cage surprises him with a Small Package to win another basic match. This one was supposed to carry a two-month story. It shows the problem of not really developing these lower card guys. We don’t know anything about them or why Akire is with Kandelo when she was with World Champion BJ originally. She doesn’t even speak.

From there we go to The Heel Corner. This week Axel Cruz is joined by broadcast partner Robert Bravo. They run the card for ‘Fuera De Control’ and also announce new matches like Mr. Cage vs El Gentil, the signing of Jack Daniels who is Mike Piconose’s tag team partner and more.

#Review WWL High Voltage 04/13/19
Image: WWL

Mike Mendoza has entered a hotel and is heading out of an elevator.

Kevin Norban vs Mike Piconose

This is match 3 in their series as they are one apiece. Piconose is a long-standing veteran and as already mentioned, his partner is coming back, and they’re being paired off after this. Kevin Norban is a younger face.

The match is a step back from their previous two matches primarily because of time constraints. They rush through spots here though Piconose is selling a bad knee. Unlike last time, it’s not him faking to get an edge. He does manage a low blow behind the refs back though to work over Norban until a Powerslam stops him. Piconose tries a dive but the knee gives out and Norban attacks it and locks a Figure 4. Piconose grabs the ropes but as he’s pulling himself up, a very weak V Trigger knocks him down with Norban winning. A little underwhelming here.

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Mendoza is still at the hotel though we catch a glimpse at who he’s been talking to. It’s Tommy Diablo. A veteran Jr Heavyweight that has been a big midcard stand out the last 15-20 years. He’s been a WWL booker for over a year now and been key with producing the matches.

The overall High Voltage episode shows WWL has a bit of a problem throwing their big matches as soon as possible. Their first episode of this taping cycle were the main and semi-main matches of that taping. The next two weeks had their Tag and mid-card title matches. Then there’s this week which is all the leftovers, leading to a show loaded with prelim matches. It’s a sense of “we have to shoot the good stuff out now” mentality. Heck, they already showed they would do it again for next week. We’ll see BJ vs Ursus, BJ and Mendoza’s contract signing and Hombre Bestia vs Mark Davidson for the Americas title.

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