MLW Fusion for Episode 34 | Review

We start this episode of MLW Fusion for Episode 34 with MLW cameras approaching Simon Gotch outside Cicero Stadium. They attempt to get him to answer some questions, however “Filthy” Tom Lawlor shows up behind Gotch. Lawlor gives chase to Gotch, who takes off running. Gotch attempt to hide behind a metal door leading into the arena. While Lawlor attempted to get to his former friend, Lawlor is attacked by Promociones Dorado member Ricky Martinez. While Martinez is gloating over having blindsided the former MMA fighter, Lawlor recovers and spears Martinez inside. Gotch closes the door, feeling he has outsmarted Tom Lawlor once again.

The show then officially opens with a graphic for the Simon Gotch/Tom Lawlor fight at MLW Never Say Never. Tony Schiavone lets us know that they will be monitoring the situation between Lawlor and Promociones Dorado throughout the evening. Tony and Rich Bocchini then run down tonight’s matches which include two huge debuts. In the main event RUSH will debut against Sammy Guevara and Ace Romero will debut against Marko Stunt. Next shown is a video of Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. of the Hart Foundation’s visit to the Pro Wrestling Tees storefront in Chicago.

MLW Fusion For Episode 34

Speaking of the Hart Foundation, they’re involved in the first match of the night. Teddy Hart, accompanied by Brian Pillman, Jr. takes on Jason Cade. Teddy shows his in-ring prowess very early on, hitting moves like a hammerlock DDT and a moonsault elbow drop. However, when Hart attempted a split-legged moonsault, Cade was able to counter and gain control. He hits Hart with a lung-blower and gets a near-fall. Cade takes the fight to the outside and puts Teddy on the steel barricade and hits a leg drop. While on the outside, Cade also gives Brian Pillman a slap to the face. Going back into the ring, Hart regains control by countering the frog splash attempt by Cade. Teddy hits a Stu Hart Special for a near-fall, followed by a piledriver for another near-fall. Hart eventually gets the win after a top rope Canadian Destroyer.

We then see a recap of the Lucha Brothers win last week over LA Park and Hijo de LA Park. This was Konnan’s first decisive victory in his war with Promociones Dorado. Back in Cicero Stadium, Konnan confronts Salina de la Renta, who was on the phone. He gloats over the Lucha Brothers and reaffirms to her that he will beat Low-Ki.

Salina then throws a bit of a tantrum.

After this, we see a video montage set to a catchy Latin beat of the last several weeks’ worth of action. This is to promote MLW’s debut in Miami and next week’s live edition of MLW Fusion. Konnan is shown again, asking the cameraman if they want a scoop. The camera follows Konnan to find Ricky Martinez laid out on the floor, coughing up blood. Konnan drops a padlock and some kind of fabric attached to it. There is no Tom Lawlor to be seen either.

Acey Baby!

Up next, we have Ace Romero’s debut match in MLW Fusion for Episode 34. He takes on Mr. Funsize, Marko Stunt. Now, this was not your typical big man squash match, which was pleasantly surprising. This was a competitive match, with both men having a chance to show off some of their best offense. Ace Romero was very impressive because as a 400-pound man, he can move very well. Romero gets the win after hitting a Black Hole Slam-type maneuver. After this match, Tony and Rich preview next week’s live episode of MLW Fusion.

Dragon Lee will be making his MLW debut against DJZ. In a double main event, RUSH will be taking on Rich Swann and there will be a ladder match to determine a new MLW Middleweight Champion. It was originally signed to be a 5-way ladder match with Maxwell J. Friedman (MJF) defending the title, however, he is injured and will not be cleared to wrestle. So one of the four men still in the match, Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier, Jason Cade, and Kotto Brazil, will be the new MLW Middleweight Champion!

Tony recaps the story of Shane Strickland, starting with his loss to Low-Ki two weeks ago. Strickland has been airing “dirty laundry” on social media according to Schiavone. We then go backstage to Kaci Lennox who is outside of MLW CEO Court Bauer’s office. Shane Strickland is inside with Bauer and loud arguing is heard. Next, we go to Matt Striker in the MLW Control Center who runs down everything currently signed for the double-header in Miami.

Currently signed for MLW Never Say Never on December 13th is:

  • Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi vs. Low-Ki (presented by Salina de la Renta)
  • The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith, Jr. & Brian Pillman, Jr.) vs. Tommy Dreamer & Barrington Hughes
  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Teddy Hart
  • No Ropes, No Holds Barred Fight – “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Simon Gotch
  • RUSH vs. Shane Strickland
  • DJZ vs. Hijo de LA Park (presented by Salina de la Renta)
  • Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier
  • Ace Romero will also be in action!

Currently signed for MLW Zero Hour on December 14th is:

  • No Disqualification MLW Heavyweight Championship Match – Low-Ki (c, presented by Salina de la Renta) vs. Konnan
  • Singapore Cane Match – Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Pillman, Jr.
  • RUSH vs. Rich Swann
  • Ace Romero vs. Barrington Hughes
  • Hart Foundation vs. The Dirty Blondes
  • Dragon Lee vs. DJZ
  • 4-Way Ladder Match for the MLW Middleweight Championship – Kotto Brazil vs. Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Jason Cade
  • Simon Gotch’s $20,000 Prize Fight Challenge

Once again backstage, we see Salina de la Renta and Low-Ki who both go off on Konnan but were unable to finish their remarks. Ricky Martinez, supported only by a garbage can, staggers into the frame. Low-Ki asks Ricky who did this, and Ricky confirms it was Konnan. He advises Low-Ki and Salina to get out of the arena, now. The major players for Promociones Dorado then scatter.

It is finally the main event time, and time for the debut of the leader of Los Ingobernables, RUSH. Sammy Guevara, the current AAA Cruiserweight champion, enters the arena first. Next is the man whose debut has been hyped since September, El Toro Blanco, RUSH. For those unfamiliar with the CMLL sensation, RUSH is one of the best wrestlers in Mexico and one of the more popular. RUSH comes from a wrestling family and has been in the business for eleven years. He was trained by Franco Columbo, his father the original Toro Blanco, and his uncles Los Pitbulls. He is a former multi-time champion in CMLL and has an astounding record of 7 and 0 in Luchas de Apuestas (hair vs. hair) matches.

Artistry and Beauty

There aren’t words to properly describe the beauty and the artistry shown in this match. It felt more like a true lucha libre match as opposed to any other match in MLW. This was fast-paced with lots of cool moves and had the audience captivated the entire time. RUSH, despite being cheered by the fans, still does show some rudo (heel) tendencies; such as threatening to hit the referee. Sammy was able to hang with RUSH for most of the match, even having a few pinfall attempts and chances to win the match. RUSH, however, proved his dominance, hitting Guevara with his RUSH driver for the win.

After the match, RUSH cuts a promo in Spanish (dubbed on the video with English) and challenges his old rival LA Park. We then go backstage where Low-Ki and Salina are leaving the arena, hopping into a car driven by Ricky Martinez. Seconds after the doors close, Tom Lawlor is on the scene and narrowly misses his chance. He chases after the car, to no avail. Until next week with the special live from Miami edition of MLW Fusion for Episode 34!

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