#Review: MLW Fusion Episode 55 (The Hart Foundation vs The Dynasty)

This week’s review of MLW Fusion for episode 55 opens with Dynasty members Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone. They discover just what exactly The Hart Foundation has done to MJF’s car. Holliday calls “Max” on the phone to have him get back to the arena as soon as he can. Once inside, Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette remind us that in the main event, the two factions will go to war. It will be a six-man tag team tables match as the Hart Foundation and The Dynasty go to war. MLW has also launched a new championship, the National Openweight Championship. The first champion will be crowned on June 1st in Milwaukee. The four lucky individuals in the tournament will be revealed by MLW management soon.

We then go to our first match of the evening, as Jordan Oliver makes his MLW Fusion debut. He will be taking on the Haitian Sensation, Kotto Brazil! Brazil, of course, is still dealing with the eyepatch, the lingering effects of an attack by Ricky Martinez of Promociones Dorado. In the crowded middleweight division, both competitors need to have a good showing to get some footing. Brazil was in control until he went to attack Oliver on the outside. Oliver ducked out of the way and Brazil contacted the steel ring post. Oliver is very confident and cocky, but he’s able to keep the much more experienced Brazil on the ropes.

After several moments, Brazil is able to make the comeback and hits a frogsplash for a near-fall. Then before Brazil could capitalize on this, Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez sauntered down to ringside. Oliver was able to get back into control, but only put Brazil down for a two-count. Salina and Martinez begrudgingly rooted Oliver on, who couldn’t get the job done on his own. Martinez tripped Brazil up, who got a dove on for his trouble. This distraction, however, allowed Oliver to set Brazil up for a diving cutter. Salina was animatedly happy with this result.

The grand opening of MLW’s new headquarters in New York City excited many, and promoters from across the globe met with League officials. They discussed bringing their best wrestlers to challenge for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Bocchini then breaks the news that the next challenger for “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will be wXw’s Robert Dreissker, the Avalanche. The Avalanche gave an impressive performance in the Battle Riot and now he will have a chance to impress again against the champion.

Up next we will have a singles contest between Rey Horus and Ace Austin. With the newly announced Openweight Championship tournament on the horizon, both would like to impress league officials. Before we go to the ring we see footage from moments ago, where The Dynasty attacked Brian Pillman, Jr. in the backstage area. They focused their attack on Pillman’s left arm, bashing it with chairs and leaving with grins on their faces. This could have interesting implications for the main event!

This will be the first time ever encounter for these two fighters. Horus is a cousin to Rey Misterio, Jr and was also trained by Rey Misterio, Sr. Both fighters are of similar size and weight. The engaged in a very acrobatic contest as they felt each other out. They would begrudgingly slap hands in respect before Austin would take advantage. The young Austin put the boots to the more experienced Horus. In the highest form of disrespect, Ace Austin tore the mask of Rey Horus off! This signaled a darker turn in the match, as Austin would become more aggressive. Kaci Lennox reported from outside the trainer’s room that it doesn’t look good for Brian Pillman, Jr. Following that report, Horus came back to life in the ring, taking control of the contest. After an inverted rolling hurricanrana from the top rope, Horus picks up the win.

Next week on MLW Fusion, Salina de la Renta will be the executive producer! While speaking on the phone, she blows off her former crown jewel, Low-Ki. He was none too pleased with this turn of events. Next, we hear from the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. He is pleased to have vanquished Jimmy Havoc. He’s also ready to defend the MLW World Heavyweight Champion against all comers.

Hart Foundation Dynasty
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Next up, we have our MLW Fusion event. This is a six-man tables match, where the only way to win is to put one member of the opposing team through a table. After weeks of singles and tag team matches and taunting each other, now the two major factions of MLW will go to war. Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith, Jr., accompanied by Mr. Velvet; come out alone. The status of Brian Pillman, Jr. is unknown at this time.

The Hart Foundation is heavily favored by the raucous NYC crowd. Holliday attempts to start the match for The Dynasty and is met by a superkick by Davey Boy. Hart and Smith of the Hart Foundation outright dominate the opening moments of the contest over the Dynasty. However, the numbers eventually work out in the Dynasty’s favor. First, they put Davey Boy Smith, Jr. out on the outside before concentrating on Teddy Hart. All three members were able to get their licks in on the double champion. Teddy’s shoulder was targeted and injured in some manner, which led to him attempting to use the guardrail to fix it.

At this most crucial moment, Brian Pillman, Jr. appeared on the scene. His own shoulder taped up, he emerged from the back to assist his teammates. This provided a much needed shot in the arm for The Hart Foundation over Dynasty. Working as a unit, they laid Hammerstone out with an assisted Canadian Destroyer. Using Hammerstone as an extra step in height, Teddy and company delivered a Doomsday Destroyer on MJF! Unfortunately, Holliday would rain on their parade. Taking both Teddy and Davey out with a low-blow, this left Brian all on his own.

Directing traffic, Holliday would instruct the muscle man, Hammerstone to lay Pillman out with a kick. This was followed up with a powerbomb through the table. Your winners of this epic MLW Fusion main event, is, unfortunately, The Dynasty over the Hart Foundation.  Cutting away from their celebration, we go to Kaci Lennox standing by with Salina de la Renta. Salina will be the executive producer of MLW for next week’s episode of MLW Fusion. Kaci asks what Salina has in store, and she highlights the following:

Gringo Loco vs. El Hijo de LA Park
Daga vs. Low-Ki
Pentagon, Jr. vs LA Park

She also advises Kaci to brush up on her Spanish, or else! See you next week with more action, right here on the Pro Wrestling Post.

Originally written by Brandi Wagner

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