MLW Fusion Episode 48 | Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of the MLW Fusion review for episode 48. Here we will look at episode 48, looking at some of the fallout from Intimidation Games. There are three matches on tap, and we will receive an update on the condition of “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. He was attacked at Intimidation Games after his title defense by his former friend Simon Gotch. Only this time Gotch has his own brigade of brutes that laid the smackdown on Lawlor.

The show opens up with a recap of that very match and attack. Rich Bocchini welcomes us to the broadcast and lets us know that the group that attacked Lawlor calls themselves CONTRA Unit. Simon Gotch of CONTRA Unit will be in action tonight against Ace Romero. This is another rematch that Gotch demanded, as he has not yet been able to avenge losing $20,000 to Romero. We will also hopefully receive an update on Tom Lawlor from MLW attending physician, Dr. Sweglar. Alexander Hammerstone will also be in action here on MLW Fusion. Up first though, is a Battle Riot qualifying match.

Here we see wrestling’s answer to Gambit, Ace Austin, out first. This is a huge opportunity for Austin if he can make it to Battle Riot. His opponent though is no slouch, the Filipino EDM DJ is a seasoned veteran. DJZ was able to control the opening moments of this contest, however, just when he thought he had Austin, he would kick out. Each would trade amazing kick and strike combinations and somehow manage to get the shoulder up. Ace Austin was able to pick up the win by catching DJZ with a move Austin calls The Fold.

MLW Fusion for Episode 48

Going to the back, we see Kaci Lennox attempt to interview Salina de la Renta. They are walking down a hallway and come to an area that is apparently too loud for Salina’s liking. She comes upon Mance Warner with his trademark light beer. And much to Salina’s dismay, Mance spills beer on her. Ol’ Mancer attempts to help Salina and offers her a handkerchief, which she refuses and storms off. Who knows what Salina will direct her stable of villains to do to Mance Warner!

Next, we take a listen to the conversation Rich was able to have with Dr. Nelson Sweglar about Tom Lawlor’s condition. At first, Dr. Sweglar said he couldn’t provide us with much insight, citing HIPPA and patient privacy. When Rich pressed the doctor further, about when we can expect to see the champion back, some information was shared. Dr. Sweglar rattled off a litany of injuries that Lawlor is dealing with and they are unsure of a timeline for his return. Following this, we see a short video from Simon Gotch on his match with Ace Romero.

Alexander Hammerstone is in action next on MLW Fusion. Earlier in the night, MLW cameras happened upon Hammerstone while he was on the phone. Part of the conversation was overhead, and it had something to do with The Dynasty. That’s the group currently formed of MJF and Richard Holliday. Hammerstone looked up and discovered the camera waiting and before throwing them out, confirmed he was in Battle Riot. We then return to the ring area, where Hammerstone makes his entrance. His opponent is Isaiah Velasquez. Rich shares that Konnan is very high on the young Velasquez. Velasquez starts the match attempting to bring the fight to Hammerstone. The 6’3, 250-pound Hammerstone was just too big for Velasquez. Much like his match with Ariel Dominguez, Hammerstone completely dominated. It was mercifully short for Velasquez and Hammerstone picked up the win following the dreaded Nightmare Pendulum.

Next week on MLW Fusion, the Hart Foundation will defend the MLW Tag Team Championships against The Dynasty of MJF and Richard Holliday. We then catch up with Mance Warner, drinking more light beer when he is confronted by Hijo de LA Park. Presumably, he was sent by his empresaria, Salina de la Renta. Mance turned his baseball cap around got down to brawling. The two fight out of the frame and we go to the Battle Riot Control Center. Currently entered in Battle Riot are Ace Austin, Low-Ki, Teddy Hart, Alexander Hammerstone, MJF, Richard Holliday, Ace Romero, Pentagon, Jr., Davey Boy Smith, Jr., and Minoru Tanaka. Before we move onto the main event, a video is shown from MLW cameras catching up with the Hart Foundation. They were not rattled in the slightest by MJF and Richard Holliday’s challenge and accepted for next week.

Now it’s time for Simon Gotch’s rematch. He has demanded another match with Ace Romero and MLW officials have obliged. This match begins very much like the first, Simon Gotch attempting to bring the fight, and Ace Romero dominating with his size. However, Gotch doesn’t give in. He continues to attack Acey Baby with aggression, eventually taking the big man off his feet. Just as Romero was about to take control back of the match, shenanigans ensued.

Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael enter the ring and attack, much like they did last week to Tom Lawlor. The official match was thrown out in disqualification, not that CONTRA Unit cared. Samael pulled a spike from his boot and used that to open up Romero’s forehead. After several gut-wrenching moments of gouging at Romero’s head with the spike, Gotch stopped the attack. He placed two quarters on Romero’s eyes and covered him in the CONTRA Unit flag, just as they had done to Tom Lawlor. We’ll have to see what other kinds of havoc these dealers of violence have in store for MLW after Fusion for Episode 48.

Until next week, this has been your MLW Fusion review!

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