#Review: PCW ULTRA – Mutiny Episode #19 (One Percent vs Warbeast vs Sent 2 Slaughter)

PCW ULTRA’s 19th episode of Mutiny kicked off on their Youtube channel on Friday, November 22. As promised last week, it shows how Warbeast captured the DEFY tag team titles at the first inaugural Wrestle Summit. Warbeast captured the titles when they took on the One Percent and Sent 2 Slaughter.

Announced on this episode, ten-man tag team warfare will take place on the first night of Wrestle Summit II, in Seattle, WA on November 30th and December 1st. Team Schaff will on Team Hammerstone. In Schaff’s corner will be “The Weirdo Hero” Randy Myers, Guillermo Rosas, Cody Chhun, and Judas Icarus. In the other corner, joining Hammerstone, is Jorel Nelson of the One Percent, Travis Williams and Brian and Kevin Cook, known as the Cook Brothers.

Regarding PCW ULTRA’s anniversary show on January 10th in Wilmington, California, three more talent debuts were announced.  This includes “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, the Puerto Rican giant that is The Blood Hunter, and finally, the homicidal, suicidal and genocidal legend Sabu.

Later in the episode, an epic promo video was also shown, highlighting the Ultralight championship for the first night of Wrestle Summit II. It will pit the champion, “Superstar” Jake Atlas, against the challenger, “Ironheart” Douglas James. Douglas James self-proclaimed himself to be the “ultimate hybrid wrestler.”  He also reminded Jake Atlas that he was the longest-reigning PCW Ultralight champion.

Atlas boasted back at Douglas, telling him that he is not made of iron, but rather, he is made of gold, referring to his current Ultralight belt. Plenty more smack-talking ensued in a promo video that surely demonstrates the heat between these two as they head to Wrestle Summit II.

On the next episode of Mutiny, we will see how Shane Strickland lost the PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship to Mil Muertes at the first Wrestle Summit.

As for this episode, the first match features Hammerstone as he takes on the expert mat technician, Timothy Thatcher, from PCW ULTRA’s “Sound the Alarm on July 27, 2018.

Photo // PCW ULTRA
Hammerstone vs. Timothy Thatcher

Timothy Thatcher took the early-match lead by striking at the legs and keeping Hammerstone down on the mat using his technician skills.

Once on his feet, Hammerstone gained the advantage with a pump handle fallaway slam. Hammerstone wore Thatcher down in the corner, but Thatcher shot back with a big boot. The two traded blows and fought for the offensive advantage. But Thatcher caught Hammerstone in a snap suplex, followed by a gut-wrench suplex.

However, Hammerstone was hardly phased and turned a shoulder lock into a pin attempt, forcing Thatcher to break the hold. Alexander Hammerstone followed through with a powerbomb that flattened Thatcher.

Hammerstone began clobbering Thatcher on the ground, dazing him, before throwing him to the outside. Hammer press slammed Thatcher face-first on the ring apron on the outside of the ring.

As Hammerstone followed Thatcher back in the ring, he was caught off guard as Thatcher suddenly bear-hugged him. Thatcher then capitalized on this position and turned it into a belly to belly overhead suplex that sent Hammerstone sailing.

Thatcher propped Hammerstone up on the top rope going for a superplex. But Hammerstone pushed him off and nailed his signature flying dropkick off the top, sending Thatcher sprawling.

Hammerstone slapped Thatcher around a bit, which only ignited the fury in him. Thatcher retaliated, grabbed Hammerstone by the neck and used his other hand to repeatedly slap Hammerstone’s cheek.

Hammerstone shot back with a big boot to the face, but Thatcher caught his foot and caught Hammerstone in an ankle lock. Alexander Hammerstone rolled out, pulling Thatcher into the corner.

As Thatcher darted towards Hammer, he walked straight into an exploder suplex that sent him flying. Hammerstone began clobbering Thatcher in the corner, then nailed his big boot to the face, nailing Thatcher spot-on this time.

