#Review: WAC Presents Rated E for Everyone

With a new venue, Without A Cause is making their 9th entry in the promotion’s history, Rated E for Everyone. The VFW Hall has much higher ceilings meaning our highflyers have a lot more room to work with. The venue still had the same amenities, a full bar, snacks, and food. The space was functional, and the audience fit comfortably in the auditorium. With the VFW hall being next door, it was perhaps one of the easiest changes in the venue we’ve ever seen a promotion make!

Without further ado, let’s get down to what happened at Rated E for Everyone!

Match 1
Nick Wayne vs. “Sad Dad” Chris Ross

Rated E for EveryoneFourteen-year-old (Happy Birthday!) Nick Wayne came out into the ring and had the audience eating out of his hands. There is little doubt Nick is already skyrocketing as one of the favorites at Without A Cause. Entering shortly after our young wrestling master was none other than Chris Ross crying and distraught over the loss of his fake sons Travis Williams and Eli Surge. The two turned on him last month. Their departure means the end of the Daddy’s Money faction.

When the bell rang these two athletes locked up. They work one another’s arm with multiple reversals. Nick put on quite a technical display before executing an arm hook flip. Chris Ross cried and yelled out, “That reminds me of my son Travis,” as tears ran down his cheek.

After Chris pulled himself from his ring meltdown, Nick came forward and offered up his hand for a test of strength. Those of you who were not present may not realize that the 14-year-old Nick is not likely much more than a hundred pounds, Chris Ross is easily twice the size of his opponent. As Chris attempted to take Nicks hand. Nick quickly pulled away and offered his hand up in another place. After engaging in a game of denying Chris his chance to engage, Nick pulled some fancy technical work and rolled Mr. Ross up for a two count.

As Chris pulled himself up Nick Wayne managed to get two hurricanerana’s on Mr. Ross in a row. Nick then corners Chris and throws chops. Chris retreats out of the ring and Nick dives out onto him. Nick throws some more chops and when he goes for his second chop Chris quickly moves out of the way and Nicks’ hand hits the Turnbuckle.

Chris takes advantage of his opponents’ pain and gets a hold of Nick. He puts him up in the air and does a backbreaker over his knee. He then followed up with a brutal German Suplex, leaving Nick Wayne motionless on the mat.

Nick rallies and the two throw chops that quickly turn into an exchange of punches. Chris manages to get his hands-on Nick and performs a spinebuster! Chris goes in for the cover. When the ref reached the count of two Nick reaches his foot out and put his foot on the rope.

After the two spend a few moments recovering, Nick gets up and kicks Chris Ross in the face. Chris picks Nick up to set him up for some devastating move. Nick manages to get a reversal and performs another hurricanrana. Nick moves in and gets a two count.

Nick gains momentum off the ropes and Chris Ross comes to his feet. Nick performs a flawless rolling cutter, goes for the cover and gets the three count!

Nick Wayne Wins at Rated E for Everyone!

After the match, Nick returned to the locker room as Chris Ross wallowed on the mat in tears. Jordie Taylor came out and attacks an already defeated Mr. Ross. He then collects a chair from the audience and placed it on Chris’ throat. Jordie then proceeded to demand he be added to the Championship match slated at the end of the card. If he was not allowed into the match he would end “Sad Dad” Chris Ross, once and for all.

Taylor Bartle, the newly anointed Commissioner at Without A Cause, in addition to his ring announcing duties, capitulated and declared Jordie a contender for the belt.

Match 2
“Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. King Khash

Dave Turner and King Khash have never faced off against one another. These two men are big, heavy-hitting masters of their craft. When they came out there was little doubt this was going to be something great. When King Khash offered his hand for a handshake, The Black Sheep offered his middle finger. This pretty much set the tone for the whole match!

The bell rings and these two men lock up. Dave Turner picks Khash up and throws him across the ring. The Persian Prodigy, however, is tenacious and durable. He stands, locks up with Dave and starts working his arm. Khash then arm hook slams Dave and keeps working his arms. Khash then tries to soften Dave up with a few chops and the Black Sheep stared at him as though it was but a minor irritation.

The two bumps neither give. These two musclebound behemoths of wrestling terror would not relent to one another. It was terrifying to see them deliver a bump that would have devastated any normal opponent and stand their ground.

