#Review MLW Fusion Episode 85 (Havoc vs. Warner)

Welcome to another edition of the MLW Fusion review on the Pro Wrestling Post. This week, we’ll be taking a look at episode 85, which is highlighted by the next chapter in the feud between Jimmy Havoc and Mance Warner.

The show opens with cameras rushing to Marshall Von Erich. He is surrounded by his brother Ross and Tom Lawlor. He has been attacked by an unknown assailant with a pipe. The show begins properly with Rich Bocchini welcoming us to the broadcast. He reports that they will bring us an update on Marshall as soon as it is available. It is also noted that “Filthy” Tom Lawlor has inked a new deal with Major League Wrestling. To begin this episode of MLW Fusion, will be the falls count anywhere in Orlando match.

The war between Jimmy Havoc and Mance Warner raged throughout the summer and now has reached Orlando. Warner is not wanting to wait, attacking Jimmy during his entrance. The two brawl through the fans, using chairs and whichever environmental obstacles that they can. Surprisingly the action does move into the ring, along with some chairs, a ring board, and thumbtacks. In an interesting turn, Havoc bails out of the ring. He steals the nearest vehicle, and Mance follows as his uncle picks him up.

While we attempt to catch up with Havoc and Warner, AJ Kirsch provides an update on Marshall Von Erich. Marshall is currently en route to a medical facility with friend Tom Lawlor. Before leaving, Marshall asked his older brother Ross to take his place in the upcoming title match with Jacob Fatu. Next on MLW Fusion, we see another episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic. The promise of the gift train from Hammerstone still looms overhead. Holliday is demanding to know now, while Hammer says he must wait until Thanksgiving.

The action rolls on as we go to our next match, kicking off the much anticipated MLW Women’s Division. Zeda Zhang will take on the mysterious Spider Lady. She is dressed all in black, wearing a mask covering most of her face. The only thing visible is her eyes, with a little brilliant red-orange hair at the temples. Zeda starts the action off hot with strikes, but The Spider Lady quickly zeroes in on the braced knee of Zhang. She would continue to focus her attacks on the knee with submission holds and the use of the ropes. The Spider Lady locked in a mandible claw and even though Zeda was in the ropes, she would not release the hold. This caused the disqualification.

Following the end of the match, The Spider Lady would remove her mask and reveal herself to be Priscilla Kelly! Kelly would again attack Zhang and then the official who pulled her away. Cameras are still in the car with Mance Warner and his uncle, as they attempt to find Jimmy Havoc. They’ve arrived at an apartment complex, where they find Havoc in his apartment. The fight would roll through the bathroom where Warner would give Jimmy an old fashioned swirly. Havoc would go back on the offensive, bringing a frying pan into the mix.

Amazingly enough, the fight goes back outside and the chase is on again. MLW Fusion rolls on as they attempt to continue this falls count anywhere in Orlando contest. AJ Kirsch brings us the updated bracket for the Opera Cup before we check win with Priscilla Kelly. Kelly says that she is the queen of doing the unexpected and getting inside people’s heads. She’s here in MLW to make every other female question themselves…and their sanity. Hell’s Favorite Harlot has put the women’s division on notice.

It’s often said that the world of MLW never stops, and that’s always true on MLW Fusion. The action continues with our next match, a National Openweight Championship defense. The Iron Heart Douglas James will challenge Alexander Hammerstone. Hammer is accompanied by Richard Holliday, who joins Rich and AJ on commentary. Hammerstone is used to easily dominating his opponents, but he found quite the fight with Douglas James. James pushed Hammer to the very brink, pulling out all of the big moves in his offense. However, like many James fell to the Nightmare Pendulum.

We are back on the chase with Mance Warner as he tracks down Jimmy Havoc on the campus of Full Sail University. Ol Mancer eventually gets Jimmy Havoc into Moonman’s car and they’re off again. Somehow they end up back at the Gilt Nightclub, where this entire match started. Jimmy’s favored staple gun comes into play, and he plants Warner with a pair of Death Valley Drivers. Warner wasn’t done just yet though, and as they brawled through the crowd, Warner rolled Havoc up for the win. Havoc would continue to attack Warner as the show went off the air.

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