#Review – The NWA Powerrr Files Episode 6 (Wild Cards vs Outlawz Inc)

Looking back at last week’s episode of NWA Powerrr, we see the Wild Cards attempting to hinder Outlawz Inc, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide. To curtail this interference, none other than the legendary Rock’n’Roll Express goes after the current NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Going into the fire, it’s time once again for NWA Powerrr! Episode number six is now available and the show opens with Joe Galli and Jim Cornette. They welcome us to the broadcast and let us know what’s in store for this week. First, we will hear from the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Colt Cabana. Outlaw, Inc will also be taking on The Wild Cards. We then go to Dave Marquez who is standing by with The Rock’n’Roll Express. The Outlaws come out to greet the legends and share their thoughts as well.

Going to the ring, we have our first match of NWA Powerrr. Harley Race trainee Trevor Murdoch will take on Caleb Konley. As Joe points out on commentary, this is a clash of two very different styles. Caleb controlled the early moments, keeping ahead of the big man from Waxahachie. That is until Murdoch took Caleb down with a spinebuster that would make Arn Anderson proud. Konley would attempt to rally back, but Murdock would think a few moves ahead. The end came when Trevor hit a top-rope bulldog for the pin.

Up next on NWA Powerrr, Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle will be in action. We also will hear from Billy Corgan and hopefully Kamille. Before moving onto our next match, we see highlights from the two out of three falls match between Ricky Starks and Aron Stevens. Joe Galli welcomes Stevens to the interview area, who insists he is now finished with wrestling. The NWA faithful serenade Stevens with a verse of the Na-Na-Na song. Stevens then theatrically stomps off.

Last week, Thunder Rosa attacked Allysin Kay will she was in a promo segment with Marti Belle. The two women would then team up to lay Kay out in the ring. Now they will put their newly formed team to the test against Crystal Rose and Brooklyn Creed. Thunder Rosa dominated the entire contest. She wrapped up Brooklyn quickly and Marti ran Crystal off the apron to be sure she couldn’t intervene. Thunder Rosa picked up the win after a diving double stomp off the top. The victorious duo then made their way to the interview area and Dave Marquez.

He asks the question everyone has had on their mind since last week: “Why did you join up with her?” Marti explains that she didn’t know much about Thunder Rosa before, but has now learned enough to know that with Rosa is where her future is. Thunder Rosa cuts a promo in Spanish, and Belle translates. They also warn the NWA World Women’s Champion Allysin Kay about what’s coming for her. We see another promo for “who is the ???? mark?”

In more footage from last week, we relive the victory by Colt Cabana where he regained the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Dave welcomes Boom Boom to the interview area to a hero’s welcome. However, Ricky Starks interrupts Colt’s jubilation. When asked what he was doing out there, Starks’ response was quite telling: “Boom Boom, baby, everybody knows that crocodile leather is my pleasure. But I’m kinda sold on gold.” “D-Man” Dan Parker is in the ring and he is taking on the mysterious Question Mark.

The Question Mark makes quick work of the Canadian Parker and is quite popular with the fans. Next, we see a video package following Thunder Rosa as she prepares for her first MMA fight. Back with Joe Galli and Cornette at the commentary position, who are talking, once again about Kamille. Eli Drake makes his way from the back, who also makes commentary about Kamille, but he doesn’t care why she won’t talk. He surmises it might be because Eli Drake is the one to unseat Nick Aldis for the Ten Pounds of Gold.

This segment continues to descend out of control, as The Wild Cards appear and Tom Lattimer tells Eli Drake in no uncertain terms to stay out of his business. Mr. Anderson pops by for an appearance and spooks Drake as well. Definitely a lot of questions about what Eli Drake has been up to. Billy Corgan announces that there is a major development coming for the NWA. The people who will find out what that is first are those signed up for the NWA newsletter, which you can sign up for on their website. This is also the first-way people are notified of tickets going on sale. We see Nick Aldis give Tim Storm a pep talk, a very sweet moment. In a not-as-sweet moment, Aldis cuts a promo against what he feels is entitlement in wrestling. He then declares that he will sit ringside to make sure there are no shenanigans in the tag team title match.

Now it’s time for our main event of the evening, for the NWA World Tag Team Championships. The Wild Cards will defend against Outlaw Inc, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide. As promised, Nick Aldis sits at ringside in order to observe the match and prevent any funny business. The match itself is hard-hitting and full of venom as we assumed it would be. Despite the scrappiness of the challengers, Royce Isaacs and Tom Lattimer of Wild Cards are able to stay one step ahead, Outlawz Inc. Following throwing Homicide quite literally into Aldis’ lap, Royce of Wild Cards to hit the finishing blow to retain the titles over Outlawz Inc.

The show would again descend into a state of confusion. Aldis would be drawn to his feet as Kamille made her way from the back. James Storm, Eli Drake, Ken Anderson, the Dawsons, The Wild Cards, and Colt Cabana all made their way back to the ringside area. Before things could get too crazy, security and officials got in between the wrestlers as the show went off the air.

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