King Khash managed to slam Dave to the mat and threw a few chops. He was setting up his next move when Dave catches Khash in the air and slams him against the mat so hard there was a rather noticeable seismic event in the VFW Hall. Khash retreated to the corner where Dave performed a horrifying double chop. You could see the red spread from Khash’s chest to his face. These two were pissing one another off!

Dave slams Khash against the mat goes in for the cover and gets a two count. Before the King could pull himself together Dave moved in and executed a vicious looking German Suplex. He then started working Khash’s back. Punches, chops and kicks.

The Persian Prodigy managed a reversal with some elbow hits and punches. Dave gets a double slam and starts working Khash’s arm on the mat. King Khash pulls through and punches Dave and follows it by picking up Dave, an enormous man, over his head and slamming him on the mat. Khash followed up this devastating move with a dropkick to the Black Sheep’s face. He then gets Dave in the corner and works him over.

King Khash pummels Dave onto the mat and this executed a flawless cross body slam on Dave. He moved in and got a two count. Khash is furious, he goes in performs a head slam on Dave. How he didn’t come out of that with a concussion is truly miraculous. You could see the Black Sheep was just as furious as Khash.

These two battled it out in the ring. Khash got a dropkick in while Dave returned the favor with a brutal slam on the mat. It was later revealed there was a broken board at the end of the night. It is not clear when exactly that happened, but it would be a reasonable guess it happened during this match.

At one point, Dave lay prone on the mat. Khash moved in and started setting up his infamous Khash Clutch. Just as he was about to lock in his inescapable finishing move, Dave managed to pull out. The Black Sheep was lucky, the Khash Clutch once locked in had ended countless matches for the Persian Prodigy.

Shocked Dave escaped his clutches, Khash succumbs to the Black Sheep’s revenge. Dave works him over with a series of devastating moves. He gets Khash prone on the mat goes for the cover. Just when the ref is about to make the count of three, Dave pulls Khash upending the count. It was clear, the Black Sheep wanted to not only win but utterly destroy his opponent.

Khash rallies and makes it to the ropes. Dave charges and Khash adroitly moves out of the way and pulls the top rope down causing the Black Sheep to tumble over the top.

Rated E for EveryoneThese two men end up outside the ring and the two engage in head butts, slams onto the hard floor of the auditorium and chops. It was getting ugly. These two men have a great deal of tension built up between them and they were taking it out on one another.

The battle turned contentious, with gritted teeth and unrelenting attacks. They were so focused on destroying one another they were paying no attention to the ref who was counting them out. When Referee Jimmy Jamison hit the count of ten, he called for the bell.

Double Disqualification at Rated E for Everyone!

This is a draw, a fact neither men were pleased with. These two went after one another and security moved in and spent almost two minutes trying to pull these two apart. Eventually, King Khash and Dave Turner went their separate ways… It seems unlikely we’ve seen the last of these two.

Match 3
“Neon Ninja” Façade vs. “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn

Rated E for EveryoneIf you don’t like the “Neon Ninja” Façade, then you’re doing life wrong. If you don’t like “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn, then you agree with most of the people in the audience at Without A Cause. Make no mistake, however, the Kingpin is no joke in the ring. Neither is Façade.

Façade flexed and stretched in all kinds of poses, putting on display his impressive physique. Not one to be shown up Johnny Flynn followed suit with slightly less fanfare than his opponent. The shenanigans didn’t last long. The bell rang and these two lock up!

They engaged in some of the best mat work we’ve seen at Without A Cause. They take one another to the mat and work one another’s arms performing a series of reversals and some good old-fashioned wrestling! The impressive display came to an end when Façade got an arm hook flip on Johnny. Façade then managed to kick Flynn off the ropes. As Johnny tried to retreat outside the ring, Façade pulled up Flynn’s shirt and delivered a brutal chop to Johnny’s back!

Rated E for EveryoneThe Kingpin retreated into the ring and as Façade moved through the ropes in pursuit, Johnny kicks him in the face. Johnny goes in for the cover and gets a one count on the Neon Ninja. Flynn then proceeds to slam Facades head on the mat. As the Neon Ninja lay’s prone, Johnny goes in and executes an elbow slam on his opponent.

