#Review MLW Fusion Episode 41

Welcome to this week’s edition of the MLW Fusion review! This week we will be looking at episode number 41. As the episode opens, it is dedicated to Dr. Rex Bacchus. Bacchus had competed for MLW most recently in Chicago. He, unfortunately, he passed away from cancer on January 17th at just 35 years old.

There’s a recap of all the hits that Sami Callihan carried out on behalf of Promociones Dorado. Including the latest failed attempt on Tom Lawlor from episode 39. Callihan’s failure has led to Salina de la Renta’s wrath. Tony Schiavone also reminds us that there will be a special episode of MLW Fusion LIVE next Saturday night. The two huge title fights, for the MLW World Tag Team and World Championships, will air live on beINSports. Tonight, it will be Sami Callihan taking on The Reaper himself, LA Park. It will be a falls count anywhere match. Also scheduled for tonight is a battle of the super heavyweights. Barrington Hughes will take on Ace Romero! But first, we have Kotto Brazil making his return to action.

Kotto will be taking on Vandal Ortagun. This is Ortagun’s first appearance back in MLW since War Games back in September. Kotto comes to the ring wearing the eyepatch, of course, the result of the attack by Ricky Martinez. The fans are very happy to see the Haitian Sensation back on MLW Fusion. Ortagun isn’t though, attacking Brazil out of the gate. Kotto was able to battle back and this match would go on to be back and forth. Each time Ortagun would gain the advantage, he would do so by going for the injured eye. Despite the lack of vision in that eye, Kotto was able to pull out many impressive maneuvers. Brazil was able to pick up the win with a Sliced Bread variation. After the match, he was attacked by Ricky Martinez.

Before we get to the battle of the super heavyweights, we have some video highlights. We see a clip from the Singapore Cane match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Pillman, Jr. On the phone is Tommy Dreamer with his thoughts on the match scheduled for MLW Superfight. Dreamer says he doesn’t care who Pillman’s partner will be since they will be in his house. Last week on MLW Fusion, Barrington Hughes was on hand at ringside for Ace Romero’s match. The two had a faceoff after, which has led to the match here tonight. The ring has been reinforced for this special battle of the super heavyweights.

Just as they were about to really get down to brass tacks though, the match was interrupted by Col. Robert Parker. Parker insulted both Hughes and Romero, before his charges the Dirty Blondes attacked. The match was then turned into a tag team fight, with Hughsey-Poo and Acey Baby joining forces. Their partnership would prove to be successful. They used their size to toss around the Dirty Blondes easily. For the finish, they hit a double splash for the double pin. Col. Parker on the outside was livid. Barrington Hughes attempted to bury the hatchet, raising Romero’s arm. Romero, however, was having none of it and left the ring.

We see another clip hyping up the debut of Mance Warner, he will be at MLW Superfight. On next week’s episode of MLW Fusion, it will be Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Pillman, Jr. This time, it will be in an empty arena match! Next, we are treated to more clips from H2, the web series from the Hart Foundation. Teddy Hart asserts on multiple occasions that Pentagon and Fenix are cowards for hiding behind their masks. We’ll have to see if Mr. Velvet and Caspian bring them any luck at MLW Superfight. We then go to Matt Striker in the MLW Superfight Control Center. After running down the currently signed matches, we are treated to a promo from Sami Callihan. The Worldwide Desperado, maniac for hire is not afraid of Salina de la Renta or LA Park. He vows to send the luchador legend packing, just like his previous victims.

Before we get to the next match, a video promo from Low-Ki is shown. He thinks maybe this time he will take things to an extreme at Superfight. Next, it is time for the main event of MLW Fusion. Sami Callihan will take on the legendary LA Park, presented by Salina de la Renta. The Callihan Death Machine is out first, and he is not alone. He is brandishing a trash can and a couple of trash can lids. The Chairman is not alone either, bringing with him the weapon he is most known for.

As the match finally gets underway, Callihan and LA Park trade chops. LA Park demands Callihan open his flack jacket, the protective vest. Up to the challenge, Callihan does open the protective vest he wears to take a full force LA Park open-hand chop. It reduces the Draw to his knees, with tears in his eyes. The punishment of Callihan would continue, to Salina de la Renta’s delight. It would, of course, go to the outside. LA Park would start the use of weapons, though Sami would also get to play with them as well. The fight would even spill outside of the ring and ringside area, all the way to the streets of Miami. It would finally end after LA Park speared Callihan onto a bed of chairs.

Next week there will be back to back episodes of MLW Fusion! The first will take place on Friday, as usual. The second will be the special live edition of MLW Fusion from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on Saturday.

Originally written by Brandi Wagner

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