MLW Fusion Episode 49 | Review

Welcome to another edition of the MLW Fusion review here for Episode 49 on the Pro Wrestling Post. This week we will be reviewing episode number 49. The show opens with a recap of the gruesome attacks by CONTRA Unit. Their body count is up to two, Tom Lawlor and Ace Romero. When the broadcast begins, we are welcomed by Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette. The main event this week will be the Hart Foundation defending the MLW World Tag Team Championships against MJF and Richard Holliday, the Dynasty. CONTRA Unit’s Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael will be in official action tonight as well.

First up though, we are joined by Mance Warner on commentary for the first match. Hijo de LA Park, presented by Salina de la Renta is out first. This would explain why ol’ Mancer is interested in this match. Last week on MLW Fusion he had a run-in with Salina de la Renta, who sent Hijo after him. Unfortunately for Promociones Dorado, Hijo de LA Park was not successful. Hopefully, for his sake, he’ll be more successful in this match. His opponent is Puma King! A definite favorite of the MLW faithful. Mancer and Jim Cornette may not have added many play-by-play calls to the action, but they sure were entertaining. Hijo de LA Park proved his lineage, quickly bringing chairs into the mix.

MLW Fusion Episode 49

He even offered to help Puma King get neutered! Well, it wasn’t voluntary. Hijo de LA Park stood up a chair between King’s legs and swung for the fences with another chair. Puma King would get his revenge later in the match, doing the same thing to Hijo de LA Park. Hijo rallied back, with some assistance with Salina, laying out the Puma King. However, instead of going for the pinfall, he and Salina went to antagonize Mance Warner. After bowing up on each other and trading loogies, ol’ Mancer borrowed Cornette’s tennis racket. He laid out the son of the Chairman and threw him back into a waiting Puma King. Puma King hit a double knee face breaker and rolled Hijo de LA Park up for the win! After the match, Mance Warner and Puma King shared a couple of light beers.

Rich Bocchini throws to the back, where we come upon MJF and Richard Holliday. The two continue to poke fun at The Hart Foundation, namely Teddy Hart. They are soon cut off though, by the latest episode of H2 TV. Before we move on to seeing Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael in action, we receive a real update on the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Tom Lawlor. It has been proven that the call we witnessed last week between “Dr. Sweglar” and Rich Bocchini was bogus. Lawlor assures us that he is ready to fight and ready to take on CONTRA Unit.

Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael wasted no time heading to the ring, not even letting the announcer finish the introductions. Both Fatu and Samael easily dominated the pair of local competitors. However, things took a dark turn. Samael retrieved the spike once again and drove it into the mouth of one of the opponents. CONTRA Unit was immediately disqualified, not that they cared. As if the spike wasn’t brutal enough, Samael also threw a fireball at the other member of the opposing team. A brigade of referees and medical staff come from the back to attempt to help the latest CONTRA Unit victims. As they attempted to stretcher out one of them, Jacob Fatu again ascended the ropes and hit another moonsault. Who can stop CONTRA Unit?!
While order is attempted to be restored in Cicero Stadium, we check in with Matt Striker at the MLW Battle Riot Event Center. Names recently added for the 40-man Battle Riot are LA Park, Sami Callihan, Hijo de LA Park, Rey Fenix, Brian Pillman, Jr., Gringo Loco, and Ken Kerbis from Israel. They join Pentagon, Jr., Teddy Hart, MJF, Davey Boy Smith, Jr., Ace Romero, Alexander Hammerstone, Low-Ki, and Minoru Tanaka from Pro Wrestling NOAH. These 15 will join 25 others in the Melrose Ballroom at MLW Battle Riot II on April 5th!

Now that order has been restored in the arena, Rich shares what’s on tap for next week’s episode of MLW Fusion. CONTRA Unit will speak, as they have a manifesto they would like to share. Mance Warner will also go one-on-one with LA Park in a Death Match! This is punishment for spilling beer on Salina de la Renta. After tonight’s attack on LA Park’s son, this will surely not help Ol’ Mancer in the eyes of Promociones Dorado. Now it’s time for the main event of the evening. Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. of the Hart Foundation will defend their MLW World Tag Team Championship. Their opponents are the newest thorns in their side, the team of MJF and Richard Holliday. A couple of weeks back, when Teddy had no backup, they jumped him and injured his ribs.

The challengers are out first, MJF and Richard Holliday. As usual, as soon as MJF hits the ring, he demands the microphone. As if MJF needed to incite more anger from the audience, he invokes the name of Stu Hart and insinuates he’s in Hell. The Hart Foundation is out next, accompanied by Brian Pillman, Jr. It should also be noted that Teddy’s ribs are still taped up from the attack by the Dynasty. The Hart Foundation was in control for the opening moments of the contest. That is until MJF made a blind tag and attacked Teddy Hart from behind. Teddy was able to withstand the onslaught, eventually able to tag in Davey Boy. They were prepared to finish the Dynasty off until Alexander Hammerstone hit the ring. He smashed Davey Boy with a chair to the back.

Remember last week, we saw Alexander on the phone, and he mentioned The Dynasty? Well, this appears to be related to that. The match is thrown out and the champions retain on a disqualification. The three young, privileged lions assaulted all three members of the Hart Foundation. They then preened and celebrated having one-upped the Hart Foundation. We’ll have to wait and see how the Canadian champions respond to this in the coming weeks. Until next week, this has been your MLW Fusion review for episode 49, only on the Pro Wrestling Post.
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