The Kingpin manages to get his opponent in the corner and begins choking Façade with his foot. Johnny then climbs the ropes and goes for a dive only for his opponent to nimbly move out of the way causing Flynn to crash against the mat.

Façade moves in picks Johnny up and brings the bowler’s crotch directly onto his knee. Reeling in pain he attempts to put distance from his opponent; however, Façade isn’t having any of that. He moves in and executes a brutal superkick directly on Johnny Flynn’s noggin! In a dazed state Kingpin, Flynn was scooped up by Façade who performed a Spine Buster and got a two count.

Rated E for EveryoneFaçade begins climbing the ropes getting ready to perform another move when Johnny moved in and kicked him causing him to fall off the ropes. Flynn moved in and got a two count on Façade. The Neon Ninja recovered quickly and begins elbowing his opponent. He then moved in and executed a hurricanrana sending Flynn to the mat.

The punishment continued, Façade performed a double flip and came down with a double ax handle. It was one of the most impressive displays of athleticism of the event! The momentum was cut short when Johnny got a reversal, slammed Façade against the mat and got a two count. Façade pulls out and Johnny manages to roll him up and gets another two count.

The two end up outside the ring and Johnny manages to get a slam on Façade outside the ring against the hard floor. The two engage in some brutal back and forth and eventually made it back into the ring.

Façade manages to get a cutter on Johnny Flynn and follows it up with a double dropkick. Kingpin Flynn goes down. Façade moves in for the cover… 1… 2 … 3!

Façade wins at Rated E for Everyone!

Match 4
TJ Perkins vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Making his Without A Cause debut, TJP came emerged from behind the curtain and the audience erupted into a frenzy of excitement. His reception was so loud, it was no doubt heard all the way back in the locker room. When Alexander Hammerstone came out, he was not pleased. He took the microphone and proceeded to insult his opponent, the audience and the city of Seattle… He seemed a bit confused about Everett being a city nearly thirty miles north of Seattle… One only quibbles about such details when someone is named Alexander Hammerstone!

When the bell rang, these two incredible wrestlers locked up. Right off the bat, Hammerstone demonstrates his incredible strength by picking up TJP and literally throwing him across the ring. Only briefly dazed TJ Perkins recovers and these two men engage in a test of strength. Not to be out shined, TJP demonstrates his nimbleness and speed by working Hammerstone’s arm taking him to the mat.

Hammerstone gets a reversal, TJP pulls out and kicks Hammerstone directly in the face. TJ moves in and gets Hammerstone in a headlock. TJ works Hammerstone in that headlock with a body slam and a brutal looking headlock flip. Hammerstone then managed a reversal and got TJP’s head in a scissor lock.

Mr. Perkins impressed the audience by nimbly escaping the scissor lock. Hammerstone wasn’t so impressed. He punched TJP and pushed his opponents head back between his legs and locks in his brutal scissors. TJP struggles for a moment and manages to flip out of the scissor lock only to have Hammerstone proceed to kick him in the stomach.

These two go at it on the mat performing a series of holds and reversals. Hammerstone goes for a kick only to have TJP catch his leg. Mr. Perkins kept a hold of the leg and just when you thought he was going to set up some devastating move, TJP hands Hammerstone’s leg to the ref. TJP then moves in and backslide pins Hammerstone and gets a two count.

TJP gets Alexander in the corner and works him over. He stomps on Hammerstones head and follows it up with a hurricanrana. Hammerstone was not pleased and you can see the fury on his face. The action ended up outside the ring. Hammerstone delivered ahead but and throws several punches. TJP gets into the ring and Hammerstone gets to the top rope and launches himself getting in a double dropkick on his opponent.

Hammerstone works TJP in a headlock and kicks him in the head. He then moves in and gets a two count. Dissatisfied he hadn’t put his opponent away Hammerstone choked TJP on the ropes and delivered a powerful punch directly to TJP’s chest. Alexander picks up TJP and threw him. He then moves in from behind and traps TJP between his legs and applies the vice crushing scissor hold. You could see the agony on TJP’s face and the sadistic satisfaction on Hammerstones expression.

TJP manages to escape and executes another hurricanrana on Hammerstone. He then punches Alexander and gets him into a headlock and flips him onto the mat. TJ gets to the top and manages a crossbody dive onto Hammerstone and moves in for a two count.

