#Review MLW Fusion Episode 79

Welcome to the MLW Fusion review on the Pro Wrestling Post. Episode 79 begins with the male members of The Dynasty laughing and joking as they exit a building. They make jokes about Mexico, where they happen to be as part of a dual show with The Crash. Enter the Empresaria herself, Salina de la Renta. She doesn’t take too kindly to the attempt at jokes about Mexico. Since Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father took care of the Von Erichs (for now), Salina lays down a challenge. She proposes that MJF and Holliday challenge Los Parks instead. Hammerstone gladly accepts for them, to MJF’s chagrin.

We go inside the area where Rich Bocchini welcomes us alongside MLW’s newest commentator, AJ Kirsch. Also set for tonight is a champion versus champion affair, National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone will take on The Crash Heavyweight Champion Rey Horus. Our first match of the night is up next as Oraculo will see action against Black Danger and Ricky Marvin. There is some history here, as Oraculo lost his mask to Black Danger a couple of years ago. Black Danger is also known as Mega Danger, which is the name he used to compete in MLW previously. Ricky Marvin is perhaps the best known of the three to most fans, as he’s competed across the globe for over 20 years.

Despite being double-teamed for most of the contest, Oraculo pulled out the victory after a 450 splash. Kaci Lennox is standing by in the back with Brian Pillman, Jr. and Low-Ki. The veteran, the Professional is giving the young Pillman advice, which the youngster rejects. MLW cameras were able to catch up with The Dynasty as they were out doing some shopping. We aren’t quite sure what they bought, but Hammerstone could be heard saying “I always need more mass!” Oh boy…

Salina de la Renta gives us some thoughts as well. She knows that her destroyer, her charge LA Park will bring home the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Josef Samael joins her, complimenting the proprietor of Promociones Dorado and attempts to woo her to the global dealers of violence, CONTRA Unit. When Salina mentions violence, Jimmy Havoc turns up. Havoc will be the executive producer of the Halloween episode of MLW Fusion. He books a match between a member of Promociones Dorado and a member of the CONTRA Unit for a little violence and fun at Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse.

Up next we have Rey Horus in action against Alexander Hammerstone, who is of course accompanied by MJF and Richard Holliday. The Lucha legend and heavyweight champion of The Crash is very popular with the people in Tijuana. Hammerstone has both the height and power advantage and he is also fresh off a tour with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. He easily controls the action in the opening moments. The veteran in Rey Horus takes care to look for the smallest opening in which to get his offense moving. To keep the much bigger Hammerstone off his game, he must keep the pace up and control of the ring positioning.

After a couple of close near-falls, the referee was inadvertently taken out. Even a chair couldn’t help Hammerstone become a double champion though. The heart of Rey Horus could not be kept down. He hit a gorgeous 450 Splash and was on the verge of victory before MJF and Holliday stormed the ring. They pulled Horus out and put the boots to him. This caused the disqualification and Rey Horus is your winner. Before we get to our next match, we have a couple of video packages. Next week will be Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse live on MLW Fusion. Also coming soon to MLW is the Untouchable Gino Medina!

We also check in to the MLW Saturday Night Superfight Control Center for an update on MLW’s first pay-per-view event, less than a month away! Currently scheduled is:

MLW World Middleweight Championship Match
Teddy Hart vs. Austin Aries
Gringo Loco, Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco vs. Injustice
MLW National Openweight Championship Match
Alexander Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
Timothy Thatcher vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor
MLW World Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Match
Jacob Fatu vs. LA Park

Now it’s time for the main event of the evening, The Dynasty vs. Los Parks. Hijo de LA Park and his brother LA Park Jr. are accompanied to the ring by their empresaria, Salina de la Renta. This is LA Park Jr.’s MLW debut. Out next are the MLW World Tag Team Champions, MJF, and Richard Holliday. The titles are on the line here in Tijuana! The privileged pair may just be in over their heads with the dangerous Park brothers. They may have been able to get out their title shot with The Von Erichs here, but they couldn’t escape the challenge their buddy Hammerstone accepted for them.

Los Parks may be the rudos of all rudos, but the crowd is wholeheartedly behind them. Despite the actual athletic prowess of MJF and Holliday, they resort to nothing but double teams and illegal moves. Salina de la Renta is furious as the young Parks fall for the champions’ baiting tactics. In the end, the strength and experience of The Dynasty would prove to be enough. Richard Holliday would hit The Market Crash for a double pin and retain the gold. Don’t forget next week on MLW Fusion is Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse. Jimmy Havoc will see trios action against Damien 666 and Puerto Rican legend Savio Vega. Also set is a member of Promociones Dorado against Josef Samael in a Tijuana Streetfight.

That’s it for this week on MLW Fusion, but the world of MLW never stops!

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