NXT UK Review (2/6/19)

In this episode of NXT UK Review, we will review and see Mark Coffey defend the honor of his brother, Joe, as he squares off against the dominant Walter, who attacked the latter Coffey brother at TakeOver: Blackpool! Who will come out on top in his clash of bruisers?

Match 1: Mark Andrews vs. Ligero

The first match of this NXT UK review and it’s a high-flying contest. The two men lock up, getting a feel of one another. Ligero twists the arm of Andrews multiple times, before Andrews rolls through, reversing with an armlock of his own. Ligero kips up and takes Andrews in a headlock. Both men run the ropes before exchanging rollups, shifting momentum as they tried to get the near fall on one another. Andrew takes Ligero down with two arm drags, charges into the corner, and nails him with a hurricanrana.

Ligero sends Andrews to the outside. Once again, both men tried to exchange high-flying techniques, but are easily evaded. Ligero, off the barricade, finally executes a senton on Andrews. Ligero sends Andrews back into the ring and hits him with a stunner through the ropes. Andrews kicks out at 2. Ligero hits Andrews with two stiff chops. Ligero goes for a backdrop, but Andrews reverses, before both men exchange forearms and chops. Andrews rolls through a pin attempt, hits a double stomp, and then a standing corkscrew splash, only for the two count.

Ligero hits Andrews with several strikes, but Andrews catches his leg. Both men continue to exchange strikes. Ligero goes for a suplex attempt, but Andrews catches him with the Stun Dog Millionaire. Andrews comes off the ropes with a senton to the outside! Ligero executes a pump handle into an inverted slam, but only gets a two count! The crowd shows their support with vocal “NXT” chants. Ligero props Andrews up to the top rope in the corner comes off with a Frankenstein, but Andrews rolls through and lands on his feet. Andrews hits an inverted hurricanrana, but again, it only gets a two count!

Andrews climbs to the top rope and goes for his shooting star press, Fall to Pieces, but Ligero gets the knees up, rolls up Andrews, but only for a two count. Ligero finally hits Andrews with the tornado DDT off the middle rope, the C4L, and gets the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Ligero

After the match, Ligero and Andrews shake hands in a show of sportsmanship, Ligero remaining in the ring to celebrate. We are treated to a recap from last week, where Sid Scala announced that James Drake and Zack Gibson would face Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in an NXT vs. NXT UK match. Backstage, Lorcan is being interviewed, but Burch enters the room. Burch informs Lorcan that they were just granted a match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship in 3 weeks, in Phoenix. Pete Dunne is interviewed regarding the debut of Walter, and says that when they meet in the ring, Walter will find out why Dunne has been UK Champion for over 600 days.

Match 2: Candy Floss vs. Xia Brookside

In this showdown between two pastel-colored women’s wrestlers, Floss and Brookside shake hands in a show of sportsmanship. They lock up, Brookside taking Floss down with a headlock. Floss reverses with a leg scissors, which Brookside escapes with a headstand. They lock up once again, which transitions into a series of near falls. Floss sinches Brookside with a full nelson, which is escaped, but locks in another full nelson, this time securing it more effectively.

Brookside reverses the hold into an armbar, keeping Floss grounded. Floss hits Brookside with a scoop slam, but Brookside keeps hold of the wrist. Floss hits a monkey flip but still can’t break the hold. Floss rolls through and reverses it by stretching Brookside’s arm. Brookside rolls through, but Floss catches the arm again, bending the wrist and fingers back. Floss continues to focus on the arm, stomping and wrenching at it.

With a bulldog and headscissors, Brookside builds momentum. Double knees into the corner, Brookside hits the Brooksy Bomb, earning the three count and her first victory on NXT UK!

Winner: Xia Brookside

Brookside goes to the corner to comfort Floss. Rhea Ripley storms the ring, attacking Floss. Ripley then attacks Brookside before sending Floss outside of the ring. Ripley cinches in a swinging submission on Brookside before Toni Storm, the NXT UK Women’s Champion, storms the ring! Storm hits a headbutt on Ripley. Storm goes for a second headbutt, but Ripley uses Brookside as a shield, causing her to receive the brunt of the attack. Ripley lays out Storm, sending a statement that their feud is far from over.

Backstage, Jordan Devlin cuts a promo, saying that since they’re coming to Phoenix, he will make a statement against Noam Dar, showing him why one never, ever bets against an ace.