Hammerstone quickly recovers and kicks TJP in the face. He then brutally back slams TJP onto the mat and begins choking him in the corner with his foot. TJP quickly recovers and body slams Hammerstone onto the mat from the top rope. Alexander retreats out of the ring. When TJP gives pursuit Hammerstone kicks TJP in the crotch. He drags TJP back into the ring slams him on the mat and moves in for the cover. The ref makes it all the way to the three count!

Hammerstone Wins at Rated E for Everyone

Match 5
Steve Migs vs. JaCub Soumis

After intermission Steve Migs comes out to the ring. He isn’t on the card with an announced match. Instead, he reminds Max Zaleski and Tyler Bartle how cruel and unfair they have been to him. He then lays into the Janitor who was minding his own business in the back corner of the auditorium. Janitor Maddox came out and Steve Migs, no doubt traumatized by his treatment by the administration behind Without A Cause, kicked Maddox. He then slammed him onto the mat and began punching the Janitor repeatedly.

Then out of nowhere the wrestling bear, JaCub Soumis shows up and pulls Steve Migs off the Janitor and throws chops on our local celebrity! JaCub moves in and gets an arm hook flip on Steve who quickly retreats out of the ring. Giving pursuit JaCub manages to catch up to Migs. He sets Migs up in a rolling chair then proceeds to take Migs on a ride crashing the chair into the turnbuckle right between Steve’s legs. Needless to say, it was a humiliating moment for our local celebrity. Not only were his frank and beans introduced to the turnbuckle the one time, but JaCub Soumis proceeded to take Migs on this nightmarish ride a total of three times!

Migs runs away and Soumis goes into the ring. JaCub began gaining momentum off the ropes getting ready to dive out onto his opponent. Steven grabbed ME, Philip Jones, from my chair and put ME between himself and JaCunb! Soumis is about to dive and catches himself saving me from certain death. It was a harrowing moment in the life of this writer.

As I returned to my seat, Migs jumps into the ring and begins working JaCub’s arm. Migs slams his opponent against the mat and starts choking him on the ropes. Steve gets in a brutal kick before JaCub manages to turn the tables by slamming Migs onto the mat. He moves in for the cover and gets a two count on Steve.

Migs quickly recovers and charges towards his opponent only to be kicked in the face by the talented Mr. Soumis. Migs retreats outside the ring and JaCub dives out crashing into Steve. Then they proceeded to unceremoniously throw Migs back into the ring. Steve rallies and gets the upper hand. He slams JaCub onto the mat and got a two count.

JaCub pulls it together, executes a German Suplex on Migs. JaCub begins climbing the ropes. Migs rushes in and trips JaCub causing him to fall to the mat. Migs proceeds to slam Soumis hard on the mat moves in and gets the three count!

Steve Migs Wins at Rated E for Everyone!

Match 6
Zach Cooper vs. Daniel Makabe

Rated E for EveryoneThis is a grudge match, to say the least. The last time these two men entered the ring they had a hard-hitting match. Daniel Makabe managed to take the win, but only barely. This time the Symphony of Destruction, Zach Cooper intends to destroy his opponent and even the score.

When the bell rings Makabe immediately went to work on Zach’s arm. The opening was an impressive display of technical mat work between these two opponents. Zack managed to get a headlock only for Daniel to get a reversal and took Cooper to the mat.

Zach pulls out and slams Makabe on the mat so hard the vibrations moved through the audience like a wave. Zack gets Daniel in a headlock and flips him onto the mat. Makabe manages to get a reversal and starts twisting and contorting Zach’s arms and legs into a pretzel. The pain on our visitor’s face was excruciating.

Zach pulled out and Makabe lands a punch to his opponent’s face. The Symphony of Destruction seemed unphased and gave Makabe a sound slapping. The two then devolve into a flurry of punches. Makabe breaks the fisticuffs by flipping Zack onto the mat as the match ended up outside the ring and into the audience.

Makabe throws chops and stomps on Zach’s arm. Daniel moves in for the cover and got a two count. Makabe slams his body down on his prone opponent to punish Zach for pulling out. As Zach began to rise Makabe executed a brutal dropkick to his opponent’s face. He moves in and gets another two count.

