#Review WWC Superstars Of Wrestling 02/23/19

We’re back with a review of WWC Superstars of Wrestling, one of the longest-running wrestling promotions on the planet. Though it’s seen far better days. However, it seems like there’s a bit of a bright light ahead for them as they’ve started recruiting wrestlers for their rather depleted roster. The show is emanating from a borough community center for a rather unique look to the show.

We start the show with a cold open. Top heel Gilbert stands in the ring with his group “El Sindicato” (The Sindicate) for his segment cleverly named “Gilbert’s Opinion” and he calls out the WWC Universal Champion Xix Xavant. Now, believe it or not, WWC has had a Universal Champion since 1983. It took on that name after Carlos Colon won the NWA World title from Ric Flair. The current Champion has been attacked in matches by Gilbert since all the way back in October and both have been calling each other out for a match. Xavant comes out armed with a bat as Gilbert sics his group on Xavant who tries to fight them off but after a good while, they catch up to him and attack him. Gilbert poses with the title to close the segment.

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From there we go to show host Luis Toledo who announces the matches for today’s shows as well as the company’s next show in the town of Manati and goes on to the show intro.

Match #1: Steve Joel vs Gran Armando (w/ Gigante Nian). Armando and Nian are a team and members of The Sindicate. They’re two very tall rookie wrestlers. Steve Joel is a veteran who’s wrestled for over 10 years in the various local promotions and is making his return to WWC here. The match itself is quite simple as it’s mainly a showcase for Armando but Joel returning also gets to shine. After hitting a Dropkick Joel tries to Leapfrog. That sadly doesn’t go well and we go to break.

After announcing the card for the Manati show which includes announcing Xix Xavant vs Gilbert for the Universal title, we return to the match with Armando attacking Joel with holds. Nian from the outside helps behind the referee’s back for a good while until Joel avoids an Elbow Drop letting Joel mount his comeback. He hits a nice Spinning Heel Kick for 2 but sadly that doesn’t go far as Armando hits a Running Blockbuster to win the match. He and Nian then stomp on Joel a while to draw out more heel heat. It was a pretty short and simple match as the company seems to be trying to be a little more proactive with it’s match style rather than depending on heel heat and crowd baiting constantly.

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Match #2: WWC Universal Champion Xix Xavant vs Gilbert. Non-title match here as Gilbert finally gets a match with Xavant to show he’s better but not quite the title match he wanted. The match starts basic as Gilbert tries to measure up with Xavant only to be pushed away over and over. Gilbert seems to gain the upper hand over and over, but Xavant is quick to cut him off with a bit of offense. Whether it’s a Dropkick or a Hip Toss. Any attempt by Gilbert to take advantage is met with failure. In between that though, there’s an odd bit where Gilbert goes for an Elbow Drop off the top rope but he falls down clutching his ribs. It never comes into play and Gilbert never sells it again suggesting something legitimately went wrong there. Thankfully he’s fine afterward and the match goes on.

After a break and another plug for the Manati show, now it’s Gilbert controlling the pace. Using Headlocks and Abdominal Stretches to hold down the Champion as was being done to him earlier. He does do a bit where he grabs the ropes behind the refs back during an Abdominal Stretch until he’s spotted and gets kicked by the ref. That lets Xavant go back on the offensive though as Gilbert tries a Cross Body but gets caught. Xavant goes for his finishing move, the Gutcheck, but that cues The Sindicate to come in for a distraction, however, Xavant manages to fend them off and not get touched by them to avoid disqualification in a feat that is extremely impressive by WWC’s usual standards. Gilbert tries to take advantage of going for a pin. He tries a large variety of bridges and cradles but nothing works. Xavant tries the same but also comes up short. Gilbert manages to hit an Irish Curse Backbreaker to go for a cover, but sadly, the clock runs out on him for a time limit draw.

This was one of the most nuanced and detailed matches WWC has put on in a VERY long time. The crux of the match was that they were both completely even. While Gilbert had his stablemates, Xavant was savvy enough to avoid them. They were both capable of holding each other off but neither was capable to finish the other one-off. It was perfect to build up to a rematch with the title on the line. The eternal question of wrestling is “who is better” and this match succeeded in making you wonder that.

Image: WWC

After the match, the two just keep trying to wrestle but are stopped by the rest of the roster as things calm down and we go to break.

Coming back its time for the segment “What’s Happening In WWC”. It’s whatever they feel like doing each week. For this week host, Luis Toledo lets us know that wrestler Chicano failed to appear at their latest taping and we will find out why next week. From there we cut to a promo by his rival Pedro Portillo III. The current Puerto Rican Champion and member of The Sindicate, angry that Chicano would constantly call him a coward. He never failed to miss a show and always faced whoever his opponent was but Chicano ends up being the one who skips out a show.

After recapping TV Champion Bellito (which means Pretty Boy) being attacked by upstart wrestler Jovan, Bellito challengers Jovan to step up and face him face to face instead of attacking him from behind like a coward.

The final bit of the show is Xix Xavant exclaiming that veterans of wrestling have been telling him that Gilbert is playing mind games. The next time they face off, he will prove he’s the better wrestler and why he’s the Universal Champion. From there we cut to Gilbert’s rebuttal who sarcastically commends Xavant for his courage and for stepping up but the title will come back to him soon enough.

Image: WWC

This was quite the step up after a very long time of lacking any real sense of long term storytelling. Despite Gilbert and Xavant having a feud for months, it was simply Gilbert attacking Xavant repeatedly and calling him a coward for months on end. This episode though completely changed everything as it’s now more about who was the better man in the ring and leaving us with the question in mind visually.

As usual, you can watch the show here.
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