#Review WWL High Voltage 03/30/19

So this week revealed that WWL has Wrestlemania plans. Well sort of. Their Tag Champs will be around. This week’s episode sees FOUR titles on the line at once in a 3 Way Tag Team match as The Melendez Cousins defend their WWL Tag Titles. The Fugitives defend their CWA Tag titles. While LAX ups the ante putting their House Of Glory and AAW Tag titles on the line as well in this week’s main event. The company tries to re-launch its Women’s division so let’s get to it.

A quick music video recap of last weeks leads into the intro.

Rodrigo Garcia vs Fast Forward

This is an imported storyline from CWA with Rodrigo Garcia antagonizing masked wrestlers. He lost to Fast Forward in a Hair vs Mask match in December. He started hiding his face under a mask and cost Forward the Super Cruisers Championship last month as revenge.

Despite the long history, this turns out to be a short match as Rodrigo tries to fight off his rival only to be surprised by a high spot. Rodrigo hits a Blockbuster early on but Forward fights back with chops. Rodrigo thumbs the eyes but is caught in a Tarantula. He tries pulling on Fast Forward’s mask but gets sent outside for a Tope. However, Rodrigo does find his opening as the referee is distracted for a second. Rodrigo pulls out an unseen object and places it on his mask. He hits a Harley Race-style Diving Headbutt, to the shoulder, and that wins the match. Forward sells the shoulder like he got hit with lead. It makes me wonder if it was magic lead since Rodrigo suffered no blowback from the impact.

#Review WWL High Voltage 03/30/19
Image: WWL

The silliness of how the foreign object is supposed to work aside, this was a fine match. It let the two cut loose a bit and show their stuff. A fine mid-card match.

We get a video on Sweet Nancy talking about training in Japan, Mexico and the US but her home country offers no competition. It hurts her that Women’s Wrestling is in such a poor state and will lead a new generation of women. Nancy very models herself after several Joshi wrestlers like Aja Kong and Bull Nakano with the facepaint. She is the wife of CWA top star Star Roger.

Yaide vs Sweet Nancy

Yaide is a student of Mike Mendoza’s wrestling school which had an unexpectedly successful show this past Saturday. However, this match right here is actually her first full professional wrestling match. Sweet Nancy dominates her completely, ripping the previously thrilled rookie’s t-shirt and hitting her with chops. Sweet Nancy hits a Black Hole Slam but rejects covering to inflict more punishment. She hits a Doink-style Senton but yet again refuses to cover and a Coquina Clutch makes Yaide pass out.

#Review WWL High Voltage 03/30/19
Image: WWL

From there it’s Control Center time with “The Heel Corner” as commentator/radio host Axel Cruz announces BJ vs Mike Mendoza will take place at a future event on May 17 with no location announced. Meaning they are starting to but a bit further ahead. Great news. The next step is securing the buildings well in advance. In these next tapings this coming April 14, they will have a contract signing. Where BJ will face Mighty Ursus in a non-title match. Mike Mendoza will appear on their online ‘recap’ show AfterShock for an interview with ex-TNA Spanish commentator Willie Urbina.

Winner Takes Loser’s Title: CWA Tag Team Champions The Fugitives (Lynx & Niche) vs WWL Tag Team Champions The Melendez Cousins (Victor & Alex Melendez) vs HOG & AAW Tag Team Champions LAX (Ortiz & Santana)

This is LAX’s second match on their home island believe it or not. Facing Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion and Vanilla Vargas when Diamante was still with them. It was without a doubt the best match of 2017 for the island.

We get formal introductions from the ring announcer. Just seeing a ring announcer is a rarity in Puerto Rico but WWL has started to incorporate what should be a very basic element of presentation. I just wish the commentators wouldn’t talk all over it.

This is extremely fast-paced as you would imagine. A lot of throwing people outside to keep the ring clear. LAX are tossed out early so the rivals Melendez and Fugitives can brawl a bit. Victor and Lynx get a spot by themselves in a callback to their previous match where they both got busted open. They even do a headbutt spot to tease it. A Doomsday Device from The Fugitives makes way for LAX to return. Leading to a really weird spot where Ortiz PLANKS on top of Alex.

Alex hits Santana with a Canadian Destroyer and it’s followed by what’s become their signature spot “La Vuelta De Judas” (Judas’ Comearound) as one Cousin Belly To Bellies the other on top of an opponent seated in the corner. They hit it several times but the Fugitives come in and hit their own signature spot. Their version of the Motor City Machine Guns’ Skull & Bones. The Melendez, however, manage to recover and hit their finisher, a Shouten Kai followed by a Frog Splash but LAX breaks it up, clears the ring and hits a Double Monkey Flip Facebuster to win the WWL titles.

#Review WWL High Voltage 03/30/19
Image: WWL

This was a great match, but at the same time, I was actually underwhelmed as I was expecting even more insane action than what I got. No leaping Cannonballs or the Street Sweeper from LAX here sadly but that’s probably a consequence of time. This very much could headline a show (I don’t actually know the match order of this taping so it might have been the main event) and I really hope to see more LAX as they seem quite interested in wrestling for their home going forward. Plus now they get to parade WWL’s titles through the indy scene which is a massive plus for the company. Provided they can eventually put over a new team.

LAX cut a promo backstage saying they are the best in both English and Spanish and if anyone wants to prove them wrong, come try it.

It was a solid show this week as they seem more organized rather than giving you a top-heavy show loaded with just their main event stars and risking later episodes having nothing. There’s a lot to look forward in WWL right now as they very steadily find their footing as a major televised wrestling company.

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