Hammerstone went for a pedigree or a tiger bomb, but Thatcher escaped and nailed a spinning heel kick. Thatcher similarly hooked Hammerstone’s arms. But Hammerstone escaped and again followed up with another big boot and a German suplex.

Hammerstone went for his finisher, but Thatcher had a little bit of remaining energy in him still, using it to catch Hammerstone off guard with fujiwara armbar. Hammerstone was able to roll out of it.

Alexander Hammerstone wasted no time to followup his rollout with three more big boots to Thatcher’s face, crippling him. This setup Hammerstone for delivering the Nightmare Pendulum, which he executed on Thatcher to perfection.  Hammerstone then consolidated the pinfall.

Winner: Hammerstone
One Percent Warbeast Sent 2 Slaughter
The One Percent (Defy Tag Team Champions), vs. Warbeast (PCW ULTRA Tag Team Champions) vs. Sent 2 Slaughter – Title vs. Title match: DEFY and PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championships

Dan Maff and Shawn Donovan, of Sent 2 Slaughter, were the only tag team in this matchup not holding any gold, with nothing to lose and all to gain against Warbeast and One Percent.

All out tag team warfare ensued, as all six men began clobbering each other in the ring with punches, kicks, and chokes. It was only a few moments before Warbeast was sent to the outside, leaving Sent 2 Slaughter and the One Percent going at each other in the ring.

But it was not long before the violence mixed itself up and Josef brought in his signature “Syrian spike.” But Dan Maff got on his knees and asked Josef to stab him in the head with it, welcoming it. Josef seemed to admire the sadistic nature of Maff, and pulled out a second spike, handing it to Maff, and welcomed the consensual bloodshed to come. The two traded devastating stabs to the head, repeatedly impaling each others’ foreheads as blood flowed out of each other.

Meanwhile, all sorts of chaos were spilling out on the outside between the four other competitors.

Finally, all six competitors were fighting on the outside as uncontrollable chaos ensued. Fatu nailed a popup Samoan drop to Jorel Nelson through a table near the announce table, but it was not caught on camera.

The chaos spread itself throughout the venue and the crowds, as the cameramen seemed baffled where to even point the cameras. Jorel Nelson nailed a super-kick to Donovan in the middle of the audience. Back near the ring, the One Percent attempted to double team Fatu, but Josef returned to even matters out.

Isaacs and Donovan traded chops and returned to the ring, where some actual conventional wrestling transpired for a quick moment. Maff and Nelson went at it in the ring, and a little more wrestling ensued for a few seconds. Maff quickly dominated with an inverted DVD, but Fatu stopped the pinfall attempt, throwing Maff to the outside.

Fatu then flew to the outside and suicide dived onto Maff. Meanwhile, Josef came in the ring and unleashed a camel clutch on Nelson, who was still dazed from the DVD.  Nelson quickly tapped out. This victory crowned Warbeast as dual tag team champions of both the DEFY and PCW ULTRA promotions over One Percent and Sent 2 Slaughter.

Winners: Warbeast

The big question is whether Warbeast will remain dual Tag Team Champions after Wrestle Summit II’s first night showing this Friday. In Seattle, they put it all on the line against the Cunninghams and their main rivals in DEFY, the Amerikan Gunz, in Triple Threat tag team warfare.

Micah Shapiro, a native of Seattle, a father, and a husband, holds a Master of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University, and is a war and history junkie with a fascination for the dramatization and narration of human conflicts (obviously, pro wrestling fits that spectrum very well). He avidly watches independent pro wrestling as an escape from the daily anxieties of life in general, and his logistics day job. Though a typical hermit, sometimes he'll actually leave his house to go to DEFY's shows. Besides pro wrestling and global conflicts, he enjoys BBQ'ing (his specialty is Turkish Aleppo-pepper chicken kabobs), playing adventure and RPG video games, board games, painting war game miniatures, and reading science fiction, horror and fantasy novels.