Daniel moved quickly not giving his opponent enough time to recover. He gets a hold of Zach’s leg and moves in for a cross face stretch. Cooper manages to get to the ropes breaking his opponent’s submission hold. Zach then rallies and throws a brutal chop on Makabe.

Without wasting a moment, Daniel moves in and expertly gets Zach into an Octopus hold. Once again Mr. Cooper manages to get himself to the ropes and breaks the hold. Never one to miss an opportunity Makabe proceeds to choke Zach on the very ropes that saved him from the hold.

Zach pulls out and chops Makabe on the chest. Daniel retaliated with a knee to Mr. Coopers face. Zach then picked Makabe up and tossed him across the ring. The Symphony of Destruction then begins to work his destructive melody in the ring. Chops, a kick to the face and a series of moves leaving Makabe on the mat. Zach moved in and got a two count on Makabe.

The two engage in some good old-fashioned wrestling on the mat. After a series of reversals, Zach lands a spinning kick to Makabe’s face. Zach then climbs the ropes and dives onto Daniel who lay prone in the center of the ring. He then proceeds to throw chops and punches keeping Makabe on the defense. It didn’t take long for Daniel to start fighting back.

Rated E for EveryoneDaniel Makabe manages a German Suplex on Zach two times! He moves in for the cover and got another two count. There is a brief punch exchange between these two men and Zach pulls out and gets a cutter on Makabe. He moves in for the cover and gets a two count.

Makabe manages to get a hold of Zach’s leg and begins bending and contorting the leg into unimaginable angels that solicited a grimace from the audience. Zach managed to power through and once again pulled out by grabbing the ropes. He then proceeds to turn on his opponent and punched Makabe in the face.

The technical genius managed to capture Zach’s leg and performed a figure four suplex on Zach who appeared barely conscious. Makabe then moves in and gets a two count. The two struggled on the mat. Makabe tries to set up Zach who manages to escape. They continue to struggle when Daniel managed to contort Zach into a sitting Cattle Mutilation hold. The ref moved in and declared Zach Cooper had loss consciousness and called the match.

Daniel Makabe wins at Rated E for Everyone!

Match 7
Hall Sisters vs. The Strays vs. 4 Minutes of Heat

Instead of a Tag Team match, 4 Minutes of Heat came out and insisted on having a three-way tag team match. Their undefeated record at Without A Cause brought enough sway they were able to insinuate themselves.

When the bell rang Bambi Hall came out to face Ricky Gibson. They lock up and Ricky begins working Bambi’s arm. Bambi gets a reversal twisting Ricky’s arm causing the “Rock God” to go for the ropes. Ricky gets Bambi in a headlock and performs a nasty looking headlock flip. Bambi pulls out and kicks Ricky in the stomach.

Ricky taps Eddie in and Tyler Elliot climbs the ropes and dives out onto Eddie Pearl and Bambi Hall. This match turned to utter chaos as the combatants began battling it out in every direction. Eventually, the ref gets control, leaving Liiza Hall in the ring with Tyler Elliot. Liiza works Tyler’s arm. He then manages to roll toss Liiza. She gets a hold of Tyler and gets him in a headlock.

When Tyler escapes, he taps Judas Icarus into the ring. Judas comes out, he and Liiza go at it! Liiza manages to start working Judas’ arm only to have her opponent arm hook flip her onto the mat. Liiza rolls out and Bambi comes in and dropkicks Judas. She then sets him up and takes him around the world! When she’s done with the journey, she finishes Judas off with a cutter.

Rated E for EveryoneEddie Pearl comes into the ring and slams Judas Icarus and proceeds to follow that up with an eye poke. Ricky enters the ring and he along with his tag partner perform some coordinated moves on Judas Icarus who at this point had been subjected to a series of devastating moves! Ricky head slams Judas and then throat punches the homeless lad. Eddie moves in and puts Judas in a headlock after delivering another eye poke!

Not one to miss out on the fun, Bambi comes back out and clotheslines Eddie and punches Ricky. Eddie manages to get the better of Bambi hall and begins choking her on the ropes. Ricky head butts Bambi, who proceeds to start punching Ricky repeatedly. Bambi slams Ricky’s chin then turns and taps her sister in.

