#Review WWC Superstars of Wrestling 03/16/19

WWC is setting itself up for a major show, possibly one before Spring Break (over here called “Holy Week” as it revolves around Easter) which WWC usually runs. The Xavant vs Gilbert feud for the Universal title is setting up its culmination as WWC president Victor Jovica dangles a mystery for us. Who will be the special guest ref? We’ll find out coming out of their tapings next week.

The show as with most weeks opens with host Luis Toledo hyping up the show. “Things are getting hot” he comments. Bit of a silly statement when we’re in the Caribbean and even winter has hot weather.

#Review WWC Superstars of Wrestling 03/16/19
Image: WWC

Gigante Nihan vs Zcion RT1

That’s not a typo, that is the man’s name. A rap fanatic type who’s returning though I believe this match was from months ago. The reason being that while Nihan is very green in the ring, it was far more pronounced here as we see him miss Big Boots, punches and even Knee Drops. The match starts with a really weird visual as it’s static, focused on the ring. Nihan enters. And it just lingers there for over a minute with nothing happening. Then Zcion just appears off the side of the frame. Nihan attacks before the bell and starts hitting the glaring offense I mentioned. Zcion mounts a comeback, Dropkicks the knee and tries a Blockbuster. He glides in one direction while Nihan bumps the opposite way. That ends this rather poor match.

In a pretape, Zcion RT1 claims Puerto Rico Champion Pedro Portillo III will not get his way. Once he beats him he will get an opportunity at his title and take it as he’s wanted to do since coming to WWC.

#Review WWC Superstars of Wrestling 03/16/19

Image: WWC

Portillo responds that he can’t believe anyone can just come in and challenge the top star of this promotion. He’ll make a wild bet and cut his own head off if he loses. I know this company is known for doing some very tasteless things but teasing a beheading is tad excessive. Unless Portillo does a Dullahan gimmick.

El Comandante vs Silver

This match features quite the gap in-ring ability as relative rookie Silver seems to be garnering some very quick fan support while 5-year standout Comandante just struggles with basic moves. Comandante tries to scare fans, letting you know very overtly that he’s a heel as WWC tends to do. Silver tires a Headscissor Takedown but halfway through it Comandante just trips. they go crowd brawling for a long while before returning to the ring and Silver tries a Sunset Flip off the ropes. He tries a Pele Kick, he hits it and Comandante just forgets to react. He did not know what the heck it was. Comandante hits End Of Days, almost falling doing it and that wins the match. This was far worse than the first match given Comandante is supposed to be the veteran. Nihan at least had the excuse that he’s been wrestling less than a year. The designated jobber of this match greatly outshined the established star.

#Review WWC Superstars of Wrestling 03/16/19

Image: WWC

After the match Comandante attacks Silver. He’s a heel. They love reminding you. But it really shines a light at how skewed the priorities are here.

Chicano who is facing Comandante says he’ll take him out of WWC.

WWC Universal Championship: Xix Xavant (c) vs Gilbert

It’s round 2 for these two though the match was nowhere near as good as the first one. It did feature some decent psychology as Gilbert would work on Xavant’s back with a variety of holds and attacks. Backbreakers, Camel Clutch, stomps, etc. Xavant would routinely hit a move to try a comeback only to be quickly cut off for more offense to the back. After a break, the real story of the match begins as Xavant goes for his Gutcheck but accidentally knocks the referee.

A second one comes out, but he’s also knocked out after Gilbert is thrown off the top rope landing on him. A third one arrives after Gilbert uses brass knux and after that fails to win the match, Gilbert shoves that ref down for the DQ. More on, when the ref tries to intervene, Xavant shoves him too. That causes nearly the entire roster to come out to stop them. The story was mostly fine. It’s kind of silly how refs are taken out, but the idea is to build to a mayor guest ref who may or may not be Carlito.

Image: WWC

From there we go to “What’s Happening In WWC”, kind of like the old Superstar’s Control Center. Host Luis Toledo recaps the feud between Jovan and TV Champion Bellito who is at a wrestling school calling Jovan unprofessional.

Toledo then recaps the Xavant/Gilbert rivalry and sends us to the segment where president Victor Jovica announces he’s calling in a special guest ref. Via mail too. Gilbert responds that he’s not a fan of a guest ref being brought in and whoever it is better to behave.

Luis Toledo signs off but we cut to something else. It’s Chicano meeting up with Xavant and telling him he needs to focus and not let Gilbert’s mind-games get to him. Xavant responds that he can handle himself as the show ends.

Image: WWC

It was a rather clunky show. There is not much to carry us for 3 weeks until we get the big reveal of the guest ref and it showed here in the matches. There’s still one more week before the taping and another one before it actually airs on TV so it’s gonna get rougher.

Thank you for reading this review. If you want to check out WWC, they upload their shows to their official YouTube Page Here. If you wish to follow me on social media and see my various escapades, do so here on my Facebook Blog. See You Next Article.

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