#Review MLW Fusion Episode 39

We open this week’s episode of MLW Fusion with the camera crew attempting to get ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor’s attention. He quickly shushes them as he is listening outside the door of Promociones Dorado. Judging by the loudness of the voices, Salina de la Renta and her mercenary Sami Callihan are having a fight. Callihan wants to be paid, Salina wants Lawlor taken out tonight. Lawlor leaves the area with a smile, he was clearly thinking up a plan.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini are on commentary and they run down the card for this episode. Tonight, on MLW Fusion there will be the Singapore Cane match. Brian Pillman, Jr. will have to face off against Tommy Dreamer once again. The CMLL World Lightweight Champion Dragon Lee will be taking on Rich Swann. Then we are thrown to the backstage area for a promo from the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Low-Ki. 2019 marks the 15-year anniversary of his debut in MLW and his undefeated streak beginning.

It’s time for the first match of the evening! Dragon Lee and Rich Swann are up first. Something out of the ordinary though was Swann’s entrance. He came out dancing as usual but refused to acknowledge fans that wanted to slap hands. Once in the ring, he blew kisses to the crowd and then pointed to his backside. Tony and Rich were a little perturbed by this but noted that this was Dragon Lee’s first match in four months. Lee had been away filming a reality show in the Dominican Republic. Early in the match, Swann attempts to remove Dragon Lee’s mask. This would set the tone for Swann in the match, doing things with a bit of an edge and attitude.

Late in the match, Swann got a near fall after hitting a frog splash on Lee. Swann would then go for his Phoenix Splash, but Dragon Lee moved out of the way. Dragon Lee took advantage of this and hit his Dragon Driver for the win. After the match, Lee goes for a handshake and Swann raises his arm instead. Perhaps the edge to Swann is just shown in matches, or just to the fans? We’ll have to wait and see. Going to the backstage again, we see Sami Callihan is looking for Tom Lawlor, brandishing a hammer. Tony and Rich hype up the Singapore Cane match which is the next scheduled match on MLW Fusion.

Before we get to the match though, we are treated to a promo from Brian Pillman, Jr. Brian talks about how he is tired of old-timers trying to ride on his legacy and his father’s legacy. He says that he has no problem using a cane as a weapon and that he will put Dreamer out of his misery. In the backstage area, Tom Lawlor runs into a random stranger and asks them a favor if they see Sami Callihan. Lawlor asks the person to tell Callihan that he will be warming up in the side room off the kitchen. It’s now time for the Singapore Cane match.

Brian Pillman, Jr. makes his way out to the ring first and he’s wearing both a hoody and a jacket. These layers would prove to help be a barrier against the Singapore Cane. Tommy Dreamer would get the jacket and hoody off to reveal a long-sleeve button-down shirt. As the fight moved to the outside, Dreamer went to chop Pillman but Pillman moved. Dreamer hit his hand on the steel outside the ring. Pillman would then work on this injured hand. Tommy would make the big comeback and eventually peel off the remaining layers on Brian Pillman, Jr. Under the long-sleeve shirt was a t-shirt. With the layers gone, the sting of the Singapore Cane was fully experienced by Pillman.

Pillman was crafty as usual though. He was able to use the Singapore Cane to deliver a low-blow to Dreamer. This set Dreamer up for Brian’s spinning neckbreaker finishing maneuver. After that, it was all over and Brian Pillman, Jr. picked up the win. We are once again thrown to the backstage area, where Sami Callihan runs into strangers and demands if they know where Tom Lawlor is. He eventually finds the same stranger Lawlor did, and he informs Callihan that Lawlor is warming up in the side room off the kitchen. Then we see a short video letting us know that someone named Mance Warner is coming to MLW.

Through video, we recap the last couple of weeks for Pentagon Jr. Two weeks ago, he was taken out by Promociones Dorado, so he wouldn’t be able to assist Konnan. Last week, Pentagon lost a great match to Teddy Hart of the Hart Foundation. This then led to the making of a tag team title match at MLW Superfight. Pentagon, Jr., and Fenix will defend their MLW Tag Team Championships against the Hart Foundation. Next up is the latest edition of the MLW Superfight Control Center with Matt Striker. Tickets are still available on MLWGo.com. Currently signed for MLW Superfight on February 2nd:

  • Simon Gotch vs. Ace Romero
  • Rey Horus vs. Aerostar
  • Mance Warner’s Debut
  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match – Low-Ki (c) vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor
  • MLW World Tag Team Championship Match – Lucha Bros (c) vs. The Hart Foundation

It is now time for the MLW Fusion main event. It will be Fred Yehi challenging Low-Ki for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Fred Yehi challenged Low-Ki last week on MLW Fusion and now it’s time for the fight. Yehi had the champion on the ropes early, keeping Low-Ki from being in the driver’s seat. However as often happens, Low-Ki found an opening and hit a huge sickle-like blow to Yehi’s head. This enabled Low-Ki to hit the double foot stomp on the back of Fred Yehi. Low-Ki once again picks up the victory.

Once again in the backstage area, Sami Callihan is on the hunt for Tom Lawlor. He shushes the cameraman following him after the cameraman unintentionally makes a loud noise. He stations the cameraman beside the door to the room off the kitchen. With hammer in hand, Callihan proceeds confidently into the room. Once the door closes, a loud commotion is heard, including cries from the voice of Sami Callihan. Lawlor emerges from the room brandishing the hammer that was once Callihan’s. MLW Fusion goes to black and it appears that Filthy Tom finally has gotten one up on Promociones Dorado.

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