Rated E for EveryoneLiiza enters the ring when she is met by Tyler Elliot. He slams Liiza onto the mat. Liiza rallies and chops the strays. Tyler manages to slam Liiza against the mat once again. He’s about to go in for the cover when Ricky Gibson sneaks in and throws Tyler Elliot out of the ring. He then goes in for the cover and gets the three count on Liiza Hall!

4 Minutes of Heat Wins at Rated E for Everyone!

Match 8
Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Chase James vs. Jordie Taylor vs. Chris Ross

Rated E for EveryoneIn what was to be a singles title match between Brian Pillman Jr. and Chase James, this contest turned into a four-way title match. Jordie Taylor managed to insinuate himself into the match by making death threats to Chris Ross. Apparently, Chris Ross didn’t want to be left out even after his defeat by 14-year-old wrestling prodigy Nick Wayne.

Rated E for EveryoneAll four men stood in their respective corners throwing each other the stink eye and posturing like the alpha’s they all are. When the bell rang, the four men moved in. Jordie slapped Brian, which Brian returned in the form of a solid punch. Chris collects Chase’s signature sunglasses and proceeds to place them in Jordie Taylor and lands a solid kick to Jodie’s face. It becomes quickly apparent all three of Jordie Taylor’s opponents are out to get him and they’ve pushed aside whatever issues they share with one another to eliminate him from the match.

Jordie ends up in the corner and Brian, Chase and Chris take turns laying the devastation on OGB. Body slams, chops and punches all levied against Jordie by his opponents. When Brian Pillman goes in for his turn Jordie rallies and slams him on the ropes. He then slams Chris Ross before he moves in and kicks the Champion, Chase James.

Jordie then performs a German Suplex on Brian and starts working him over in the corner. Brian pulls out and starts slapping Jordie. Chris Ross attempts to get in on the action and Brian kicks him sending him reeling away in pain. When Chase moves in on Brian, junior picks Chase up and slams him against the mat. As Chase is recovering Jordie moves in and gives Chase a nasty eye poke.

Brian Pillman and Jordie go at it. Brian gets Jordie in a chokehold. Chase moves in and puts Brian in a chokehold. Chris Ross moves in and gets Chase James into a chokehold. The ref rather confused by the chokehold chain in the center of the ring by all opponents is surprised when Jodie reaches out and puts him in a chokehold. Five men stood in the center of the ring in a choke chain!

Rated E for EveryoneAfter the choke chain breaks, Jordie goes into a frenzy and slams his body against each one of his opponents. Chase follows suit as Chris Ross climbs to the top rope and dives into the ring missing all of his opponents. All four men engaged in a punching contest punching one another, bouncing back and returning the punch to the opponent closest to them.

Chase pulls out and slams Jordie against the mat. Chase then slams Chris Ross and moves in on Brian Pillman getting a cross face stretch. Mayhem breaks out. Brian and Jordie lay into one another with the kind of ferociousness typically only seen in the wild. As these two engage in an epic throwdown, Chase James devastates Chris Ross on the mat, moves in and gets the three count at Rated E for Everyone!

Chase James wins and is still the Without A Cause Champion at Rated E for Everyone!

Rated E for Everyone

Displeased with the end results Jordie Taylor goes in and slams Chase onto the mat and grabs the belt. He retreats into the audience and informs Mr. James, he’s coming after the championship. He says that he will put Chase away in under ten minutes! As a result, newly anointed commissioner and ring announcer Taylor Bartle declares it a match. On August 18th it will be Chase James vs. Jordie Taylor in a ten-minute no disqualification match and no last-minute entrants. You can count on one hell of a fight at Without A Cause Volume 10: It’s Getting Hot in Here!

As Without A Cause Volume 9: Rated E for Everyone came to a close we received some news about the event in August. Hammerstone will be returning! In addition, we’ll see the return of Priscilla Kelly who will be facing Kimber Lee a local sensation making her WAC debut. Owen Travers and Erick Stevens will also be making their debut. With only a handful of talent and match announcements, this is shaping up to be a must-see event!

  • Photo Credits: Louis Martinez, Producer Rob, Sanz Dev, John Devos, Vitzphotos, & Lady Bell Wrestling Photography.