Match 3: “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman vs. Joseph Connors

These two competitors with sinister intentions start things off with a lockup, Connors laying into Hitchman with a series of strikes, sending him to the mat. Connors shoots Hitchman into the ropes, but Hitchman nails him with a clothesline, following up with 10 punches into the corner. Hitchman hits a headbutt into the elbow followed by a senton. Connors attacks Hitchman outside of the ring, draping him over the apron so that he can continue to lay into him.

Connors cranks the neck of Hitchman, keeping him grounded, before stomping away at him. He follows this up with a series of double axe handles. Hitchman catches the foot of Connors, chop blocking him, before hitting an inverted senton on the middle rope. Hitchman suplexes Connors all the way to the outside and hits a frog splash from the apron onto the floor! Hitchman rolls Connors back into the ring and charges at him the corner, but misses. Connor hits a DDT, but it’s only good for a two count.

Connors continues to taunt Hitchman, calling him a “pussycat,” but Hitchman hits him with a pop-up powerbomb. Hitchman goes up with Connors to the corner, who reverses it with a duo of sunset powerbombs. Connors hits his cradle reverse STO, the Don’t Look Down, to score the three count!

Winner: Joseph Connors

Backstage, Mark Coffey is warming up with Joe Coffey, with Wolfgang at their side. We are treated to a video package for Jinny, showcasing the ruthless nature of the stylish NXT Superstar. We then cut to a backstage interview with the Superstar in question. Jinny gives Radzi Chinyanganya harsh fashion advice, calling his face “hideous” that he needs to be stylish. Jinny congratulates Toni Storm on her recent success, but says she’s sick of hearing so much about her. Regardless of how Storm’s feud with Ripley ends, it will just be a matter of time until the real queen, Jinny, is crowned. She will face Mia Yim in one-on-one action next week!

Match 4: Ashton Smith vs. Joe Coffey

Coffey tries to strike at Smith, but Smith is able to evade. The two men lock up, with Smith taking Coffey down with a headlock. Coffey powers out of the hold and shoulder tackles the quicker opponent out of the ring. Coffey charges at Smith, slamming him into the barricade, declaring that the “kingdom” of NXT UK is still his. Coffey sends Smith back into the ring, cinching in a nerve hold before executing a hammerlock.

Smith escapes the hold, but Coffey quickly catches him with a bearhug, slamming into the corner. Coffey sends Smith off the ropes before hitting him with a forearm to the back. Smith tries to fire back, but Coffey overpowers him, locking in a bearhug, keeping the pressure on. Smith tries to fight back with right hands, but Coffey catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Coffey charges at Smith in the corner, delivering a series of strikes and uppercuts. Coffey then hits a pop-up uppercut.

Smith is able to build momentum again, going after the bad eye of Coffey. Smith then executes a huge superkick before going for a top rope maneuver, but Coffey reverses it with his discus lariat, All the Best for the Bells. Coffey scores the three count!

Winner: Joe Coffey

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang congratulate Joe as he makes his way to the back. Next up, Mark will take on the Superstar that has already made an impression in such a short period of time, Walter!

Match 5: Mark Coffey vs. Walter

The final match of this week’s NXT UK review and it’s a battle of the heavyweights. The two men lock up, with Coffey going after the back of Walter with several strikes. He then chops Walter’s chest, but to little effect. Walter returns fire with a chop of his own, flooring his opponent. Walter then catches Coffey in the ropes, striking him with clubbing forearms to the chest. Coffey attacks Walter on the outside before sending him back in the ring, cornering him with several strikes of his own.

Coffey wears down Walter with a stretch and several kicks to the back. Walter wills himself back to a standing position, shifting the power of the hold. Coffey makes it to the ropes. Coffey tries to whip Walter into the corner, but is stopped by his opponent’s strength. Coffey hits Walter with several forearms and a running clothesline, but fails to bring down his larger opponent. Walter taunts Coffey, telling him to strike him over and over. Walter hits Coffey with a German suplex, sending him into the corner, before following up with a running boot.

Walter props Coffey in the corner, chopping him across the chest before stretching him from that position. Walter follows Coffey to the outside, nailing him with yet another chop and a backdrop on the apron, the latter of which we saw in Walter’s debut match the week prior. Walter hits clubbing blows to Coffey’s chest, but Coffey returns fire with chops, an uppercut, and a kick to the face. Coffey goes for the cover, but only gets a two count.

Walter goes for the rear-naked clutch, but Coffey sends him back into the corner. Walter pops back up with a big dropkick and a powerbomb. Walter goes for the cover, 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Walter

Walter stands proud in the ring, to the elation of the NXT UK Universe, as this week’s NXT UK Review comes to a close.